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This info comes late, but we just received the press release last night (August 7, 2015). Since there are still performances for you to get and to know the idea behind this new annual event, do keep reading.

70 Years of Indonesian Independence

In the spirit of Indonesian Independence Day on August 17, 1945, iCanStudioLive along with Indro Hardjodikoro (Artistic Director) and Barry Likumahuwa (Music Director) present FESTIVAL as a new annual program which will be held 17 days in a row from 1 -1 7 August.

2015 is the first year of iCanStudioLive in introducing FESTIVAL. This festival is made as a music appreciation program which features young talents who soon will lead our music industry and the nation itself. As told earlier, this festival will run for 17 days with one show per day. FESTIVAL gives freedoms to musicians to present their own original compositions as well as express their individual skill.

This event will be recorded Studio-Live both audio and visual with integrated concept; from interview, music clinic and demonstration, direct interaction between audience and musicians, CD and souvenir selling. FESTIVAL is a commercial music production with standard procedure in recording production technique including the selection of microphone and the placement, according to the Studio-Live Recording standard. The result will be sold in on-line stores that have the ability to sell worldwide.

iCanStudioLive provides space to young musicians in creating their crafts optimally. This is made to answer the rapid growth of the technology and the way of communicating which become more and more simple and fast.

You won’t be charged at all to watch each show, but you must make reservation to and get the ticket via online. You can see the poster of each performers by clicking the thumbnails below.

The schedule of FESTIVAL, Live at icanStudioLive:

01/08 Nial Djuliarso Swing Machine
02/08 Andy Gomez Trio
03/08 Robert MR
04/08 Richard Hutapea
05/08 Gerald Situmorang Trio
06/08 Barry Likumahuwa Experiment
07/08 Echa Soemantri
08/08 Andre Dinuth
09/08 Tesla Manaf
10/08 BubuGiri
11/08 HWP Trio
12/08 IYR
13/08 The Jongens 4tet
14/08 Jeane Phialsa
15/08 Kul Kul
16/08 Sri Hanuraga Trio
17/08 Indro Hardjodikoro


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