Braga Jazz Night #52


Time goes so fast. It still feels like yesterday when we moved our regular event from another mall to the Braga CityWalk, giving it a new name while still holding the same concept; that is to support the regeneration of jazz (related) musicians by providing them a familiar and friendly place to play. Once called Braga Jazz Walk, the name has changed to BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT since last year. We welcome these young musicians with open arms, promoting them and their music concept in a hope to see them grow.

From time to time we got successful musicians who are willing to share their precious experience and skill with these talented young musicians. Words can’t express how proud we are to see that not only the senior and legendary musicians from Indonesia have been appearing on our humble stage, we have welcomed outstanding musicians from other countries as well, such as USA, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. They have placed their signatures on this stage and in our memory, sharing love and happiness in the name of the music we all are into: jazz.

There are many success stories coming out of this event, as we witness some of the young musicians who were debuting in it now have secured their position in the top league. Some have made their own songs and albums, some have played alongside big cats, some have even gone further playing in another countries or sharing the stage with international musicians.

It’s been a wonderful journey. Yes it is. The good thing is, we are still running and, ready for the 52nd edition! Yes, that’s the number we are reaching after consistantly keeping this event alive for more than 5 years. The BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #52 is coming soon on 18 October 2018 at Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. This event is totally FREE of charge.

As usual, we have invited 3 bands to take part. They have different colors and styles but all living under one roof, and that’s jazz.

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So what do we have this time? First, there will be a quite large band, consisting of 8 players that has a solid brass section. The name of this band is KELASORE (in English: Afternoon Class).

This band was formed by students of UPI who, just like the name sugggests, gathered and practiced together in the afternoon. Just like many bands, each of the members came from different music backgrounds. But even so, they decided to take pop jazz as their thing, as they believe this side of jazz is the one that’s able to accomodate each of their flavor.

As mentioned before, this band has 8 musicians breathing in it. They are Muhamad Syamsul Gunawan (vocal), Akbar Abdul R (drum), Ganes Herlambang (keys), Mohamad Faishal Riza (guitar), Jere Fernando (bass) with brass section comprising of Rizki Gusti D (tenor sax), Fahmi Luqman Sullivan (alto sax) and Beno (trombone). They already have one single titled “Dear Siti” available on major digital outlets since April 2018.

It’s not often we see a band of youngsters with this kind of formation that includes a brass section. The sound of brasses could really enhance the soundscapes of a band, even appearing as a slice of a big band. We don’t know much of Kelasore just yet, but we know their music will be fascinating. So come, let’s find out together what the band really is and show your support to them.

commitment, jazzuality, braga jazz

Speaking of young musicians, we are proud to welcome a new band formed not that long ago, in April 2018 to be exact. We heard about this band from its lead guitarist Anjuan Julio, a young prodigy who previously shone with his jazz-rock band AFA Trio and recently with the sensational New Blood. This band has a name that shows what thing that drive them to give the best in their career. It’s COMMITMENT.

According to Juan, this is the band he goes to whenever he wants to extend his musicality especially when he needs refreshing from his successful band New Blood. Just like New Blood, this band actually consists of young lions who are equipped with skill and full of passion, also have strong commitment in running their career. Other than the prodigy Anjuan, the band has a really strong team in it such as Daniel GT (drum), Athina Niassrin Muhammad (sax), Vico Wibowo (keys) and Kevin Jonathan (bass).

We know almost all of them and notice how talented these boys really are in music, especially jazz. They can flip your mind upside down with their guts in exploring the possibilities in playing jazz, and the fact that they base their concept in the contemporary Jazz Funk/Smooth Jazz opens up the chance for us to get high with their music. If you want to know how dope jazz can be, you should not miss this band. Get ready to be overdosed!

annabeth, jazzuality, braga jazz

From time to time we encourage band who are in hiatus to come back alive. Waking them up because we don’t want them to dissapear or gone. Many of these bands have good things to offer. Some have gone quite far to have their own songs, recordings or often have claimed their spot in the industry, which could be really difficult to break by new bands.

One of the examples is a pop band ANNABETH. This band was formed on 8 September 2010, starting as a five-piece band. If you wonder what the name means, in English it means “God has favored me”. They decided to use the name because each of them has experienced God’s loving hands in every way. They hope that their music and songs would bring happiness to the listeners.

AnnaBeth started as a Pop Rock band and achieved success shortly after. They were signed by a major label in Bandung and got some of their singles being aired by major radio stations. At least two songs of Anabeth are available as the ringback tone (RBT) in every cellular operators in Indonesia.

With a slight changes in the formation, Annabeth was still smoothly sailing over the music scene. However, since 2014 the band became inactive. For several years the band was in hibernation, but now they are ready to make their comeback! The latest formation: Stella (vocal), Tiffany (bass), Thomas Sylvester (guitar) and Andi Pramudito (drum) will reunite on stage for the first time after 4 years in this event. It’s going to be interesting to their return on jazz stage, can’t hardly wait to see the jazzy side of AnnaBeth. In order to stay alive, AnnaBeth surely needs your support. So come, enjoy their music and show your support to them.

Once again, the Braga Jazz Night is coming next week on 18 October 2018, taking place at the main entrance of Braga CityWalk, from 7:00 pm onwards. It’s totally FREE and open for public. Do come join us. While you can enjoy variety of jazz, you will also support us, the community and the participating artists/musicians. Hope to see you there.


Date: Thursday, 18 October 2018
Time: 07:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Muhamad Syamsul Gunawan (vocal)
Akbar Abdul R (drum)
Ganes Herlambang (keys)
Mohamad Faishal Riza (guitar)
Jere Fernando (bass)
Rizki Gusti D (tenor sax)
Fahmi Luqman Sullivan (alto sax)
Beno (trombone)

Anjuan Julio (guitar)
Daniel GT (drum)
Athina Niassrin Muhammad (sax)
Vico Wibowo (keys)
Kevin Jonathan (bass)

Stella (vocal)
Tiffany (bass)
Thomas Sylvester (guitar)
Andi Pramudito (drum)


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