Braga Jazz Night #45


For jazz aficionados in Indonesia, the month of March is important since the biggest jazz event in the world, the Java Jazz Festival has been taking places in this month since more than a decade ago. For us, every month is equally important since we are running the community based events to encourage and support young musicians to step up the plate, the successful ones who wish to share the fun with us and bringing variety of jazz closer and accessible to the society. We began this mission around 5 years ago, we still have the same excitement today in doing it.

Here’s the 45th edition of Braga Jazz Night. This event was previously called Braga Jazz Walk, came to life about 4 years ago and have featured hundreds of musicians/bands. For the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #45 we are going to feature three different sides of jazz brought by variety of musicians, from those who have been doing it for more than two decades digging the unique sound using the combination of all stringed instruments, the band of youngsters from Majalaya and a remarkable young teenage boy who did really well in a famous talent search program on tv last year. This edition is coming soon on Thursday, 15 March 2018 at Braga CityWalk Bandung, starting from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Like always, it’s FREE of charge!

trio bigibas, ammy kurniawan, opik bape, rudy zulkarnaen

Allow us to break down the lineup. Let us start by asking, have you ever wonder how jazz would sound from the combination of violin, guitar and contrabass? The reason why we ask is because this combination is rarely found in jazz scene, especially in Indonesia. From the rarity, we remember the late Didier Lockwood made up a trio with this format around 6 or 7 years ago when he paid respect to the jazz manouche legend Stéphane Grappelli. Speaking of Grappelli, he founded a quintet with Django Reinhardt in mid 30’s which is said to be one of the fist all-string jazz bands. Now, we are proud to be able to present a trio consisting of magnificent experienced and high skilled musicians: violinist Ammy Kurniawan, guitarist Opik Bape and bassist Rudy Zulkarnaen. What’s the name of the trio? We asked Ammy, and he comes up with TRIO BIGIBAS , named after their instruments: Biola, Gitar and Bass (Violin, Guitar and Bass).

These musicians have been establishing friendships for many years. Ammy and Rudy are together in some bands such as the stunning 4Peniti and Rudy & Band Listrik. Interestingly, Opik should be familiar with the concept since as a fingerstyle guitarist he’s been going vintage, reaching as far as the roaring 20’s, not just the American songbook but also the golden French Gypsy Swing/Jazz Manouche from Django and Stephane era.

According to Ammy, this trio has just begun and planned to keep its existance. “We want to keep the band permanent, not just a one time project. Other may come in, but the core will always be the three of us.” he said. The Trio BiGiBass is a solid pack of strong lions. If each of them is a master of their respective instrument, imagine what would happen when they join forces. Relating to George Lucas’ Star Wars, this is going to be like a showdown of three Jedi masters. In the name of uniqueness on concept, instruments used or formation, Trio BiGiBas will take you to the side of jazz rarely visited. The flamboyant violinist, the calm guitarist and the groove power-house bassist will bring to you new experience. Don’t miss it!

akbar idol junior

Following the success of Indonesian Idol, the Indonesian Idol Junior was made to find the talented young singers. One of the finalists of Indonesian Idol Junior season 2 is Akbar Herliansyah, a boy now 14 years old. He gave a good fight all the way to the last 10 when he failed to proceed only because he got lesser number of text-based votes. Eventhough he ended up in that position, he should be proud because he successfully got so many fans. No less than 34.000 fans are found in his instagram, showing that he is really talented and loved by so many people. Due to his participation and achievement in that singing competition, he earns the right to be called AKBAR IDOL JUNIOR

When we served as the judge of Jazzphoria, a jazz competition made by MLD last month, Akbar was one of the participants. In the competition he partnered with Hudda, a young pianist around the same age as him. Continuing what’s left from the time we saw him on tv, he actually has been enhanced in singing technique especially in feel. The way he sings is full with emotion. He connects with his heart in singing every line of each song which enables us to feel what he feels. Later on we talked with him, his parents and manager, and found out that he is into jazz but hasn’t been given enough chance in the Indonesian Idol Junior competition to utilize it. We believe jazz community could provide him a chance for a good start and grow along his jazz journey. We see passion. We see good spirit. We feel his energy, wishes and dreams. And he is serious. He kept coming to our events and took part whenever possible.

In this 45th edition finally we could provide him a slot to perform. To show how serious he is, he quickly forms a band to accompany him on this first attempt in a jazz event. We are still waiting for the names at this moment, we will updated it once we have the info from his manager.

In any of our event we always think of finding fresh young talents. They have been one of the main reasons of our existance. We really like Akbar Herliansyah, not only because his talent and passion in jazz, but also for being a good-hearted, humble boy. He is still 14, but we can learn from him on how to sing our heart out, making each song like the story of our lives and share it to whoever listen, melodically. Ended up being a top 10 of a popular talent search competition like Indonesian Idol Jr is certainly not a failure but a huge achievement. That was then, now Akbar is stepping in to the new chapter of his career, where jazz becomes the road he takes. We hope to see him enjoying his jazz moment on our stage, may his participation in this event give benefit to his singing career.

akbar idol junior

Still from the Jazzphoria competition we found out that jazz is alive and kicking in Majalaya city. There were several bands from this city, which is located around 50 km from Bandung by car, that are really good. This time we feature one of those bands that became the runner up of the competition, SAVASIKA.

This band came to life around 6 or 7 years ago and have been gone through ups and downs. They gave a good fight against many obstacles which makes the band able to keep its existance until today. At first the band has no vocalist, yet amazingly they never gave up. The guitarist joined some times around 3 years ago, while finally they got the vocalist they were looking for in 2016.

Today Savasika comprises of Erfan Iksan Fauzi (vocal), Ryzky Ramdhan (keyboard), Tomy Fhaisal (bass), Wili Rizki Ismail (drum), Naufal Fakhrudin Trisna (percussions) and either Kiki Gusdiana or Rian Ahmad Fauzi (RAF) on guitar.

This band already has some original songs, including “Berteman” which you can watch on Youtube: .

As we said before, the road is not always smooth for Savasika. There were times that it was difficult to find gigs, they had to pause the band too for a while due to the busy activities of the personnels. But what’s good about them is they always bounce back. Without this kind of spirit, we won’t be able to see their existance today. They believe in one another and they have faith in the band. That’s why we love their fun-flowing performance in the competition. And now, we are happy to feature them right here.

The jam session will be provided afterwards if we still have some spare time until the mall ends its service. Everyone is invited. Just let us know, bring your gear and do join. It’s that simple.

Once again, the Braga Jazz Night #45 is coming soon on Thursday, 15 March 2018, starting from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm at the Braga CityWalk. It’s totally, absolutely FREE of charge! Do come to support the bands and our jazz community, for we can’t keep running without you guys. Either you only want to watch or wish to participate, this event is yours. See you!


Date: Thursday, 15 March 2018
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk, Jl. Braga 99-101 Bandung



Ammy Kurniawan – violin
Rudy Zulkarnaen – contrabass
Opik Bape – guitar

rfan Iksan Fauzi – vocal
Ryzky Ramdhan – keyboard
Tomy Fhaisal – bass
Wili Rizki Ismail – drum
Naufal Fakhrudin Trisna – percussions
Kiki Gusdiana/Rian Ahmad Fauzi (RAF) – guitar.

Akbar Herliansyah – vocal


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