Braga Jazz Night #59 : Special Ramadhan Edition


This month Muslims are celebrating Ramadhan. The holy month of Ramadhan is observed by Muslims all around the world as a month of fasting, also a time of deep contemplation and prayer to Allah, and charitable generousity. This year it began in the early May and will go on until the June. Just like the previous years, we sync our regular jazz community event, the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT to the season. Will jazz be fit to it? Sure, why not. We have seen many musicians including those who are breathing in jazz world often injected some spiritual elements into their music concept. There are even some albums used jazz in sending in the Islamic spiritual messages, Many musicians around the world has embraced the blending of traditional Arab music with westerns like jazz, and also, the religious songs can always be arranged with jazz as well. If you wonder why, one of the keys is the open structures of jazz that makes all this possible. It’s a fact that jazz is no stranger to the Islamic music, they have been together for many decades.

For Braga Jazz Night #59 Special Ramadhan Edition, we have set 3 bands rise to the occassion. We believe these three bands are able to spread the happiness, the message of peace and unity to everyone watching. There will be band to make a return on our stage after 5 years ago. Not only from the capital city of West Java where we are based at, there will be bands from another city in the province to take part in this special edition.

savasika, majalaya, jazzuality

SAVASIKA is ready to make their second appearance for us. We know this band from the Jazzphoria competition last year, where they became the runner up. From them we found out that jazz is alive and kicking in Majalaya, a city located around 50 km from Bandung by car. Yes, the band is coming from there.

The band is certainly not a newcomer. It was born around 8 years ago. It has been gone through ups and downs, but the personnels gave a good fight against many obstacles which makes the band able to keep its existance until today. At first the band has no vocalist, yet amazingly they never gave up. The guitarist joined some times around 4 years ago, then finally they got the vocalist they were looking for in 2016.

Today Savasika comprises of Ryzky Ramadhan (keyboard), Erfan Iksan Fauzi (vocal), Tomy Fhaisal (bass), Wili Rizki Ismail (drum), Naufal Fakhrudin Trisna (percussions) and Kiki Gusdiana (guitar).

Savasika don’t just do covers, because it has original songs too which you can find on Youtube.

As mentioned, the sea is not always smooth for Savasika to sail. There were times that it was difficult to find gigs, they had to pause the band too for a while due to the busy activities of the personnels. But what’s good about them is they always find the way to bounce back. Without this kind of spirit, we won’t be able to see their existance today. They believe in one another and they have faith in the band. That’s why we love their fun-flowing performance in the competition. And now, we are happy to feature them right here following their debut on our stage last year in episode 45.

jazzy tunes, jazzuality

The next band shares some common things with Savasika. We met them also at the Jazzphoria competition last year. We still remember they appeared first, right before Savasika in the competition and hooked us up. This band is also somehow connected to Majalaya, although some of the personnels came from Bandung. This band takes pop jazz as their root and loves to make a live party on stage. The band’s name is JAZZY TUNES.

Jazzy Tunes was formed some times around 2 years ago and has 7 players in it. They are Annisa Nur Fauzi (vocal), Kiki Gusdiana (guitar), Habib Usman Az-Zahir (bass), Hasbun (percussions), Alief Wahyu (drum), Dandy Rifaldy (keyboard) and Fadhel (saxophone). For your information, the vocalist Annisa was in Anggun C Sasmi team in last year’s The Voice Indonesia.

Jazzy Tunes got their momentum at the Jazzphoria competition and from there they picked up more gigs, from high school fests, television to bigger events such as Beamfest and F2WL 2019 just to mention a few. Although they are still considerably new, they have shared the stage with stars like RAN, Kahitna, Yura, GAC, Marion Jola, Gugun Blues Shelter, The Overtunes and many more.

Since the personnels are consisting of young adults, you can take a guess that they are busy doing their activities, ranging from studying, doing business and working. But no matter how busy they are, they are still able to maintain the life of the band. “Well, at least we can gather and practice when we get gigs”, said Kiki to us. We are happy to hear that, because we have seen many bands end due to the personnels’ busy agenda.

We planned for Jazzy Tunes to play in this event since last year, but for some reasons it was failed to happen until finally we can lock them up in this Special Ramadhan Edition. If you love toe-tapping easy listening jazz, this band is for you. They don’t do anything too complex. Just sit back and relax, or tap your feet even dance if you want, have a jazzy good time with them.

owcindful, jazzuality

Last but not least, we are excited to meet a band that made their return to our event after missing for many moons. The band has a unique name, it’s OWCINDFUL.

If you wonder how or where they got their name from, wait and hear this one first. They were once called Dora the Explorer, established in 2014 exactly on Valentine’s Day at an event in Trans Studio Mall. Soon after that they thought of having cooler name. They got it by playing with the keyboardist/most influential player of the band’s name Nico, spelling it backwards and then spicing it a bit. Hence, Owcindful became the name.

What this band play is funky disco with jazz attached and also a groovy pop fusion. They have graced quite many spots around Bandung, making their own songs, even produced a single titled “Kecewa”. But then they went on hiatus for some years. Just a couple of months ago we heard from Nico that he was thinking to bring back the band to life, so we quickly invited them to participate. In this edition we have them confirmed.

The personnels are mostly still the same. They are band leader Nicodemus Horisson (piano), Ariel Arliyanus (guitars), Jere Fernando (bass) and Andre Joshua Yonatan (drums), plus Maria as an additional vocalist. You can expect yourself to have the beat funk your soul as they jazz you up.

The last time they performed was in the Independence Day celebration 5 years ago in our past event Terraz Jazz, right before this regular jazz community started. The personnels are still seen once in a while on our stage like Nicodemus with Chakraborty band and Jere with Nadine Adrianna and KelasSore for example, but never as one team. Now they are going to have their first appearance on Braga Jazz Night’s stage, we can’t wait to welcome them back. We still remember their lively appearance at Terraz Jazz years ago, we look forward to have it all again.

Once again, this month we fit this episode to the fasting month. The Braga Jazz Night #59 : Special Ramadhan Edition is coming soon on 23 May 2019 at Braga CityWalk, Bandung, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. It’s totally FREE and open for public. Either you want to just enjoying variety of jazz or looking to find some action by joining the jam session, all you have to do is come. Bring your friends and family, we look forward to see you there!

BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #59 : Special Ramadhan Edition

Date: Thursday, 23 May 2019
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99-101, Bandung



Nicodemus Horisson (piano)
Ariel Arliyanus (guitars)
Jere Fernando (bass)
Andre Joshua Yonatan (drums)
Maria (vocal)

Ryzky Ramadhan (keyboard)
Erfan Iksan Fauzi (vocal)
Tomy Fhaisal (bass)
Wili Rizki Ismail (drum)
Naufal Fakhrudin Trisna (percussions
Kiki Gusdiana (guitar)

Annisa Nur Fauzi (vocal)
Kiki Gusdiana (guitar)
Habib Usman Az-Zahir (bass)
Hasbun (percussions)
Alief Wahyu (drum)
Dandy Rifaldy (keyboard)
Fadhel (saxophone)


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