Braga Jazz Night #56


We have dedicated the previous two episodes of Braga Jazz Night to grand celebrations: Christmas in December 2018 and Chinese New Year in January 2019. Since we are now in the month of February, there is another special day many people around the world celebrate, and that is the day of love, the Valentine’s Day. So yes, we are dedicating the upcoming Braga Jazz Night #56 for that.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, that means there will be love songs right? Of course you will have those kind of songs. But we’d love to go further to show our love to the musicians by supporting any movement in their career. That’s why we made this event in first place, and for us, there’s nothing better than doing it in this love-themed edition. This time we are featuring three important stages in musicians’ career. There’s s debut, single campaign and album promo. The Braga Jazz Night #56 is coming soon on Thursday, 21 February 2019, starting from 7:00 pm onwards at the lobby of Braga CityWalk. As usual, it’s FREE of any charge.

Agis kania, ignition, jazzuality

Let’s get down to business, shall we? We are happy to welcome a fantastic soul singer that would easily match the international soul divas out there. A very gifted lady, a sweetheart that sparks magic whenever she holds the mike. She is AGIS KANIA.

We have been following her move for some years, since the time when she was in a gypsy jazz band, then an acoustic duo before she embarked her solo career two years ago. Before we go further with her successful solo career, let us remind you that Agis has actually started her singing career since she was still a little girl in her hometown Sukabumi. She has done many other style including the Sundanese traditional before she found the perfect spot for her soul: Jazz and Soul.

In 2017 she released her first single titled “Baby You”, produced by Ajier (T-Five) and Inal Chaniago (Two Triple O). This song which is rooted in Neo Soul and Urban Contemporary Music gave a solid stand for her solo career by receiving lots of positive responses both national and internationally. It entered the charts in top digital outlets, delivered into the Jazz Anak Negeri Compilation (Spotify version), also RnB in Indonesian and Jazz in Indonesian (iTunes version). The second single “Erase My Number (EMN)” followed the success, featuring the great blues guitarist from the younger generation, Ginda Bestari. This second single of her got the chance to be broadcasted over radio airplays in various countries including Japan, Canada, Sweden, USA, UK, Northern Africa, china, Malaysia , Singapore just to mention a few. In early December 2018, the song awarded the #1 chart of the week by DCDC Shout Out Indonesia.

The success story continues on with her performance in one of the best Jazz Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the No Black Tie. She has also landed in the Gaslight (KL) and Iskandar Puteri Jazz Festival 2018 which was held i Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

After two successful singles and international appearances, she’s finally launched her first solo album on February 1st, 2019, produced by the duo whose name mentioned above. The title is IGNITION. Agis said that Ignition is about song and story. She brings and shares her personal experiences — being discriminated, bullied, ignored — into tunes that she hopes would motivate others who have struggled or experienced the same feeling. To her, Ignition has a purpose to motivate people, to ignite their spirit, to bring the light to shine the darkness of their despair.

IGNITION consists of 5 songs: “Baby You”, “Erase My Number”, “Tergoda”, “Ignition” and “Hey… Brown Sugar”, plus one Bonus Track: “Baby You” (Studio Experience). You can get the album at: , or other major digital outlets.

As we are commited to support the progress and movement of any jazz-based musicians in Bandung and beyond, and as we have luckily been able to do so for Agis many times, we are proud to help her promoting her debut album with this event. Do come and wish her luck, and certainly, listen to the songs she offers in the album before you continue your support by purchasing the album.

indo fusion jamboree, chris alexander, jazzuality

If you’re following this event, you should have heard about the project established by senior jiu-jitsu expert from New York, USA, Chris Alexander called INDO FUSION JAMBOREE. This band consists of himself and some of the young musicians in Bandung who serve as the praise and worship team and proud member of Youth Ministry named R.E.I.G.N. They did their debut in the 53rd edition last November 2018. Since overall Chris feels satisfied with the team he built, he moves forward to make a recording. Now upon request, Chris is going to bring some of his original songs that he thinks would be perfect to be the single carier before he continues to make his first album. Therefore we call their second appearance as “Single Campaign”.

Some people think it’s too late for them to have a career in music when they are not young anymore. But not Chris. This man is already more than half a century, but he believes this is the time for him to do what he has been passionated since his childhood, and that’s music. Yes. Chris has been showing huge interest in music since then, yet strangely he had variety of career far from it. He is a Jiu-Jitsu trainer who was trained by the initiators of UFC, he was a journalist and broadcaster, just to mention a few things he’s done in his life.

There are so many, but in the end he found out that’s it’s music that he’s been living for all along. He started with drum, then he went singing too. But that’s not all, because he has written no less than 300 songs at least since the 80’s, which none of them ever made into the recordings or performance. When he met us by chance, his dream to be a music artist seems to find the right channel, as we always happy to provide a platform for musicians to start from.

He is now ready to take further step of making a single. The only thing is he’s still unsure which one among those 300 ++ songs he should choose. Chris then asked to bring some of the candidates to this event and have us and the audience to help him out. “I always appreciate outside input, especially unbiased public opinion. So, I’m thinking of performing there again, and then simply ask whoever is there (including the audience and other bands) which they like best, then consider the feedback for the final decision”, he said. We think it’s a good idea to go right away into the market and listen to them, so we give a slot for him right away.

As we already said, Chris Alexander has some good partners in his Indo Fusion Jamboree project. Besides himself on vocal and guitar, there are Jerry Gates (guitar), Hanzel Tarigan (bass), Nicodemus Horrison (keys), Stella Angela (vocal) and … (drums). Making a single is an important chapter in musician’s life. There are times when they can’t choose which one the best to take, and your feedback will be highly appreciated.

yohan davita, jazzuality

From time to time we invite newcomers to this event, in a hope to provide a ground for them to start and build their career upon. It might sound nothing, but the fact is, we have heard so many success stories of those who actually began right here in this event. This time allow us to introduce a man you might have not heard just yet, but he is talented in singing, playing music and even write songs. He is ready to have his debut in this event. He is YOHAN DAVITA.

Yohan Davita Subagio was born on June 1990 as the eldest of two. He found his interest in music around 17 years ago when he was still in the elementary school, 5th grade, starting with guitar. In his junior high school period he became the guitarist of a school band and shortly after he won the band competition at the SMAN 2 Bandung.

Yohan then continued from just a guitarist to be a singer, something that he said he was too shy to show. As already mentioned, he also loves to write songs. He told us that the first song he wrote was “Sebatas Mimpi”, the song that exposed his singing ability and turned him to be a vocalist.

His greatest moment so far came at this vocalist role period. He made a jingle for Indomie instant noodle that represented West Java for the Jingle Dare 2 competition. He won the third prize.

From there he kept on singing and writing songs, but unfortunately for some reasons he left the music scene. When we heard about him and his life story, we invited him to be a part of this regular event and the community, hoping that this offer could re-open his chance to have a good career in music. He gladly accepted our invitation and says, “I hope this is my way to have a fresh, new start in the music world, the world that maybe I should have been.”

Good singing voice, good guitarist and able to write songs, for us that shows enough that this man was born to music. It’s going to be too bad if he doesn’t do something in it, so we hope this stage could give him a solid platform to start.

This special Valentine Edition of Braga Jazz Night #56 is coming soon on Thursday, February 21, 2019 starting at 7:00 pm onwards, taking place right in the lobby (main entrance) of Braga CityWalk. It’s totally free! So do come and feel the moment when love is in the air with jazz-based music. Mark your calendar and see you there.


Date: 21 February 2019
Time: 07:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99-101, Bandung



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