Fusion Flava #03




Fusion has been standing as a major force in the jazz scene and in some ways created a new face of jazz. The movement of this sub genre introduced the use of more electric instruments such as electric keyboard and synthesizer the way Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea used it back then. Other than that, fusion became a showcase of ‘marriage’ between jazz and rock that are always open to receive other parties like funk, blues, R&B and so on, in. It often appears as the kind of electrifying music, challenging to play, wider, but still holds the tradition of jazz up high. It infected many musicians from various disciplines to come into its light. Later on in the early 80’s, fusion got a new branch which was lighter, the other hybrid that the industry liked to call it smooth jazz. With this little introduction, you should be able to guess what kind of music (jazz) you could get from an event which specifically upholds fusion as the main theme.

The jazz fusion movement has been boiling in Bandung, the capital of West Java for a couple of months, thanks to Klab Jazz. By putting fusion as the highlight in the regular event named FUSION FLAVA, Klab Jazz accomodates any band who fancy this style to have fun. Klab Jazz provides more than enough space to explore and discover. Any band who play can challenge themselves to try new things, using it as a practice field and way to gain experience in playing live in front of real audience. If one day they reach success, they will remember that it all started from the community. That’s one of the benefit of having jazz community in the city.

halfwhole project, jazzy juice, jazzuality


For this Fusion Flava #03, Klab Jazz has prepared 4 groups. Standing as the host is the band who has participated in many Klab Jazz’s events: Halfwhole Project. This group consists of pianist Christ Stanley, bassist Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe, drummer Edward Manurung and young, wild saxophonist Kenneth Timotius Djaja, all four of them are more than capable to change the game whenever they have the chance to improvise freely. As a unit they have strong chemistry, individually they possess great skill. With this quality, no wonder Klab Jazz loves to address them as the best quartet in Bandung. No matter what jazz style given to them, they can chew and eat everything without mercy. As a host for Fusion Flava #03, Halfwhole Project will be accompanied by a female jazz singer with superb vocal quality, Puspallia Panggabean. They have cooperate together in many occasion, so you don’t have to worry about this union. All the complexity of jazz, outside notes, twisting melodies and of course the fun ‘jamming’ improvisation will be all over the venue.

Next, let’s see the group of ladies that goes by the name of Jazzy Juice. This group is guarded by three members: Dyah Sekar (piano), Arnie Christanty (electric bass) and Adisty Zulkarnaen (drums). The last two names are also the personnels of SHE band, while Dyah teaches at one of the most popular music schools in Bandung. The name Jazzy Juice is like a hint to tell you that they can extract nutricious jazz, fresh from their music. They can play sweet, seducing you with their smooth jazz and Latins, but make no mistake because these girls can also roar like tigresses in the wild. Their style of monstrous groovy bass, powerful, energetic drumming and manic finger dancing above the keys serve lots of heat. You’ll love them when they play sweet, you’ll get hooked when they become violent. Once you see them, you will never underestimate the girl power anymore when it comes to jazz.

erick gabe, out of 7, jazzuality


Now let’s see some talents under the management of Jazzuality, Erick Gabe & Out of 7. We met Erick by surprise last December when we were checking the stage for Jazzuality Christmas Jazz at Bandung Indah Plaza. We directly amazed by his singing technique and wide vocal range. Long story short, he’s now listed under our management.

Erick is the kind of wild soulful singer. He doesn’t like to make it plain. The wilder the better. He loves to fly over streams of notes, which is enabled by his capability in stretching out his voice up to 4.5 octaves or maybe even wider. Currently he’s an active private vocal teacher in Bandung.

Finding a band that can accompany Erick is not easy because we have to find group of ‘explorers’ to match him. Luckily we spotted a worship team in a church with great individual skills. They often turned the sermon into a peaceful jazz lounge. We approached them and the rest is history. The leader Widiyanto Sutanto is naturally a jazz keyboardist, Marissa Wiguna is a ‘hyper-active’ all-round drummer, Herman Yulianto is into rockin’, bluesy fusion with his guitar and Abet Darmaji is a bassist who never stops to learn. Calling themselves as Out of 7 isn’t related to the number of players or outnumber, but refer to their multifaceted concept as a band. “There are only 7 notes, but uncountable style and sound can come out of them.” said Widiyanto about the name he choose. Since Herman is still outside the town and won’t be able to make it, his position will be replaced by Daniel Christy, a young guitarist active in some bands who can play just as good.  The combination of Erick Gabe and Out of 7 has performed for Klab Jazz last month in Groove Collective #07, now it’s time to check them out when they go deeper into the fusion-esque world.

The new group of Agnes Kaunang called The Bray will return once again on Klab Jazz’s stage. Agnes Kaunang is gifted with great singing voice. If you regularly attended this community’s regular events, you should have spotted her before as a soloist, especially in the Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz. Last January she brought her own group to participate in Groove Collective #04, and now along with her band, she’s ready to show how good they can pin fusion into their repertoires.

That’d be all. 4 groups, 4 different flavors, all will unite in the name of jazz fusion. You can expect challenging rock pattern all over the outside notes, you can enjoy the electrifying electric approach in jazz, funky groove, tasty soul and the explorative side of R&B get along harmoniously. Serving proto-smooth-jazz, this show is suitable for you who are into jazz, rock, funk and everything else in between. Come and join us, let’s have a fusion weekend, it’s going to be fun!

Fusion Flava #03

Date: Friday, May 24, 2013
Time: 07:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Location: Sixty “Meeting Point – Cafe”
Jl. Naripan no. 30 Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

– Christ Stanley piano, keyboards
– Edward Manurung drums
– Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe bass
– Kenneth Timotius Djaja saxophone
– Puspallia Panggabean vocals


– Agnes Kaunang vocals
– Yovie Silenzi keyboard
– Paul Parulian bass
– Yahya Ben Gurion drum
– Khenrick Ferdiwan guitar

– Erick Gabe vocal
– Widiyanto Sutanto keyboard
– Marissa Wiguna drums
– Abet Darmaji bass
– Daniel Christy guitar

– Adisty Zulkarnaen drums
– Arni Christanty bass
– Dyah Sekar piano