Braga Jazz Night 57


From one edition to another, we try to support the young musicians especially those who are having difficulties to find a place to start and grow. On the other hand we try to introduce the openness and wide variety of jazz to the society, letting them know that jazz is not always have to be difficult to absorb, old-fashion or even expensive and exclusive. Therefore we provide a simple playground, using anything we can which clearly are far from fancy, in a hope that we can contribute towards the regeneration of jazz musician and the music itself. There have been success stoies that drives us to keep going no matter what.

Here comes the edition number 57 of that playground called BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT, in cooperation with Braga CityWalk. In this edition we are showcasing all-young talents who are not just having the passion to play jazz, but they are willing to go extra mile to reach success. As usual, although they are all bound together in the name of jazz, they have different styles and approaches, which in the end will show you that jazz is indeed rich in variety and exploration.

jesy deswinda, jason limanjaya, jesy/jason, piano duet

First, allow us to tell you about an interesting stuff that involves a beautiful girl with classical background and a mad, wild jazzman. It’s a duo consisting of Lucia Jesy Dewinda and Jason Limanjaya, we simply called it JESY/JASON.

You might have known Jason since he has been mentioned many times in our articles, so let’s give more room to Jesy instead. Jesy found her interest in music since she was still 3 year-old. A year later she started learning classical piano under the guidance of Mira Yosephine, Mutia Dharma and Harimada aKusuma. She graduaed from ABRSM grade 8 and won the runner-up place in a classical piano competition in Jakarta. During her campus time in Universitas Parahyangan majoring Social Politics, she joined the choir as chorister, artistic division, also as the junior conductor under Ega O Azarya, Daniel Victor, B Art and conducting workshop with Dr Brady Allred (USA). Jesy has composed “Ave Maria” for Unpar Choir at the Parahyangan Heritage II in Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya suprvised by conductor Ivan Yohan. During this time she also learned classical singing and ended up as the semi finalist of Catharina W Leimena’s National Classical Vocal Competition. She has her original songs too, in case you wonder.

Pairing with Jason surely opens up many possibilities in music exploration. Think of it. Classical meets jazz, involving two keyboards plus vocal. “There are already many duo guitars and vocal, why not keyboard duet and soprano vocal?” said Jason to us. He also told us that this new concept is enhanced with programmed guitar sound among others.

Jason has many schedules in his agenda. He is preparing the debut album of his successful group New Blood and getting ready to perform at the World Youth Jazz Festival in Kuala Lumpur on 3-5 May 2019. He is also working on his own project, the Jason Limanjaya Trio, making more original songs and arranging Disney song in jazz. Clearly he’s busy, but he’s never too busy to try something new. So, the combination of beautiful lady with classical background on piano and singing and wild, expressive jazz madman, that should be exciting.

the commitement, anjuan julio, vico wibowo, daniel gt, kevin jonathan, aldo suherman

Jason’s compatriote in New Blood, the young guitar-genius Anjuan Julio is making his comeback too to this event with his stunning project, THE COMMITMENT. This is the second appearance for this band after 5 months ago in the 52nd edition.

Back then, Anjuan told us that , this is the band he goes to whenever he wants to extend his musicality and freshened up especially when he needs some refreshments from his successful band New Blood. He built this band upon talented young guns like he is. So the band consists of Anjuan Julio (guitar), Daniel GT (drum), Vico Wibowo (keys) and Kevin Jonathan (bass).

Based from their first appearance, this band has a lethal dose of funk injected into free-flowing jazz-ploration. These boys especially Juan and Vico can go wild during their play which are catchy to eyes, not to mention the high level of improvisations and wicked call and response. You will enjoy anything built by the four pillars inside this band.

Special for this edition The Commitment will feature a soulful male vocalist Aldo Suherman. After enjoying his singing voice in his Soundcloud and Instagram, this is the time for us to have him in person together with The Commitment. THE COMMITMENT ft ALDO SUHERMAN, that’s the name of this session, will let you enjoy the funky jazz fusion in the soulful spirit.

joe project, joe bastian

It’s time for us to bring back a young bassist who has been staying close to us since at least 4 or 5 years ago, Joe Bastian. What he’s going to bring is his own band built more than 2 years ago, JOE PROJECT.

This young man has had a clear vision that one day he will become a successful bassist from the start. He has found his passion in music from long time ago and has been commited to it.He started from a scratch, but he slowly climbs to get some momentum that will bring benefit to his career. Today he’s playing regularly at a few spots. .

We knew him for the very first time as a member of Fine Taste. After that, he supported his friend in singing bossa plus a couple of more appearances as a sideman. We could see this man is driven by passion, a really good player and he is serious, so we suggested him to establish his own band, which he did right away. One thing about this band is that he brings different players every time, depending on the availability of them. Luckily he has lots of friends who have good skills and willing to support him that enables him to keep the existance of his band.

For this shot Joe is bringing some of his buddies. Other than himself on bass, there are M Rizqi Pratama (guitar), Ian Kalangi (drum) and Zizi. From fusion to pop jazz and everything in between, the Joe Project would love to have you to have fun together. If you accept their invitation, do come and have a good time.

The Braga Jazz Night #57 is set to go on Thursday, 21 March 2018, starting at 7:00 pm onwards, taking place at the entrance of Braga CitWalk. It’s totally free and open for public. If you live in Bandung or nearby and free at that date, we would be happy to welcome you. Hope to see you then!

Braga Jazz Night #57

Date: Thursday, 21 March 2019
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CitWalk, Jl. Braga 99-101 Bandung



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