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As we come approaching Christmas, it’s lovely to see malls decorating themselves with christmas trees, blinking lights, colorful ribbons and so on. Some malls move further to create their own special program to make Christmas celebration merrier than ever. That includes Bandung Indah Plaza, one of the top malls in Bandung, the capital of West Java, Indonesia. This mall has been launching its special program named “The Light of Christmas”, presenting various of shows from different companies from November 23 to December 31, 2012. Many interesting upcoming program is set to appear such as Christmas in Harmony with Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Yahya (December 17-19), Storytelling Competition and Singing Competition for all level of students (December 20), Kids Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest with Aston Braga Hotel (December 21), Mr Bean and Friends character Meet & Greet (December 23), and here comes the big news: we, Jazzuality.com, will launch our first ever Christmas jazz event! The title for this special program called “SATURDAY JAZZ feat JAZZUALITY CHRISTMAS JAZZ“, in cooperation with Bandung Indah Plaza and Infinity. Keep reading, we will spill everything about this event.

For us, we are very happy and excited to be able to participate in this special program of Bandung Indah Plaza for providing a jolly, jazzy Christmas celebration. What we’re going to present in this program is divided into two: workshop and live stage performance. Both are located right after you step into the mall, at Main Atrium, 1st Floor (in front of the Hypermart).

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Let’s talk about the live stage performance first. There will be 5 bands to participate in Jazzuality Christmas Jazz. Four groups will represent the top music schools in Bandung, plus one project consisting of a local Bandung band and a singer from Jakarta. They are all ready to play/sing the famous Christmas repertoires that you know so well. Now it’s time to check the band one by one.


The VMS, stands for Venche Music School establishd in 1988 by senior guitarist Venche Manuhutu. The school has successfully created many well-established musicians/singers as it provides lessons guitar, piano, drums, bass, vocal, saxophone and ensemble/combo. For our event, VMS will present amazing trio, featuring the great soulful singer Grace Sahertian, the young piano prodigy who’s still pursuing education at Berklee College of Music at Boston, USA, David Manuhutu and his own brother with saxophone as his weapon, Ezra Manuhutu. Both David and Ezra are the sons of Venche. So here, swingy, soulful with touches of modern jazz will bring lots of delights to you.


Formed by the late music legend Elfa Secioria, this school is very popular to parents who wish their children to learn musics. Now two of Elfa’s sons, Camille Secioria and Cavelle Secioria are deeply rooted in this school, carrying what their father had started. What’s interesting is that the school doesn’t only provide good education for them, but these children are also prepared to bravely grace the stage. We have seen children as small as 4 years of age sang, played the instruments and did cute stage act on stage without being shy at all. But the school doesn’t only accept little children but all age. That’s because EMS looks at music at something ageless and belong to everyone. With one of the teacher Dyah Sekar who’s currently doing very well with her all-female group Jazzy Juice, Elfa Music School will be represented by singing choir from one of the branch, Griya Mas.

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Rumah Belajar Musik (The house to learn music), that’s how Do Re Mi establishes itself. Having Imelda Rosalin as the founder make this school really promising if you want to have your children learn to play music instruments or sing from the early age. If you want to see how fast the cute little kids absorb the skill and knowledge, do come and see them sing Christmas songs in this event. Senior pianist/singer/entertainer Imelda Rosalin will accompany them too.


Speaking of the jazz-playing abilities, KPH Music has proven it to us many times. We first met them at the Kampoeng Jazz Auditions last year when they sent two group, the teachers and students. Both of them brought solid fusion at that time, and the teachers (by the name of KPH Senior) got the shot to perform at the main event. Founded by Andre Mangunsong, KPH has become a choice for many who have the interest to learn piano or even sing. The KPH music has been running since 2009, has the curriculum standard based on the character competence along with the understanding and application of all kinds of music genre. In order to make the students ready to face the real world, they make exam and concert at least once in every 6 month. This is applied not only for the students but also the teachers. What’s unique is that they also have a social function by giving up fantastic price. With only IDR 100.000 per month you can already learn at the school. Just come to Jl Cihapit 34 or  Jl Laswi 10 Bandung, or simply contact +62 22 4262887 / 95858591. Not long ago KPH All Stars released a sample album, collaborating with a Mexican pianist Leonel Barrera. As the band of teachers doing very well, we have seen the students by the name of KPH Junior too on stage in different formations, all of them showed their undeniable talents. Based on that, we are proud to let you feel their fusionesque Christmas style.


Coming from the new generation of well-established jazz musician, Christ Stanley has been gracing the Bandung jazz scene for quite some times, both as performing artist and curator of IFI’s Saung Jazz. He’s participated at some festivals not only in Bandung but all the way to the capital. His current straightahead/modern jazz band Halfwhole Project is flying high, that’s not a suprise since in this band he got three other young but very skillful compatriotes. Now it’s time to see his collaboration with a stunning songstress from Jakarta, Nesia Ardi. New singers come and go, but some of them can be really good with special gift from above lies within them. Nesia Ardi should be listed in this category. For us, she’s born as a jazz singer, because her vocal range, tone, character and phrasing are perfect to represent jazz in every way. She’s supported some bands or project like Shadow Puppets and Andi Wiriantono at the Jazz Goes to Campus some weeks ago and also established her own group, Nona Ria Trio, the all ladies group with fun concept of story telling while singing some of the Indonesian golden songs. This time Christ Stanley and Nesia Ardi joins their forces to bring a beautiful Christmas spirit to us. So it’s time to hear classic Christmas songs in swingy, soulful style from them.


Aside from these five interesting groups, we also make a workshop for the newcomers in music industry. The theme is “Communication Tools for Your Band”, with experienced PR Strategist/Writer from Jakarta, Widyasena Sumadio.

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In this workshop, Widyasena will share all the tips needed to build your career. What should you do to establish your name, make yourself heard by the society, except working on your crafts? How should you utilize the social medias in order to do that? It’s going to be great to hear it from this man, since he’s like a ‘magician’ in communication. Many of the bands/artists have felt his magic touch. In fact, we have felt it too. As a good friend of ours, he’s has been supporting us in many ways, either by motivating, brainstorming, sharing ideas and so on. So since we know that talking with him is always fruitful, we want the new artists/bands and/or the band’s manager to get something from him too. This workshop is brought free, but  due to the space limit, we only provide around 50 seats. Find the contact numbers below and register now.

As we said before, this event is made as the result of cooperation between us and Bandung Indah Plaza and Infinity. If you haven’t heard about Infinity yet, it’s an independent institution that is established to improve the quality standard of human resource in facing the challenges in society. In line with the purpose, Infinity becomes a “Training & Workshop provider and organizer” which specializes in education. They provide training and workshop for public and also organize training and workshop for specific purpose and participant. Since it was established in 2006, they have conducted many seminars of different topics, various collaboration with reputable institutions and now it assists Bandung Indah Plaza in their CSR programs dealing with education mission. One library is now existed at the mall and a lot of programs too, as the result of this mutual partnership. BSDC will also support us in this event. What/who’s BSDC? Why don’t you figure out yoursef? One thing for sure, we are looking forward to cooperate with them throughout 2013 and hopefully, for many more years, for the same vision and mission that we have.

What we intend to do is to celebrate Christmas with entertainment and education, as well as bringing the message of peace and harmony with jazz. While we can have a jazzy Christmas event, we can also have something beneficial for building your career, especially if you want to build your career in music business in the right way. Both are presented TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE, so bring your family and friends and let’s celebrate and have bags of fun together. Join us and let’s have a Jazzy, Jolly, Merry Christmas!


Date: December 22, 2012
Location: Main Atrium, 1st Floor, Bandung Indah Plaza (right in front of the entrance)

Title: Communication Tools for Your Band
Keyspeaker: Widyasena Sumadio
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

For Registration, please contact:
Bintang S. Tania: +62 8179223155
Muliani Herman : +62 81320002967
Vierna Mariska : +62 83820764060

Time: 3:00pm – onwards

Venche Music School (VMS) Presents: Grace Sahertian, David Manuhutu and Ezra Manuhutu
Elfa Music School (EMS)
Do Re Mi, Rumah Belajar Musik
Kruisnode Piano House (KPH) Music
Christ Stanley Project feat Nesia Ardi




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