Jakarta Anniversary Festival XI-2013: Jazz Concert : Kekko Fornarelli Trio




Everybody has their own way to tell story. For musicians, music is a very reliable media where they can pour their heart out not in spoken words but through stream of notes. When they execute their compositions, suddenly we can feel what they feel. We get happy with them, we share sadness, feeling romantic, playful, or occasionally being dragged into a soundscapic journey just like having an adventure into the musical mind of particular artist.

That’s the impression we got from listening to Kekko Fornarelli, a pianist and composer originally from Bari, Italy. Today he’s listed as one of the most widely appreciated artists internationally. When you listen to him, you will know that music is not only to entertain anymore. It can be a media of expression, a powerful source to share and tell the story, an appreciation room where action exist, even an invitation to embark on a wonderous journey.

jakarta anniversary festival xi 2013After having huge success in spreading his music around the world, reaching Russia and many other European nations, USA, Asia and Australia, now he’s coming to Indonesia to perform at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta as a part of the annual Jakarta Anniversary Festival XI-2013. Since 11 years ago, this festival is made to celebrate the anniversary of Indonesia’s capital. This year the festival will be held on 5 to 23 June 2013 presenting variety of arts, ranging from theatrical dance, contemporary painting exhibition, contemprary dance, orchestra, collaborative joint between India and Indonesia, contemporary circus and last but not least, jazz. (Click the photo on the left side to see the complete schedule of Jakarta Anniversary Festival IX-2013 or simply click here). Representing jazz as one of the art forms, Kekko Fornarelli will perform at 17 June, starting at 8:00 pm in a formation of trio together with Giorgio Vendola (double bass) and Dario Congedo (drums/percussions).

Kekko’s encounter with piano started at early age. He already learned piano when he was still 3 years old. When he reached 18 he fell in love with jazz, so in love that he decided to drop out from the music school to enter the life journey of musical discovery, something that led him to travel all around the world. This musical discovery opened up the chance for him to meet a great number of artits; this enabled him to develop his skill and find his identity.

His process didn’t end just yet. He moved to France in 2005 and lived there for three years. He released two albums Circular Thought and A French Man in New York, both critically acclaimed and made him widely recognized throughout continents. Then came the time for him to restrospect. He was on hiatus for three years, spent contemplating and pursuing knowledge towards his personal vision of music. Three years of darkness for him, but it was all for good. During this period he found out that jazz actually needs to turn into something different. For him, jazz should be set free, out from the sometimes outdated tradition. This groundbreaking new ideology emerged in Room of Mirrors (2011), showing a vast transformation of a man, utilizing all the talents he possessed to bring a distinctive form of jazz. Now in 2013 he strikes back with his new project, Kekko Fornarelli Trio for a worldwide tour.



Now let’s take a look at his trio. This project of his has been achieving success in touring around Europe since last year. Having two other virtuoso companions has enabled him to transcribe his idea into a new height of jazz presentation. With Kekko Fornarelli Trio, music is not just to listen to anymore.

You should listen to the way they paint the colorful harmony by combining electronic and acoustic instruments, criss-crossing the modern European flavor and neoclassical lyricism, using his unique concept to drag us into a mind and mood traveling, all the way from the darkest to the clearest, from luxury to simplicity, creating something imaginary in reality. There’s drama, high intensity action, romance, and everything in between. Perhaps the way trumpeter who has already performed in Indonesia, Paolo Fresu described him could explain it all in more simple way: “As long as there are musicians as open minded as Kekko Fornarelli, jazz will carry on being the World’s music. Kekko’s intimacy is made of rich melodies and chord progressions which evoke some delicate forms of modern jazz, but are translated by that particular touch which makes him one of the most interesting young pianist of the moment.”

Recently Kekko Fornarelli Trio is placed in the Top 10 Most Voted Italian Jazz Formation in Jazzit Awards 2012 competition. It’s good that the historical Gedung Kesenian Jakarta become one of his destination during the worldwide tour, so we can experience his exquisite taste of jazz. Do come and give a moment for him and his fellows to play. In no time you will find out that they do have different stories to share, presenting a different approach which you can feel the perfect combination between suspense and freedom, the enchanting classical and modern jazz touch, packed by genius improvisations over many musical terrains, which all explains why they are said to be a world-winning acclaimed group.

Kekko Fornarelli Trio

Kekko Fornarelli (piano & synthesizer)
Giorgio Vendola (double bass)
Dario Congedo (drums)

Date: Monday, June 17, 2013
Time: 08:00 pm – onward
Location: Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
Jl. Gedung Kesenian no 1, Jakarta, 10710

Ticket price: IDR 100.000 and IDR 75.000 (balcony)

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For more info, contact:
– Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta (IIC): +62 21 – 3927531/32
– Gedung Kesenian Jakarta: 021 – 3441892 and 085715911169 (sms only), email: tiket@gedungkesenianjakarta.co.id