Groove Collective #09




Groove is the kind of music that become more and more accepted as a genre. In groove the sense of rhytmic feel is mostly created by the rhythm section of a band, producing something that usually makes us want to move, dance and any other response by the body in sync with the music, including foot-tapping and so on.. While the term ‘groove’ was already mentioned in music at least since the 50’s, this concept began to be taken and developed seriously in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Groove has been widely used in variety of genres. Most notably in R&B, disco, hip hop and jazz, but it can also be found in some other sides like reggae, metal/rock or even ethnic. However, for the common listeners groove is mostly related to the kind of music which combines some elements such as jazz, funk, pop, soul and R&B which has the kind of infectious beat that our body can’t refuse to respond.

Due to its pop pattern, groove often acts as the ambassador of jazz since it’s able to introduce jazz in friendly approach towards the common listeners. So, while we have to maintain the traditional jazz, groove is also needed if we want to see jazz being developed in this country. Having that in mind, Klab Jazz provides a regular event where groove is on top, the event’s called Groove Collective. This event has been running for several months with good enough number of audience. It was good, but unfortunately the venue Plate For Me decided not to continue the cooperation with Klab Jazz any longer. Today we heard the good news from Klab Jazz that the Groove Collective will still be served this month by placing it in a new venue, Bober Tropica, Bandung.

This ninth edition Klab Jazz has prepared not just 5 but 6 bands with various festive sounds, from pop jazz, blues, soul and everything in between. They are 4Something, Childhood & The Vital Territory, E.I.P, Last Minute Action, Peaberry and Unity of Soul are the bands who set to fill out all the session in this edition.

With the toal number of 30 players from the young generation, Groove Collective #09 is ready to cheer your first day of the weekend. So if you’re looking for a place in Bandung that can make your relaxing hours full with groove, you can always come to this one. It’s provided free as usual. It doesn’t matter if you like jazz or not, what’s important is for you to groove along the rhythm. Do come and merry this community event with your presence.

Groove Collective #09

Date: Friday, June 21, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Location: Bober Tropica
Jl. Sumatra no 5, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

:: 4SOMETHING [pop jazz/groove]
– Syafiera vocals
– Tonny K. Herlyawan guitar
– Pradnya “Wibie” Farand bass
– Fajar drums
– Ilham Pamuji alto saxophone

– Rayhan Murtaza gitar, vokal
– Gilang Nurzatti drum
– Alfa Okke bass

:: E.I.P. [blues funk]
– Ipung Permadi guitar & vocal
– Muhamad Ilham bass
– Evan Natanael drum

:: LAST MINUTE ACTION [groove/soul]
– Muchsin Sajri vocals
– Ashita Widya vocals
– Aldo Triasmoro guitar
– Alvin Andrian bass
– M. Annas T. drums
– Leonard Mario keyboard

:: PEABERRY [pop jazz/groove]
– Bima Kusuma vokal
– Haikal Kharisma gitar akustik
– Sandy Lesmana bass
– Edi Suranta gitar listrik
– Byll Chandra drums
– Budy Prama saxophone
– Daniel Pratama keyboard

– Agung Kurniawan vocal
– Andres Rinaldy Putra bass
– Kevin Rinaldy Putra drums
– Rey Tobing guitar
– Fiorella Andani Sihombing keyboard