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Another interesting and strong concept by Serambi Jazz.  The series of the event that was built by Goethe Institut together with Indonesian pianist and composer Riza Arshad have always been able to create enough space for jazz to meet the audience, resulting a perfect relationship between the musicians and the audience/listeners.

Florian Ross trio (3)In this second event, Serambi Jazz continued their series by presenting a concert and workshop with Germany pianist/composer/arranger named Florian Ross. Florian Ross brought his trio. Beside himself on piano, the other two were bassist Dietmar Fuhr and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel. The workshop will only be held by Florian Ross himself, since Dietmar Fuhr and Jonas Burgwinkel had to go back to Germany right away. The essence of this workshop is to learn. How the Indonesian musician, jazz musician in particular could get the lessons along with the cultural exchange with Germany. There would be many things about compositions in the workshop, which Florian Ross were good at.

Back to the concert last Friday, April 17,2009 that was held at GoetheHaus, Jakarta.  It was an outstanding and spectacular concert. One thing I always love about jazz is how the heart and soul of the musicians could blend together as one producing something amazing out of the music they played. And last Friday, Florian Ross, Dietmar Fuhr and Jonas Burgwinkel has proved my point. Florian Ross were showing his piano skill elegantly. He’s also very friendly and interactive. He took times to communicate with the audience frequently enough. There were many times they kept smiling to each other while playing, showing how they enjoyed the music they were playing together.

Florian Ross trio (9)

One thing I have to stress out is Jonas Burgwinkel‘s attractive play. It would be normal if a drummer use their drumsticks or brushes (a set of bristles connected to a handle that often used in jazz or blues) to hit the drums or cymbals, but Burgwinkel did more than just that. Florian Ross trio (11)He could make some superb sound effect with his drum kit, as if there were a complete percussions hidden behind his drums. From hitting the drums with his sticks, caressing them with his brushes, to his play by using his elbow and bare hands, amazing. Jonas Burgwinkel played much more than just a drummer. He was also a percussionist. Many of the audience stunned by his style of playing. He could create magic with his drums.

Florian Ross trio (6)

In between the songs, Florian Ross told the stories about his experience, and where the inspiration came from when he composed songs. “Bus” for example, was a song he wrote when he was in a concert trip to Mexico. He wrote it while riding a bus along with his band members heading to a far away destination. Or look at one of his song called “Tizzy Whizzie”. “Tizzy Whizzie” is what people of Northern England called Walpatin, the Germany fantasy creature.

Florian-RossIt was a very friendly concert. I could see how the audience enjoyed the concert very much, mostly because Florian Ross Trio delivered great skill in  peaceful and calming tunes. Very recommended for those who want to go out from their routines and have their relaxing hours. The concert was closed with a composition called “The Moon Has Descended”, a lullaby song that he often play for his own children. Not everyday we see German jazz in Indonesia, so it was truly a special chance. Through this important jazz partnership between two nation, Germany and Indonesia that was created by Goethe Institut and Riza Arshad and everybody else behind Serambi Jazz, we can feel, see and listen how jazz lives today in Germany. This may also be a golden opportunities for both countries to know better about each other in terms of music especially jazz. I believe this is a good start to have more programs in collaboration with European jazz,especially with Germany in the future. Amazing music, amazing compositions, amazing audience, and of course, amazing event by Serambi Jazz.

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Reporter: Novan Yahya Renatal
Photographer: Mark Swapo


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