Braga Jazz Night #50


A month has passed since the last edition, happy to announce that the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT is back again, reaching episode #50. As we always mentioned, this event is intended to support the regeneration of jazz (related) musicians and penetrate the public with rainbow-like colors of jazz, letting them know that there are unlimited variety of this genre. Other than that we also support artists who wish to promote their latest works, presenting tribute to legends that would remind the audience of those who have helped shaping up this genre and music in general with their enormous contributions. In cooperation with the Braga CityWalk, we have been running this event month after month for more than 4 years, presenting hundreds of bands and nearly thousands of musicians in a hope that they would get benefit in their career after performing here.

For BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #50, we prepare three shows with totally different style yet united in the name of jazz. And as we often do, we stretch the boundaries wide. So, there will be a special tribute to The King of Blues, a flashback to 80’s fusion, and, as Indonesia is celebrating its Independence Day in August, we bring back a unique ensemble that resonates the diatonic-based, typical Minangkabau (west Sumatra) music where traditional meets modern, east meets west and classic yet contemporary. This 50th edition is coming on Thursday, 23 August 2018 located at the entrance of Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm until the closing time of the mall. As usual, this event is totally FREE of any charge.

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Jazz fusion was born in mid/late 60’s, got its momentum in the 70’s and became richer with more varieties in the 80’s. While the core of fusion, jazz-rock was still kicking in the 80’s, it produced some branches. The most popular branches are probably the ‘radio friendly’, easy-listening smooth jazz (remember the GRP era, anyone?) and acid jazz from England, which had lesser rock but fused harmoniously with soul, disco, funk, rnb and pop.

For us who already had the privilege to enjoy music in the 80’s, we would agree that there are so many songs stuck forever with us. Songs that we keep on listening to just to make us calm, or whenever we need to bring back the good old days. The fact is, there are so many songs from the 80’s that last a life time, or even larger than life. While time goes by and the music change, we think it’s about time to serve an 80’s music way of party in this event. Yes, that’s what we are going to bring! And the band that’s going to give you that is AT LAST.

AT LAST is not a newborn band. In fact, this band has a long history all the way back to the 80’s. It began when the bassist Ruyadi Wiraatmadja got an on-air friend through Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia (ORARI) (in English: Amateur Radio Organization of Indonesia), Indra Yoga. He found out that Yoga was an active drummer and had the same music taste, which is the 80’s jazzy tunes. Soon after, they thought of establishing a band. Yadi then contacted his nephew Djati, the owner of Atlas Studio in Padalarang, West Java who apparently also was into jazz (mainstream and fusion). From there, they searched for a keyboardist and vocalist. Not long after that, the band was completed. The members are Ruyadi Wiraatmadja (bass), Indra Yoga (drum), Dicky Maulana Yusuf (keyboard), Sandika (sax), Agus ‘Acis’ Sutardiman (guitar) and Ritawati (vocal). All these musicians come from three nearby cities in West Java: Bandung, Cimahi and Padalarang. The last mentioned city was selected to be the basecamp. Smooth jazz / pop jazz is their core.

As you can see, this band has quite a history. Some of them were already together establishing a band in the 80’s in Padalarang holding progressive pop as their style. It’s not difficult to figure out that the members of At Last have witnessed or even became a part of the glorious days of fusion.

This band become a home for them to interact to one another. Not just that, it’s also used as a place to contemplate, and the reason is simply because they always need to feed our souls with 80’s music. Aren’t we too? FLASHBACK TO 80’S is the theme. At Last is ready to take us back to enjoy those happy, unforgettable moment in that era with their choice of well known songs. Don’t miss this one if you are a fan of jazz fusion/pop from that decade.

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Next. This 50th edition will have a tribute to a legend, larger than life, someone who will still inspire many musicians especially Blues players for many, many years to come. He won no less than 15 Grammy Awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. He is called “The King of Blues”, also “Ambassador of the Blues”. Why not, he had highly nutricious spanning career for more than half a century. He kept playing all the way until he couldn’t anymore, as he passed away at the age of 89. A highly respected figure yet humble. He is the King of Blues, but you often found him from Rock to Jazz stages and everything in between. He said his true love was his electric guitar, and he named her Lucille. Can you guess who he is? Yes, he is none other than Mr. B.B. King!

It’s difficult to imagine how Blues, or even music in general without B.B. King. Having a difficult times in his childhood in Mississippi, he started making his name since the 50’s by producing dozens of hits, many of them became a timeless gems. As we mentioned, his true love was his guitar, Lucille, whom he was willing to sacrifice his life for, as he rushed back to save her during a burning club incident. He once wrote that Lucille is real. “When I play her, it’s almost like hearing words, and of course, naturally I hear cries. I’d be playing sometimes as I’d play, it seems like it almost has a conversation with me. It tells you something. It communicates with me.”

To bring this tribute to B.B. King, we encouraged a young electric guitarist who clearly was born to Blues: Eki Kamaludin. He’s not a stranger since he came often to inhale everything we brought on stage. He has also performed and joined the jam sessions here many times. He’s a fantastic blues player, he’s willing to walk extra miles to answer his calling as a musician, and his passion is unquestionable. Looking at his ability and passion, we offered him to make this tribute, which he excitedly accepted. He names this project EKI BLUES PROJECT, and we give the title “LUCILLE : TRIBUTE TO B.B. KING” for his gig.

Joining Eki Kamaludin in EKI BLUES PROJECT are Joe Bastian (bass), Tedi Rahmat (keys) and Steven Suwanto (drums). A simple format like this will make them have more than enough rooms to explore, especially the band leader/main man Eki to unleash his blues demon in a deep respect to the King of Blues.

For a tribute to a very special figure like B.B. King, we only dare offering this to musicians that we think able to bring out the best of it. B.B. King is always a source of inspiration to Eki. We believe in him and know that he will do this tribute respectfully while creating his own interpretation over King’s classics. B.B. King is simply one of the genre’s most recognizable and influential artist, he talked, laughed and cried through streaming notes from Lucille. It’s surely not easy to take this tribute, it could easily give tense and pressure to any musician, but we believe Eki Johan and his band have no reason to feel that. It’s time to celebrate the life story and career of a figure who has inspired millions of musicians and will continue to do so as long as the sun still shine.

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Last but not least, we are proud to once again invite a unique ensemble that brings the beautiful, distinctive traditional Minangkabau (West Sumatra) music into the progressive, modern way: PALANTA LINE ART.

We have heard many bands who fuse the pentatonic Sundanese, Javanese and Balinese with progressive jazz since some decades ago. It’s never easy, yet many of them have been doing it great, creating various approach and style in enriching jazz fusion with their touch of ethnic. But when we go to the diatonic side, it’s quite rare to find. The Minangkabau traditional music is based on diatonic. It has a typical beat and melody, that once you listen, you will directly or easily recognize that it is the Minang music when you hear it again somewhere.

The Palanta Line Art preserves the true heart of the Minangkabau music by using many traditional instruments (some are even ancient!) such as talempong (set of small bronze or brass kettle gongs), set of woodwinds including saluang (an oblique bamboo flute), bansi (a small end-blown bamboo block flute), sarunai (bamboo pipe), tanduak (ancient flute made from bull’s horn) and so on. But what’s unique is that they combine these instruments with modern western instruments such as keyboard, bass, drums and guitar, creating such harmony which for us pushes the transformation of Minangkabau music to fit today’s music trend and of course, jazz.

This band was established in 2012 by senior music master, traditional Minang woodwinds player Maspon Herizal who graduated from ASKI (Art Institute of Indonesia) in Padang Panjang and earned his Magister Degree from STSI Surakarta.The band has graced many traditional Minang weddings and also occassionally participated in other events. Eventhough the band uses many diatonic-based instruments, they modify the instruments to create chromatic scale, accomodating both major and minor scales resonating the harmony of basic ‘western’ chord progressions, especially jazz. They even can collaborate with the Sundanese/pentatonic-based bands.

This time Maspon will bring his troops including Arts Fiaris (guitar), Shendy Susanto (bass) and two talempong players Kiki Septian and Sandy Ndung, plus two guest stars from West Java Syndicate: Zahar Mustilaq (drum) and Yopi D Nafis (keyboard).

the Palanta Line Art is very rare and play music like no others. It’s venomous in the world of progressive-traditional ethno-jazz. Beside the unique music style, this ensemble is a visually captivating representation of Minangkabau art, culture and music at present time.

Once again, the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #50 is coming soon on 23 August 2018 at the main entrance of Braga City Walk, starting from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm. This event is totally free and open for public. One tribute to a legendary and highly respected Bluesman, one flashback to the 80’s fusion and one Minangkabau jazz are to catch. Join us and let’s have a good jazzin’ times! See you!

Braga Jazz Night #50

Date: 23 August 2018
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Eki Kamaludin (guitar)
Joe Bastian (bass)
Tedi Rahmat (keys)
Steven Suwanto (drums)

Ruyadi Wiraatmadja (bass)
Indra Yoga (drum)
Dicky Maulana Yusuf (keyboard)
Sandika (sax)
Agus ‘Acis’Sutardiman (guitar)
Ritawati (vocal)

Maspon Herizal (traditional woodwinds, humming)
Arts Fiaris (guitar)
Shendy Susanto (bass)
Kiki Septian (talempong)
Zahar Mustilaq (drum)
Yopi D Nafis (keyboard)


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