Jazzuality @ TP 05


As you have probably noticed, this February we got the chance of running the Jazzuality @ TP twice. This is our move to deal with overwhelming response from the bands and musicians that wish to be a part of the show. The first one was done two weeks ago on 11 February 2018, a unique edition where we got the rare combination of Sundanese harp and piano, the traditional and ancient West Sumatra’s instruments being used in presenting the beautiful and distinctive music of Minangkabau and the launching of second single from a lady with amazing soulful voice who soon will embark her journey in the international scene.

An edition like this is hard to beat, true. But we care more of carrying our mission, pushing and contibuting to the regeneration of jazz (related) musicians, and specifically in this event we want the young musicians to gain experience and taste the atmosphere of playing inside a jazz club. However, that doesn’t mean that this Jazzuality @ TP .05 will be less interesting than the previous one. Why? Because in this one we will have a phenomenal young man who is still studying at the UPH Jakarta but already shows such tremendous skill not only in playing but also composing.

Then, there will be a trio coming all the way from the wonderful city of Batam, located in an island close to Singapore. This trio is led by our close friend, an established swingin’ guitarist who has been having an illustrious career for quite a long time. Then, we will let you taste a piece of wonderful jazz in weddings, because we are bringing in one of the successful wedding bands in Bandung led by an amazing jazz pianist who became the semi-finalist of world jazz competition held in Ukraine a couple of years ago. So, this edition is very interesting too. We are excited that we are continuing our support to young and talented musicians not only in Bandung but also from other cities near or far.

The Jazzuality @ TP .05 will come soon on Sunday, 25 February 2018 at the TP Stage of The Papandayan Hotel Bandung, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. In case you didn’t know, this event is absolutely, totally FREE of any charge and open for public. You can feel the atmosphere of cozy jazz club like those out there, being entertained by variety of jazz from selected bands, and by attending the event, you will give your support towards our jazz community, the musicians and the jazz itself.

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Now let’s break down the lineup and see who they are closer, starting with our buddy from Batam, jazz guitarist Tchepy Wijaya Soekardi representing the well-established jazz community of the city, the BATAM JAZZ SOCIETY. Tchepy is a former student of the legendary Oele Pattiselano and Kadek Rihardika. He has a good career as one of the Financial Verification staffs of People’s Representative Council (DPRD) in Batam, but that’s not all because he has been active in the jazz scene at least since the turn of the millenium.

We first met him at the Asean Jazz Festival 2012 when he caught our attention with his cool jazz fusion style which involved kendang, the traditional double-headed drums. This international jazz event is only one of the big fest he’s in, because he has graced The Malacca Straight Jazz Festival (2007), Tangsel Jazz Festival (2015), Jazz and Fashion (2015-2017), Jazz at Harbour Bay (with Rieka Roslan and friends) and supporting Soukma in Melia Regency in 2017 other than being a regular participants for the Asean Jazz from 2008 to 2015. He was great as a fusion guitarist, but shortly after we saw him, he decided to be a swing guitarist. That’s an excellent decision as he turns out to be a really good one just like his teacher.

We presented him in Bandung a couple of months ago for the Braga Jazz Night #41 where he played alongside two musicians from Bandung, Alman Naufal and Aries Ardiansyah (read the report here: https://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-night-41-the-report/). His swingin’ fingers flew naturally up and down the fret, pinning some well known jazz standards in his own way. Now that we have a new playground, of course we want him to be a part of it. Not only because we want to support his music career but also because this man really swings beautifully, so we want him to be heard more by jazz lovers in Bandung and beyond.

At first we were planning to invite him alone to experiece the TP Stage, but then we heard that the Batam Jazz Society wishes to contribute too by sending two musicians to join Tchepy: the bassist of Geliga, Muhammad Gusrianto and drummer Andika Chandra. Of course we feel proud to meet and have them in.

The Batam Jazz Society was established more than 18 years ago, just a year before the millenium to be exact. Since then, they have been penetrating the city with jazz, performed by so many great talents. They also proudly held the International Jazz Day in Batam, officially chosen by UNESCO ad the Thelonious Monk Institute which they have been doing since 2014.

As far as we know, this is the Batam Jazz Society’s first visit to jazz community in Bandung and also the first time they officially joined the jazz community event in our hometown. For you jazz lovers in Bandung, it’s your chance to see how jazz Batam actually is, and do give them a warm welcome by coming to their show.

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Now, let’s talk about the next featured band, W.ID MUSIC EXPERIENCE. This is a music entertainment for any occasion such as event, gathering, wedding and so on. Speaking of wedding, W.ID has been doing tremendously well, especially in jazz theme. Founded in 30 March 2013 by pianist/composer/arranger Widiyanto Sutanto, W.ID has also landed in many jazz events. He also loves to make music score and big band/orchestration arrangements either on jazz standards or any other well known songs, reaching all the way to semi-jazz/pop jazz, pop, soul, RnB and rockestra.

Step aside of the W.ID, Widiyanto runs a band called Out of 7. The band is not that active right now since the personnels are currently busy with their own lives, but when needed, they would quickly regrouped and ready to sail. Other than that, he has been serving and helping churces for more than a decade, as a player, arranger and so on. He’s bee involved a couple of times in gospel recordings and has made some songs which have blessed so many people.

Another thing we have to mention is that he was one of the semi-finalist of Master-Jam Competition, a world-scale jazz competitions held in Ukraine with judges filled with tens of seniors, legends and music/art masters from all around the world. Eventhough he didn’t win, being able to go through util that point is surely quite an achievement.

For this gig he will bring his most trustable team. That’s including his own wife, drummer Marissa Wiguna, guitarist Daniel Christy, bassist Reinhard Woran, saxophonist Eric Chandra, trumpeter Wisnu Maulana and Rizky Jonathan (vocal). We heard that Widiyanto is going to bring more troops, so it’s going to be crowded for sure.

Today he’s running and developing the music entertainment with his wife Marissa. They have spiced up many weddings with jazz, so now we have the chance to see how good this music entertainment really is without having to be in the wedding or having to spend money. Another thing, since we have just passed the Valentine’s Day, we could feel love translated through music by real life couple in big sized band. We know they are good, we know they are solid and successful, now we invite them in this edition so you can enjoy this music entertainment too.

wid music experience, widiyanto sutanto, marissa wiguna, wid

Last but not least, we gladly welcome a young pianist who impressed us with his skill in both playing and composing. This lad’s name is Steven Christian, landig on our stage as STEVEN CHRISTIAN QUARTET. If you haven’t heard his name, it’s because he’s still studying at UPH Jakarta. But make no mistake, he is a really good jazz pianist and excellent composer.

Steven Christian was born in Bandung on 9 March 1997. He encountered music at the early age of 5 by learning classical. Soon he fell in love with jazz. In order to get deep with it, he then learned jazz piano and took short course with senior and respected jazz piano teacher Yahya Salam. After that he decided to continue his study at the Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) in Lippo Karawaci in 2015, majoring jazz piano and pop performance. He’s mentored by none other than Sri Hanuraga, a young jazz piano virtuoso who established his career in Europe but now dedicated his life in Indonesia, both as a playing musician and in the field of education.

Although Steven is still a student, he has performed in numerous music events, clubs and even prestigious jazz festivals including the Java Jazz Festival, Bogor Jazz Festival, Locafore Jazz Festival, Jazz Reunion ad so on. He has also being awarded many times in various music events and competition as the best keyboardist.

From 2016 to 2017 Steven started writing his own compositions. He is now in the process of finishing his debut album “In Real Time”, set to go ito the recording soon in March 2018. The album features Steven’s quartet consisting of guitarist Jabez Chan, drummer Alman Naufal and bassist Timothy Investario.

This is the exact team that Steve will bring in. It’s always exciting to feature young lions like this, especially those who already play like a long time pro. Together with his mates, Steven Christian will surely make a big wave in our jazz scene soon and stands among the top cats.

Based on everything we spilled above about the featured bands, we’re sure you agree that the lineup in the JAZZUALITY @ TP .05 is just as interesting as the previous edition. Once again, the JAZZUALITY @ TP .05 will come next week on Sunday, 25 February 2018 , starting at 7:00 pm onwards at the TP Stage, The Papandayan Hotel. It’s totally FREE of any charge. We hope you come and give love to this musicians, and support our community. Musicians from three cities are ready to pleasure you with each of their jazz style, make sure you won’t miss it!


Date: Sunday, 25 February 2018
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: TP Stage, The Papandayan Hotel
Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto no 83, Bandung



:: BATAM JAZZ SOCIETY :: (Batam – Kepulauan Riau)
Tchepy Wijaya Soekardi – guitar
Muhammad Gusrianto – bass
Andika Chandra -drum

Widiyanto Sutanto – keys
Marissa Wiguna – drum

Steven Christian – keys
Jabez Chan -guitar
Timothy Investario – bass
Alman Naufal – drum


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