Jakarta International Jazz Festival (JakJazz) 2012


We are excited to tell you that the pioneer of international-scaled jazz event in Indonesia, the Jakarta International Jazz Festival, better known as JAKJAZZ  IS BACK! Some of you might have heard it since April 2012 when the pre-event called Road to JakJazz Festival was launched for 2 days straight at Gandaria city, Jakarta. At that time the pre-event was made so big, featuring who’s who in the Indonesian jazz squared-circle including some past superstars/legends who made their return on jazz stage. You can read our report from that event here: Day 1 Part 1 : http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/road-to-jakjazz-2012-day-one-part-1/, Day 1 Part 2: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/road-to-jakjazz-2012-day-one-part-2/ , Day 2 Part 1: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/road-to-jakjazz-2012-day-2-part-1/ and Day 2 Part 2: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/road-to-jakjazz-2012-day-2-part-2/. Looking back at the Road to JakJazz Festival and the previous editions, it’s not exaggerating for us to say that JakJazz is one of the biggest malls of jazz in Indonesia. We can find the best ones performing here on several stages, from today’s popular stars, the legends, to some of the names who we haven’t heard anymore for such a long time. This year Sharkindo Komunika has announced that The Djarum Super Mild Jakarta International Jazz Festival (JakJazz) 2012 will be held next month on Friday-Sunday, 19-21 October 2012 again at Istora Senayan Jakarta.

From the official website http://www.jakjazzfestival.com/jakjazz/ we got an official statement due to the return of JakJazz.
“JakJazz is back!
Now JAKJAZZ is stepping up a gear to be re-launch and expand its high calibre image, and therefore extending the festival’s position as a one-of-a-kind jazz festival.

In its upcoming 13th production, JAKJAZZ remains one of the most respected jazz festivals, critically focused on jazz as an art form, by showcasing the most innovative accomplishments in Indonesia and around the globe’s jazz and creative improvised music.”


ireng maulana, jakjazz 2012, jazzualityThe idea of JakJazz firstly came from the legendary guitarist Ireng Maulana. Ever since its first launching back in 1988, JakJazz has featured thousands of stars both international and local and held 12 times. In 1988 and 1991 at Ancol, 1993, 1994 and 1995 at Plaza Timur Senayan, 1996 and 1997 at Pasar Festival Kuningan, 2006, 2007. 2008 at Istora Senayan. In 2009 JakJazz came with a special theme: A Touch of Jazz served at Airman Planet, Sultan Hotel and then in 2010 appeared as a charity show called JakJazz Cares at Gandaria City. All the way, JakJazz has successcully gained millions of hundreds of thousands or might be millions of jazz aficionados either from the Jakarta residents, other cities or even from other parts of the globe. Just like life, this legendary festival also has its ups and downs. But the efforts to keep it alive is always intense. This year JakJazz 2012 returns big time by holding the theme of “Jazz the Way You Are”.  We hope this one will become the new dawn of even bigger future.


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Not just making its return, JakJazz is ready to make it a huge one. Look at the mouth-watering participants. The leading group of acid jazz who has million of fans in Indonesia, the one and only Incognito is one of them. Last year Incognito held its solo concert in Indonesia where they successfully dropped the funk bomb with serious groove radiation to us. So now Bluey is set to bring it back. If you’re a fan, make sure not to miss it. The famous jazz-funk/fusion band from Iceland, Mezzoforte is also ready to revisit JakJazz since their participation in the 90’s. Their hit “Garden Party” was highly popular back then and still played in some radio stations from time to time, so let’s wait and see if we could hear it again while watching them live in the festival. Full package Grammy Award-nominated keyboardist/producer/composer Jeff Lorber has confirmed too. This time he will bring his group Jeff Lorber Fusion featuring great saxophonist Eric Marienthal, Sonny Emory and Nate Phillips. For jazz-fusion lovers, it’s a sin to miss it. Attenzione, the great singer who always loves to challenge his own vocal to work like a lethal instrument passing the territory of funk, avant-garde to experimental from Italy named Boris Savoldelli is joining the lineup as well. He has done a lot of projects like Società Anonima Decostruzionismi Organici (S.A.D.O), Insanology (using a looper machine without any instrument) and a duo project with Elliott Sharp, this time he will give something new called “One-Man Acapella”.  Don’t miss the special performance of Tetsuo Sakurai too. Just three weeks ago Casiopea came and greeted their fans with the most current formation called Casiopea 3rd (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/casiopea-3rd-live-concert-jakarta-the-report/). Though Yoshihiro Naruse does a great role as the bassist, many fans missed Tetsuo Sakurai’s existance in this legendary band.  So now you got the chance to see the one and only Tetsuo Sakurai at this event. Get ready to have a tasty bassline from him!

The lineup continues on with loads of big names. Speaking of Neighbouring country, RTM Jazz Orchestra will also mark their comeback on the Indonesian soil. For you who are into blues, check out Curtis King Blues Band. Curtis has realized his passion for music since he was still 4 years old. He’s great in combining all kinds of music from rock, blues, classical, flamenco to fusion/jazz, all the way to reach the mystical Eastern sound like using Chinese’s zither and so on since he’s visited many regions in Asia. Other than his activity in music, he’s also a successful businessman. Also interesting, there will be a Netherlands’ based band who’s ready to bring  the good ol’ dixieland back again: Crackerjacks Dixieland. Time Warp, the rockin’ n rollin “Blues Brothers”-like band consists of expatriates from US and UK plus Indonesian artists (including Sherly’O) is listed too as usual.

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From our own local source the event will feature lots and lots of artists. The founder Ireng Maulana will perform with bunch of friends as usual (that includes Andien, Afgan, Margie Segers, Ermy Kullit and Mus Mujiono). Then the list also full with the cross-generation jazz stars such as Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Benny Mustafa, Kiboud Maulana, Karim Suweileh, Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan, Dwiki Dharmawan, Trisum (Tohpati, Balawan, Dewa Budjana with indro Hardjodikoro and Yesaya Sumantri), Glenn Fredly, Margie Segers, Chaseiro, Barry Likumahuwa Project, Maliq & D’Essentials, Eramono & New Spirit Band, Yance Manusama Funky Thumb ft Tompi and Simon Marantika, Syaharani and the QueenfireWorks (ESQI:EF), Sierra Soetedjo and Rio Moreno El Montuno, Yeppy Romero Acoustic Smile (Flamenco-Jazz delight), Gilang Ramadhan’s NERA, Barry Likumahuwa Project, Matthew Sayersz, JOC (Jeffrey Tahalele, Oele Pattiselano and Cendi Luntungan), Eddy Syakroni, Khrisna Siregar’s Fusion Stuff, Yuyun George Jazmint Band, Emerald-BEX, DAC Band, Harry Toledo – Turbulence of Soul, ESGE (Semen Gresik Band) led by Idham Noorsaid ft Imaniar, Otti Jamalus, Boby Limijaya, Devian, IMI (Institut Musik Indonesia) Combo, Manna (Mates ANanda and NAnda), Totong Wicaksono, Quatro ft Sherly’O and Hans Bartelz, Urban Phat (Rafi, Damez Nababan, Fajar Adi Nugroho and Andy Gomez), HajarBleh Big Band and many more. The 100% Indonesian artist with Brazilian soul Jilly Likumahuwa will bring a very interesting concept by involving Gondang Batak (the traditional kendang ensemble of North Sumatra’s Batak tribe), Kendang Sunda and Senandung Melayu. It’s going to be interesting to see. Also, don’t miss the performance of legendary vocal groups with strong brotherhood Chaseiro, plenty of jazz community (KJK- Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran), Jajan Jazz, Bekasi Jazz Society, Komunitas Jazz Lampung,  Margo Friday Jazz Night and so on). The participation of jazz communities like this is very important if we want to see the current scene of jazz in many parts of Indonesia, we’re glad JakJazz realizes it and provides a lot of space for them. For the complete participants and 3 days rundown, please scroll down and find it below.

Looking at the return of this huge, historical international jazz fest back again, we can expect the finest jazz treatment to fill our hearts and souls next month. Tens of thousands of jazz fans will be surrounding Istora Senayan for 3 days, are you one of them? If you think you are, make sure to book the ticket now (available at our online store: http://store.jazzuality.com/products/ticket/jual-tiket-festival-jakjazz-2012/ ) and let’s become a part it!

Djarum Super Mild Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2012 (JAKJAZZ 2012)

Date: 19, 20, 21 October 2012
Location: Istora Senayan Jakarta

Ticket price:
Daily Pass : IDR 500.000
Passport (3 Days): IDR 1.200.000

Full 3 Days Rundown:

jakjazz 2012 rundown

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Buy the ticket at Jazzuality’s online store: http://store.jazzuality.com/products/ticket/jual-tiket-festival-jakjazz-2012/

For more info, log on to JakJazz official website, facebook page and follow their twitter: @JakJazzFestival


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