Children Jazz Ensemble : Ammy Alternative Strings




How fluent can children ‘speak’ jazz? In Indonesia, this question can be even more challenging to ask since we know that jazz wasn’t originated from here and jazz isn’t the mainstream in today’s trend. If you want to make the question become more difficult, add the word violin in it. So, children, play jazz, as a unit or an ensemble. That should be interesting to find out, isn’t it? For us, it’s not dificult to imagine, since we have covered these cool children of Ammy Alternative Strings several times. We know their ability in pinning well known jazz standards, bossa and some ethnic-jazz thingy. Now, hear this: The children from Ammy Alternative Strings are becoming the highlight in the first ever edition of Children Jazz Ensemble, presented by Klab Jazz and Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) Bandung.

If you notice, Klab Jazz has been working with several spin-offs since some months ago, underlining the different corners of jazz such as groove, fusion, ethnic and the specific jazz tradition, jam session. Now the community seems to march further by presenting a special package by involving talented kids together with IFI Bandung.

Now let’s talk about one of the string instruments, violin. Unlike the other members of the family like guitar and bass, violin is not commonly used in jazz, yet once it appears, it often creates a new color of sound, at least adding up more flavors into a band. We don’t find many violists in Indonesia’s jazz scene, but make no mistake, because historically speaking, we do have some violin virtuosos from generation to generation, like the maestro Idris Sardi and Luluk Purwanto.

Eventhough the number of jazz violists in Indonesia isn’t that many, today we still have some excellent players. One of them is Ammy Kurniawan who resides in Bandung. Many people know him as the personnel of 4 Peniti, some other notice him as sessionist or through his occasional collaborative groups like with Imelda Rosalin for example. But maybe only a few of us know that he’s been active in the educational field too. In his music school he teaches many kids, not only to play violin but also to let them understand music from early ages, of course jazz is included. The fruit of it can already be seen through the cool performance in some jazz stages especially in Bandung.

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What we’ve enjoyed from him and his students’ ensemble was perfomances with around 10 kids at max. This time for the Children Jazz Ensemble, Ammy has prepared no less than 40 children/teenagers (from active students to alumnis) to participate in! You can imagine how joyful it is to see that many kids play jazz by using violin. For about one and a half hour straight they will perform in several formations like solo, duo, quartet, quintet and large ensemble. In showing their ability, the Ammy Alternative Strings will be accompanied by lines of experienced musicians: their own teacher Ammy Kurniawan on violin and guitar, the Aru brothers (Rudy Zulkarnaen-bass and Ari Renaldi-drums) and Syarif Maulana on guitar.

With a very affordable ticket price (only IDR 20.000), you can already enjoy jazz in various violin formation as well as witnessing the educational progress of young talents, including the way for them to gain experience by playing live in front of large crowds. For sure this event will be unique and fun to see. This concert will come next week (April 27, 2013) at Auditorium IFI Bandung, located right in front of Bandung Electronic Center (BEC). Grab the ticket now as the seats are limited, have a happy, jazzy Saturday night!

Children Jazz Ensemble: Ammy Alternative Strings

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Auditroium IFI Bandung, Jl. Purnawarman no 32, Bandung

Ticket price: IDR 20.000 (limited seats)

Tickets are available at Ammy Alternative Strings, Jl. Saad no. 39
cp: +62 8112251362