Jazzuality @ TP #04


Let’s open up with a good news. Starting from February 2018, our event at the TP Stage, The Papandayan Hotel “JAZZUALITY @ TP” will run not just once but twice. This decision is made to accomodate the wishes of so many musicians to join the party. It’s a surprise because we just started not long ago in November 2017.

Since then we have been receiving requests not only from Bandung but also from other cities like Jakarta that they want to be a part of this event. The response is overwhelming. We are grateful, but we have to do something so we won’t let them down. At the same time, as we have a mission to push the regeneration of jazz (related) musicians, to support them and provide good quality jazz-tertainment to all jazz lovers in Bandung and beyond, more schedule is needed. Luckily The Papandayan Hotel accepted our offer and gave us another slot.

For this month of February, the date is set : on Sundays, 11 February and 25 February 2018. We believe it will be easy to remember, as we will fit the schedule consistently as long as we are still partnering with the beautiful 5-star hotel that is committed to jazz development, The Papandayan.

So what’s on the menu this time? In JAZZUALITY @ TP .04 you will find 3 showcases with totally different concept, spreading wide across the nation from West Java to West Sumatra, also a world class act where soul blends with jazz and blues, brought by native Indonesian and an American man who has been showing his love to this nation and the traditional instruments. Oh yeah, as February is celebrated by many as the month of love a.k.a Valentine, we are happy that love will fill the air too from real life romantic dating couple.

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Alrighty, let’s take a much closer look at the bands. First, we are proud to bring a unique ensemble who plays the traditional (and ancient) music of Minangkabau (the tribe of West Sumatra)in a way none other does. The ensemble consists of many young players with great skill. Its music concept stays true to the original pattern of Minangkabau music, but crafted modern to fit today’s style, plus the progressive fusion that streams in its veins makes it relevant to jazz. Led by a senior artiste specialized in Minangkabau woodwind instruments Maspon Herizal, let’s give a round applause to the mind-bending PALANTA LINE ART.

The Palanta Line Art was established in July 2012 and has becoming the answer of every wedding who needs traditional West Sumatra ceremony in West Java ever since. Maspon Herizal has complete tools. The genuine traditional sound, the instruments, the dancers, dressings, all are there with them. But hey, that’s not all, because the band has the ability to stretch their boundaries to jazz and beyond, amazingly without losing their grip on the traditional Minangkabau music at all. Look at how they pin complex jazz standards in Minang diatonic scales, or playing the Minang song in progressive fusion. Well, it’s kind of hard to explain what this ensemble does, but you will know they are really different and interesting when you see them in real.

Instrument-wise, as we said before they use traditional, even ancient ones along with modern. The traditional instruments including talempong (set of small bronze or brass kettle gongs) and woodwinds such as saluang (an oblique bamboo flute), bansi (a small end-blown bamboo block flute), sarunai (bamboo pipe), tanduak (ancient flute made from bull’s horn) and so on, but they combine it with modern western instruments such as keyboard, bass, drums and guitar. Surprisingly, the combination creates a strong harmony and energy which we think pushes the transformation of Minangkabau music to fit the modern music trend.

In order to know more of this group and their unique music style, you have to know more about the founder. Maspon Herizal graduated from ASKI (Art Institute of Indonesia) Padang Panjang and earned his Magister degree at STSI Surakarta. He was selected as the arranger of musical dance named “Ada Apa di Balik Bambu” by Indriyeti and served as one of the musicians for the 18th Pekan Olah Raga Nasional (PON) at Pekan Baru, Riau. He is the master of traditional Minangkabau woodwinds as mentioned above, true, but he is also a multi-instrumentalist and brilliant songwriter/arranger/composer. If that’s not enough, he can do the high-pitched voice humming that will send chills down your spine.

In Palanta Line Art, he brings young but skillful boys in. They are Arts Fiaris (guitar), Regi Permadi (drum), Shendy Susanto (bass), Qorry Restu Qodirullah (keyboard) and Kiky Septian (talempong). Ocassionally, some of the West Java Syndicate gang join the band, or you can find Maspon and some of the boys supporting West Java Syndicate too which has happened a couple of times in our events before.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they tune the diatonic talempong instrument to be chromatic, or to find how traditional and ancient woodwinds work in progressive fusion. How the traditional Minangkabau music can suit the modern music style while still keeping the originality. One more thing, they like to extend their performing space more than just the stage. It’s rare, unique and mind blowing. We don’t find many Minangkabau-based bands on jazz stage, that’s why we feel blessed to know them and want to keep on introducing them to more people. Come and see the Palanta Line Art, because we are sure you will get a new experience after watching them. Highly recommended for open-minded people and music lovers who expect to see something different.

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Next, we are also proud to welcome our soul sister, AGIS KANIA. Agis Kania Kusumadewi, a woman of Sundanese, Chinese and Indian descent grew up in a musical family. She has been pursuing her passion in singing (music) since her childhood, regularly won winging competitions regional and national levels. She sang the anthem of Sukabumi (her hometown) in Sundanese pop tune which becomes iconic there.

Speaking of genre, she has done it all. Other than Sundanese pop, she has encountered others, from Keroncong (she performed regularly on air in Indonesian National Radio (RRI), Soul and RnB (with her friends from Brown Sugar and T-Five), Blues (a part of Blues Libre, with Hari Pochang and Ginda Bestari) and Jazz (with Satura, Agis Bape and variety of appearances in Klab Jazz and Jazzuality’s events among others). As you can see, in such a young age (she was born in 1987), she already has such an illustrious career.

She is remarkable in any music field, but last year she found her most solid grip which turns out to be Nu Soul through the release of her solo single “Baby You”. Composed by Tabriz Muhajier ‘Ajier T-Five’ Effendy (who also co-produced the single with Inal Chaniago of Two Triple O) with lyrics by Agis herself, the single was officially launched at our event Braga Jazz Night on June 15, 2017. This single has all the elements that could become an international success. The ear-catchy melody tailored in Neo Soul with splashes of EDM, the cool mid tempo beat, sexy and seductive lyrics, lovely arrangement brought alive by high quality soulful voice that has a strong character, clearly the song has it all. And it did. Not long after it was launched over top digital platforms, the song became a hit, listed in top chart and purchased by many, where most of the downloaders came from overseas. Thanks to today’s technology, she’s no longer local artist but international.

Last month Agis told us that she’s ready to launch the second single titled “Erase My Number (EMN)”, a song featuring fine young bluesman Ginda Bestari. The release date is just two days ago, on February 2nd, 2018. Just like the first one, this single is produced by Ajier and Inal. Continuing her success from the first single, EMN will get international radio airplay, in Asia, USA, Europe and even South Africa. This is a very good news to us as we have been watching her transformation and struggles through the years.

Back to “Erase My Number”, the song tells a story about a dysfunctional relationship with broken communications until the couple erased each other’s number, but it is not an excuse to give up and drown in sadness, but rather to be optimistic and find ‘other numbers’ of new prospective partners. In other words, EMN gives a message that if we experience failure in any relationship, never give up and keep looking because the world is still full of wonderful people.

Now let’s talk about the featured star for this single, Ginda Bestari. For you who know him, we are sure you are agree that Ginda is one of the most fascinating talents Indonesia has for at least the last decade. This young man is an amazing musician who is also great in singing, composing and writing songs. He rose to fame with his trio Ginda and the White Flowers (with Gega Gageh and Yandi Andaputra). They graced the stage of blues, jazz and everything in between, and managed to release one album titled “Let Me Try” in 2012.

Aside of his tight schedule as a sessionist (this humble bluesman always loves playing everywhere with everyone), he made a big breakthrough in 2015 by releasing his debut solo album “Soulful Desire”, an album where you can find not just jazz and blues but also funk, soul and even rock n roll. For this album he brought in two great musicians, senior bassist with chunky funk Yance Manusama, the highly respected Harry Anggoman on Hammond, Rhodes and Piano and drummer Rayendra Sunito who also produced the album. He is influenced by many guitar maestros such as Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Chris Cain, Eric Gales, Derek Trucks, Joe Bonamassa and Philip Sayce, also from the rock world like Andy Timmons, Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani. Drawing influences from these great names made him able to shape up his own style which is smooth, soulful and sophisticated, but can be wild at times. It was a pleasant surprise for Agis that Ginda offered his service to fill up the song, which makes the song much richer and colorful than expected.

Continuing our support for Agis after the release of her first single in our event, now we are proud to have her promoting her single “EMN” in this edition of Jazzuality @ TP. Agis told us she’s ready to appear full team, with both of Ajier (guitar) and Inal (bass) and Ezra Abraham (piano). We heard that she’s looking for a chance to make concerts in Malaysia and Singapore, so before that and while the single is still hot, we are more than happy to welcome her and the second single. Come and let’s give her some love!

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Last but not least, we welcome a unique duo that has just gotten its name, SEKARA. It consists of dating couple Dyah Sekar (piano) and Dan Nicky (kecapi Sunda – Sundanese harp). Step aside from being a real-life couple, they both have established their names in the music scene. Dyah is the pianist of Jazzy Juice who is now a proud member of ladies band SHE.

As for Dan Nicky, this man is really different. It’s like as if he was born on the wrong side of the planet, because he is an American musician but he appears, talks and playing traditional instruments like a Sundanese artiste. He has a big concern in preserving the Sundanese culture, and because of that, Dan, who has been breathing in Bandung for no less than 8 years has spoken his concern everywhere, including many appearances in televisions, radios and newspapers.

Dan was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA and studied “World Music” at the Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago, focusing on Gamelan under the guidance of I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda, an Indonesian cultural expert living in Chicago. Together they established “Indonesian Dance of Illinois”, a non-profit organization with the intention to introduce Indonesian culture to American citizens in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Chicago.

Dan plays traditional Sundanese woodwinds and also some other Sundanese traditional instruments, including the Sundanese harp. We heard that he is currently establishing project with his girlfriend, connecting harp and piano. “We really want to see how it turns out”, says Dyah to us. Well, it is really interesting and rare. How often do you see a duo playing Sundanese harp and piano on stage, especially in jazz event? Of course we can’t stay still when we hear about something unique like this.

Before Dan goes back to Chicago, we quickly invited Sekara and luckily they happily agreed. Not only this performance will let you have a new musical experience from the combination of traditional Eastern and Western instrument, love will be in the air too, which will be perfect as we are approaching the Valentine’s Day.

One cross Minangkabau ethno-progressive jazz ensemble, a unique duo and a promo single of an amazing lady with world class soulful voice will definitely make this edition shine brightly. Three showcases holding three different stories, stretching the concept from West Java to West Sumatra, to the American music built upon Soul, Jazz and Blues. For us that’s a wow. We feel blessed to be able to invite these awe-inspiring artistes and have them all in one event.

Once again, the JAZZUALITY @ TP .04 will come soon on Sunday, 11 February 2018, starting from 7:00 pm onwards at TP Stage, the cozy jazz club of The Papandayan Hotel, Bandung. This event, just like any other of our community events are totally FREE of any charge. We hope you have time to enjoy it with us, and we’d be so proud to have your support over our community and the featured artists. Mark your calendar and see you there!


Date: Sunday, 11 February 2018
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: TP Stage, The Papandayan Hotel
Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto no 83, Bandung



:: AGIS KANIA :: * Erase My Number (EMN) Single Promo *
Agis Kania – vocal
Tabriz Muhajier ‘Ajier T-Five’ Effendy – guitar
Inal Chaniago – bass
Ezra Abraham – piano

Maspon Herizal – traditional Minangkabau woodwinds
Arts Fiaris – guitar
Qorry Restu Qodirullah – keyboard
Kiky Septian – talempong
Regi Permadi – drum
Shendy Susanto – bass

:: SEKARA ::
Dyah Sekar – piano
Dan Nicky – Sundanese harp


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