Braga Jazz Night #53


In this month of November 2018, our long time running regular event in cooperation with the Braga CityWalk, BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT is marking its 53rd edition. We are really blessed to be able to reach this far. Why? First of all, keeping an event running is certainly not easy. But, this shows that Bandung does have plenty, or should we say, countless number of talents who have jazz running inside their veins. Also, we are proud to have many supporters that are always standing side by side with us all the way. And of course, we send our grattitude and respect to the audience, because no matter how good the talents are, there would be no event without anyone watching.

As usual, since there are 5 weeks in this month, our schedule is moved to the 4th Thursday, and that’s going to be on 22 November 2018, taking place at the lobby of Braga City Walk, starting from 7:00 pm until the closing time of the mall. In case you don’t know, it’s totally FREE and open for public.

So,what are we bringing in BRAGA JAZZ WALK #53? Listen up. It’s going to be really interesting since there will be a mad gang with their like-none-other cross-Sundanese ethno progressive jazz fusion, a unique duo combining guitar and flute, and surprise, surprise, there will be a native New Yorker who was once a journalist and a martial art expert – Jiu Jitsu to be exact – ready to speak his soft and romantic side!

duo wedal senen, dws

The unique sound established by the collaboration between guitar and flute will be served for the very first time in this episode. The collaboration features two members of a unique ethno-jazz fusion band Lalakon: Rian Rastian (guitar) and Sandy ‘Acil’ Prayoga (bamboo flute/woodwinds). This slice of Lalakon has its own name: DUO WEDAL SENEN aka D.W.S.

While we just heard about the duo a couple of months ago when they performed for Klab Jazz, D.W.S was actually formed 2 years ago, on August 2016 to be exact. We might have missed it, but according to them, they constructed the concept and gave the name just a couple of months ago, on 15 June 2018.

Speaking of concept, Duo Wedal Senen is an acoustic instrumental duo, uniquely combining modern acoustic with traditional nuance. If you wonder where this concept came from, one of the reasons should be related to their background. Rian is a member of BGC (Bandung Guitarist Compilation), and Acil is a member of Indonesian Bamboo Society (IBS).

We have seen and heard some of their cookings in their instagram @duowedalsenen which for us is really interesting and different. Let’s not forget that their role in Lalakon is really significant too. As for the format, the combination of guitar and flute offers something new in jazz. In fact, this will be the first time for us to present this kind of duo. Jazz opens up the chance to be creative, it can appear nicely in any form. We are proud to bring this duo that shows the different side of jazz that most of us never discover. If you are interested, please come on time.

indo fusion jamboree, chris alexander

When you hear about a senior Jiu-Jitsu instructor, what do you have in mind? Is it a tough guy, intimidating face with cold stare? Is it someone appearing like a lion facing its prey, or a man with scary looks? If so, take a look at our featured artist in this edition, he will change your perception forever.

Introducing a multi-talented man who has been doing and achieving many things in his life. He was a journalist, he is a certified instructor of a martial art/combat sport that’s focusing on grappling and ground fighting, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He was trained by the creators of the UFC and has served as the instructor of US Military in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Think of that. This man is an undoubtedly an expert. You won’t get a chance to survive if you mess with him. Yes, he has been living and breathing inside these field, but this handsome and really friendly man who looks much younger than his age has another fascinating side that’s really far from his martial art realm. That is, a very talented multi-instrumentalist, singer and song writer. He is CHRIS ALEXANDER

Let’s now leave his martial art instructor and journalist sides and focus on his ‘soft’ side as a musician. According to Chris, he began with drum at young age but later expanded his musicality with more instruments including guitar and piano. That should have been awesome, but step aside from that, Chris actually is a very productive song writer. Why do we say that? Because, listen to this: Chris has written no less than 300 songs in different genre, ranging from rock, country, funk, pop, jazz and everything in between! He has been doing it since the 80’s and still writing more and more until now. What surprise us is, none of these 300 songs ever made into the recordings. And most likely, he hasn’t even brought it in live performance as a music artist. He has let us hear some of the songs, we say he is really talented. His songs are mostly simple but ear catchy. No one would find it difficult to enjoy any of his songs. Speaking of his singing voice, this man Based on this circumstances, we think it’s important for us to introduce him and his works by inviting him to perform in this event.

For this first ever gig in Indonesia, he is bringing his project called INDO FUSION JAMBOREE. As you can see, the name is quite unique. According to Chris, he wanted the name to communicates this:
Indo : a local national identity that shows where he is building the project, also something that the listeners may enjoy
Fusion: a blend of styles, hinting also at perhaps a nuance of jazz or other non-typical sources
Jamboree: an informal ho-down old fashion common people celebration.

Joining him in the project are three Indonesian musicians: Zahar Mustilaq (cajon), Andreas Bastian (guitar), Jerry Gates (guitar) and Hanzel Tarigan (bass). It’s going to be interesting to see the tender side of a tough guy who masters all the arsenals in Jiu Jitsu, and it’s certainly fascinating to hear a very small slice from his collection. We are thinking of keep on pushing him in this field, we hope his first attempt to be a good start.

west java syndicate

To make this edition even better, we invite a gang of thugs who play music like none other. The band that dares to collide two different music worlds and create a whole new dimension, like opening the gate of a parallel universe. These thugs knows how to fuse the traditional Sundanese with progressive jazz by using both elements in the right portion, serving up wicked beat by combining drums and kendang, then presenting everything cheerfully (often hillariously) which makes their performance highly entertaining. Who, you ask? It’s none other than the WEST JAVA SYNDICATE.

This band was formed in 2010 and never stop running ever since. They have experienced some changes like most of the bands, but they have never stopped running no matter what. The latest formation of the band consists of founder Zahar Mustilaq on drums, Yopi D Nafis on keyboard, Dede SP on bass, Randy Gevenk on variety of traditional Sundanese and Chinese woodwinds/humming and karinding (traditional instrument made of bamboo and midribs of palm trees) and the youngest in the band, Ipin Zbet on kendangs/tatabeuhan. Last year they launched their album “Bubuka” (in English: “The Opening”). This album is the first full album of them, but the second of all because they have independently released an EP a few years earlier titled “Album Leutik” (in English: “Small Album”).

The woodwinds player Randy has been spending his life for some years in China. He went there to study, and now after he graduated, he is going to permanently move there with a new role as a lecturer. Because of that, he won’t be able to serve as the member of the band any longer. Quite unfortunate because he is a solid, creative player who shares strong chemistry with the rest of the thugs, but we understand his decision and wish him the best of luck.

In this 53rd edition, the West Java Syndicate will play with him for one last time. You can take this performance as a farewell party to Randy. We are proud that our small, humble stage can provide that as it is also important for us to documenting this. Let’s gather, enjoy their last performance with Randy and let’s wish them all the best. May Randy finds success in China, and may the West Java Syndicate finds a new member as good as him and continue to break the boundaries with their distinctive style of music. If you want to see a different dimension of music where jazz and Sundanese traditional music dissolve perfectly like glucose in water, if you want to see a band that know how to have fun teasing and share laughters to one another in creating one jolly show, you should not miss this.

The Braga Jazz Night #53 is coming soon on Thursday, 22 November 2018 taking place at the front lobby of Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. Allow us to remind you once again that this event is totally FREE of charge and fully open for public. A progressive Sundanese ethno-fusion band, a unique duo with unusual combination to play ethnic-coated jazz and a Ju Jitsu master showing his tender side through a few of hundreds of his writings will be there. Do come and have a good, jazzy time with us!


Date: Thursday, 22 November 2018
Time: 07:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Rian Rastian (guitar)
Sandy Prayoga (woodwinds)

Chris Alexander (guitar/vocal)
Zahar Mustilaq (cajon)
Hanzel Tarigan (bass)
Andreas Bastian (guitar)
Jerry Gates (guitar)

Zahar Mustilaq (drum)
Dede SP (bass)
YD Nafis (piano)
IpinZbet (kendang)
Randy Gevenk (woodwinds)



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