EMERALD BEX : Meet at Peacock Live! “from 1986 til Now


For the fans of a legendary fusion band EMERALD and everyone who are into jazz fusion especially for you who grew up in the eighties, prepare yourself to have the band back in action! A very special concert called “EMERALD BEX : Meet at Peacock Live! From 1986 til Now”. The date is Wednesday, August 16, 2017 starting at 09:00 pm at Lefty’s Suites, Foodism, Taman Kemang 14, Jakarta. Three of the founders and one lethal young drummer are ready to bring you back into the revisit the cornerstones in Emerald’s timeline. Joining them are some guest stars including a big comeback of former child singer in the 70’s who is ready to enter the next chapter of her life.

Jazz fusion emerged in the late 1960s when jazz harmony and improvisation combined with rhythm and electric instruments owned by rock, RnB and funk. It became popular throughout the 70’s not only in America and Europe, but it also landed in Asia around the late 70’s, became highly influential in Japan, leading to the birth of super bands like Casiopea and T-Square. Soon after, it came to Indonesia and took the nation by storm. In an interview with a successful keyboardist in the 80’s, he told us how big fusion was back then. “Bands like Casiopea played with high skill. I asked myself, ‘can I play like them?’. Well, during that era, who wouldn’t want to be like them.” he said laughing.

On one hand, Japanese style of fusion might have inspired young musicians like he said. But on the other hand, let’s not forget the influence of bands from the western world like Weather Report, Uzeb, Yellowjackets and so on. Jazz fusion influenced and motivated many musicians As an evidence, many great jazz fusion bands came alive during the 80’s, name some like D’Marszyo, Bhaskara, Krakatau, Karimata, Black Fantasy, Spirit Band, and certainly, a band consisted of passionate and skillful young men which is still active until today and deserves to be called a legendary fusion band. It’s Emerald Band.

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Emerald came into existance in 1986 in order to compete in Yamaha Light Music Contest. Not only establishing the band, they wrote a song just a while before they competed called “Meet at Peacock”. This song wowed the audience and the judges, which then rewarded them to be the winner, leaving The Spirit Band and Kahitna in runner up and third position.

They moved forward to make some albums, from “Cemas” (1988), the highly explorative “Karapan Sapi”, “Baralek Gadang” and “Marunda”. All these albums produced hits such as “Billyard”, “Ronggeng”, “February 14th”, “Pasti Dapat”, Karapan Sapi”, “Sudah Cukup Lama”, “satu Lagi”, “Hanya Angan” and also the winning song “Meet Me at Peacock”. Anytime they make a concert, these songs will be mostly demanded by the fans. Emerald released the compilation album “The Best of Emerald” in 2009 and the latest one was produced in limited number titled “Beda”.

Years have passed, Emerald changed the name into Emerald BEX and still keeps its existance. They were on hiatus for a while, especially when Emerald’s vocalist Ricky Johannes (Ricky Jo) sadly passed away in March 2013. Just like other bands, they experienced problems with band mates too that forced them to make some changes in personnels. But in the end, the fact is the band is still alive and kicking.

The changing of the name from just Emerald to Emerald BEX happened in 2010. The BEX was taken from Band Explosion, a band competition which became the continuation after the Light Music Contest. At the BEX competition in 1988, Emerald once again stood as the winner.

This winning brought them to Asia and Oceania level and competed in Hongkong. They won again. And the peak took place in the world class competition in Tokyo. They bagged the silver grand-prize winner.

emerald bex, emerald band, morgan sigarlaki, iwang noorsaid, roedyanto wasito, yandi andaputra

Their formation today consisting of founders Roedyanto Wasito (bass), Morgan Sigarlaki (guitar) and Iwang Noorsaid (keyboard). These are the personnels who competed at the Light Music Contest and BEX. If in 1986 the drummer position was taken by Inang Noorsaid, in 1988 at BEX Cendi Luntungan took over the seat.

Now they are having a young drummer but already has quite remarkable experience, Yandi Andaputra (also the drummer of Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers). So, Roedyanto, Morgan, Iwang and Yandi are the pillars of Emerald at the present time. As for the vocalist, they prefer to bring guest stars for now to replace the position left by the late Ricky Jo.

emerald bex, emerald band, morgan sigarlaki, iwang noorsaid, roedyanto wasito, yandi andaputra, dudy oris, chintana jo, chicha koeswoyo

In this intimate and friendly concert, Emerald BEX is supported by some shiny guest stars. First, Dudy Oris. Dudy is the former vocalist of famous pop-rock band, YovieNUNO. He has been supporting Emeral BEX in several shows over the years.

Next, Emerald BEX is proud to introduce a lovely young singer, Chintana Jo. Chinta is Ricky Jo’s oldest daughter who has started being featured in the latest 2015 album.

Then, here’s a big news for you who was born in the 70’s. The legendary, former child singer Chicha Koeswoyo is going to sing with The Emerald BEX. Yes, she’s back!

chicha koeswoyoIf you are one of that generation, you should remember how big the music and children’s songs at that time. There were many famous children who rose to fame as singers. One of the names that everyone from that generation would mention is surely Chicha Koeswoyo. Even if you don’t remember, you should still know the song “Helly” which tells about a cute dog from a little girl’s loud voice. Yes, that’s her song! She ruled the children music scene from mid 70’s to the 80’s when she reached her teenage years. She even appeared in some movies during this time frame. But then came a time when she had to go into another chapter, becoming a housewife and mother of two children. She completely dissapeared from the music scene for almost 3 decades. It was surely hard for her to leave the world that she loved so much, but as a mature woman she had to make a choice.

While she was considering whether she should re-enter the music industry or not, in 2016 Roedyanto Wasito of Emerald handed her a song, “Look at Me” which he made for her. Long story short, by having full blessing from her family, she said yes and made a graceful comeback.

So yes, Chicha has been back gracing the music industry since the end of last year. But it’s still very, very interesting to find out how unique the collaboration between this legend and Emerald BEX. We still remember another former child singer Dina Mariana appeared in jazz festivals a couple of times some years ago, we are happy that now Chicha will cheerfully walk into the same world.

Two other beautiful ladies are ready to join the ensemble: violinist Ava Victoria and pianist Saskia Ong. It’s going to be cool to see Emerald BEX surrounded by these lovely, talented ladies.

Morgan, Roedy and Iwang promise to present tons of their hits which they believe will satisfy the fans who have missed their songs and appearance. The three founders are not young anymore, but we know for them age is just a number. If you see them on stage, you will see that they are still as sharp, strong and even energetic the way they were in their heyday. We have seen them couple of times since their BEX era in 2010, they still roar like a pack of tigers playing energetic, cool and full of action.

Meanwhile, the youngest of them all, drummer Yandi Andaputra tells that he’s always fired up everytime he joins the Emerald BEX. He also mentioned that Emerald BEX hasn’t performed in Jakarta for quite some times. That makes this concert even more special.

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So, for you guys who want to watch Emerald BEX with their shiny guest stars, you can contact tyasyahya@gmail.com to secure your seat. The first drink charge costs only IDR 150k per person.

“EMERALD BEX : Meet at Peacock Live! From 1986 til Now” offers you chance to walk down the memory lane, visiting the monumental hits of the supergroup Emerald BEX during the 31 years time span. You can see why this band could become this big, stand the test of time and where they set their course to in the near future. And, don’t you think it tickles your curious mind when this legendary jazz fusion band collaborates with so many guest stars including another legend who just marked her comeback after 30 years of silence? Hurry up, secure your seat before it’s too late.

On behalf of Emerald BEX, all featured artists and organizers, we invite you to this event. See you there.

EMERALD BEX : Meet at Peacock Live! From 1986 til Now

Date: Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Time: 9:00 pm onwards
Location: Lefty’s Suite – Foodism, Taman Kemang 14

First Drink Charge: IDR 150k

Emerald Band are:
Roedyanto Wasito (bass)
Morgan Sigarlaki (guitar)
Iwang Noorsaid (keyboard)
Yandi Andaputra (drum)

Dudy Oriz (ex YovieNUNO frontline)
Chicha Koeswoyo (former child singer/actress who just made her comeback!)
Ava Victoria (violin)
Saskia Ong (piano)
Chintana Jo (daughter of the late Ricky Jo)

FDC : IDR 50k (send email to tyasyahya@gmail.com to get your seat)

Supported by: IndieJazz Indonesia, Jazzuality, WartaJazz and Newsmusik