Braga Jazz Night #54 Special Christmas Edition 2018


It feels like yesterday when we worked on the 43rd edition of BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT in the first month of 2018. But now, we already come to the last one for this year. Since this is December, as usual this month’s edition is dedicated to celebrate Christmas. We have done it many times, presenting bands and singers sharing the joy, love, peace and happiness through their performance, taking on Christmas carols, Christmas (related) songs and so on, presenting them in variety of genre.

For this Christmas we have prepared an interesting batch of talents, those we believe would carry the spirit and meaning of Christmas big time, of course in colorful variety. From being connected to the church to a native American, from acoustic solo to full band, from senior to youngsters. In sync with the venue’s program “The Glory of December 2018”, the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #54 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION 2018 is coming soon on 20 December 2018, starting from 7:00 pm onwards taking place on the usual ground zero, the main entrance of Braga CityWalk. As always, this event is totally, absolutely FREE of any charge and open for public.

chris alexander

Now, let’s dig the performers. First, the Jiu-Jitsu master is back again for some more action. He comes from New York but now settles in Bandung. He’s just got married and looking forward to build his happy and blessed family here. We called him a master of Jiu-Jitsu not for no reason. You see, he was trained by the initiators of the UFC, he’s no stranger to the octagons, he has even trained the US Military. You might picture a tough, scary-looking man if you haven’t met him, but once you have, you will have your early perception destroyed, because you will meet a warm, kind-hearted man who loves to talk, funny with smile always painted on his face. He is CHRIS ALEXANDER.

Let’s see more about his musical backrground. Chris was born in the Rock ‘n Roll era and fell in love with the drum at the age of 4 when he saw a drummer playing it. Later on, when he wanted to walk out of the Rock ‘n Roll, he realized that he needed to also be able to play piano and guitar, so he could still do it alone when or if he got no band to go with.

So yes, he can play some instruments. But Chris can actually sing too. He has a warm, comforting vocal tone that would fit to sing some genres. What’s even more surprising is, this man is really productive in writing songs. He has made no less than 300 songs, and still counting, which is ‘odd’ since he didn’t even placed his career as a musician. We think, what’s the use of making so many songs like that since the 80’s while he was working in numerous fields, from Jiu Jitsu trainer, journalist, broadcaster and so on? It’s odd, don’t you think? But this man actually does that. When we met him by chance and heard about all these, we could’t resist exploring this side of him that was still untouched, which one of them is inviting them to perform in our community event.

Last month he brought his project he named as Indo Fusion Jamboree, featuring some of the young musicians from Bandung. This time we invited him to go solo, singing some classic Christmas songs and probably his own that suits the theme. After the project, this is the time to see him closer and more personal, which for us is special since it’s for celebrating Christmas.

reign, gbi kalam hidup

For a Christmas edition, we have been collaborating with some churces. This year we are inviting the youth ministry of GBI Kalam Hidup named REIGN. Reign means rule, true. But for this youth ministry, it’s an abbreviation of “Redeemed Eternally In God’s Name”, which shows their identity.

Reign consists of more than 50 youngsters, led by youth pastors, young leaders and mentors that would know what the youngsters really need to have good faith as they are stepping into maturity. “We grow together in God as a family at Reign!” , they said, pointing that like a seed, they are looking for nutricious grow in God’s grace together as a family. We have met these teenagers.

For this Braga Jazz Night episode 54, Reign will be represented by the combination of leaders and youngsters. They are Stella Angela (vocals), Nicodemus Horisson (keys), Jerry Gates (guitar), Andreas Bastian (bass) and Ruben (drum). They have been serving in sermons, now this is the chance for them to extend their wings, coming out of the church’s wall and go blessing people in wider scale.

The Reign are living their lives as how good teenagers are, but they are serious in living it with God dwelling inside them. We love to utilize their talents especially in music and proud that they are happy to be a part of this edition. From the church located really close from our ground zero at the Asia Afrika street 131, the team from Reign is coming to share the joy of Christmas with us.

cafe gospel, gbi kalam hidup

The 52nd edition last October marks the comeback of Annabeth after went on hiatus for about 4 years. The comeback was successful, not only because we manage to get them in complete formation but since they showed that nothing’s lost through the years as they they are still playing as good as how they used to be.

We tried to invite them again, but unfortunately some of the band members couldn’t make it. As its vocalist is joining the Reign team, the founder of Annabeth, Thomas Sylvester decided not to miss the invitation by being his friends from the church. He named this project as CAFE GOSPEL.

At this moment, there’s not much to share about the band as it’s just shaped to participate in this year’s Christmas edition. But we know that Thomas is a great guitarist who is now served in church and he is bringing his friends who have been playing with him for some times, including the certified gym trainer Catra Simorangkir (drum), Daniel Rhynaldy (vocal) and Ricki Sumampauw(bass).  So, eventhough the band is new, we have no worries on their performance. As we believe good band could come alive by chance, we do hope that Cafe Gospel to keep on.

As Christmas is just around the corner, we have done preparing three bands that we believe are capable to send the message of joy and peace for this regular monthly event. Once again the Braga Jazz Night #54 Special Christmas Edition is coming soon on 20 December 2018, located at the entrance of Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. It’s totally FREE, so bring your friends and family and let’s celebrate together. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday folks!


Date: Thursday, 20 November 2018
Time: 07:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



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