Braga Jazz Night #44 : Shanghai Night Jazz


Any public or hangout place should know what to do in every festive season if it wants to be trendy. Making up series of program and specific theme is a must. For us who hold a regular monthly jazz community event called BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT inside a happening mall, of course we have to fit our theme with the mall’s program. And we think it’s cool. We have been making Ramadhan Jazz edition in the fasting month, Christmas edition in December, and also the Chinese New Year (in Indonesia it’s also called Imlek) which Braga CityWalk – our partner and the venue – always celebrates every year. This year the Chinese New Year falls on Friday, 16 February 2018, welcoming the Year of the Dog (Earth Dog). For the believers, they should find out what the Feng Shui says to make the most of this year, especially since we seem to face even more difficult year than ever.

Well, let’s leave it there. Difficult or not, smooth or rocky, it’s still worth to celebrate. That’s what we think, and that’s what we intend too. According to our regular schedule, it should fall on 15 February because that’s the third Thursday. But due to the request from the mall, we move it a week after. So it’s set. The Braga Jazz Night #44 : “Shanghai Night Jazz”, Special Chinese New Year Edition in accordance with “Flowerichious”, Braga CityWalk theme this year, will be on Thursday, 22 February 2018. Starting on 7:00 pm as usual and always FREE of charge.

jazzuality, blue ocean project, ditra prasista, rio abror, prog jazz

Let us begin by saying that there are the wide variety of jazz found in Indonesia. It’s wide, because pop jazz, swing and fusion are not the only sub genres of jazz found in it but also the more complex and relatively more difficult to play like Progressive Jazz (Prog Jazz). This genre often goes side by side with the Progressive Rock/Art Rock where the amount of each are vary. It usually contains experimental elements or even influenced by avant-garde. As we said, due to the complex pattern and the high level of difficulties, probably not that many bands of young musicians dare to step in it, but hey, we have a Prog Jazz band in Bandung which has all young players. It’s BLUE OCEAN PROJECT.

The band came to life as the brainchild of drummer Rio Al Abror and pianist Ditra Prasista, starting from piano-drum duo inspired by Rudess Morgenstein Project. Slowly but surely more players came in. In 2015 Fuji Kyra joined the formation positioned on bass, shaping the band to become a trio.

In 2016 Leviana Puteri and Meita Yunita filled the vocal lines, but then they position was taken by Kharisma Hakiki. Entering year 2017, the Blue Ocean Project once again made some interesting changes. Didin Ginanjar is now in charge with vocal, then the band welcomed two more players: Dwi Fari on flute and Erwi Apriliadi on sax.

So the most recent members of Blue Ocean Project are Rio Abror (drums), Ditra Prasista (piano), Fuji Kyra (bass), Erwin Apiliadi (sax), Dwi Fari (flute) and Didin Ginanjar (vocal/voice).

The Blue Ocean Project has been working on their debut album. According to Ditra, the theme of the album is schizophrenia. Certainly not a usual theme most of the bands would refer to, but to find out how they tell the story through music, we have to wait until the album releases, projected around April or May this year.

It’s our duty to present variety of jazz found in Bandung, the cities nearby and if possible, around the archipelago. It’s our duty to support the jazz related musicians and their movement. Especially since this band is rooted in Prog Jazz, the experimentative hybrid of jazz that we don’t find often, realizing the creative and daring brains of the founders in jazz-ploration and the unique theme that they have for the upcoming album, bringing them to our event is a must. Something like this always excites us. We hope you also feel the same excitement and come to support this band. Without your support, it’d be impossible for us to hope for a great or better future of jazz in Indonesia.

jazzuality, out of 7, widiyanto sutanto

This edition marks the comeback of a band after more than 2 years: OUT OF 7. This band was established in May 2013 by pianist/arranger Widiyanto Sutanto consisting of his church serving team including his wife, Marissa Wiguna (drum), Herman Yulianto (guitar) and Abet Darmaji (bass), plus our team who has a remarkable singing voice, Erick Gabe. The band was progressing quite fast, starting from the community stages like Klab Jazz and Jazzuality’s, but they have made stunning achievements too such as becoming the winner of ESPOSE 2013 band competition, performing at the JakJazz 2013, Pre Event Indonesian Jazz Festival, Kampoeng Jazz 2014 and Red White Jazz Lounge in Jakarta. They also served as the opening band for Hadrien Feraud Trio and Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers in June 2014.

This band loves to play wide in variety, which most likely caused by the fact that the personnels came from different background and has different music taste. While Widiyanto Sutanto is without a doubt a skillful jazzman by nature, Marissa Wiguna had a rock background before entering the jazz circle. This girl has complete ammunition which enables her to perform great in any genre. Her power, beat variety and cute but lethal appearance often stand as one of the attractions in their gig. Herman has rock and blues running in his veins, while Abet has a good groove on bass. Guitarist Daniel Christy often supported the band too here and there. Not just covering Herman, but they also played together in the band.

Out of 7 released one single titled “Kita Indonesia”, a song that sends important message of peace, togetherness and love to the nation and people despite of any diversities found in it. They were doing well, but unfortunately the band couldn’t keep due to some problems they were facing. The band went to hiatus shortly after.

Eventhough the band is in hiatus, they have been making some appearances once in a while on stage or on air. That includes this event, which they happily regroup to present the jazzy way in celebrating Chinese New Year. They are going to be an instrumental band since Erick got too tight schedule to practice with the band. Having 4 out of 5 will be good enough, and actually it’s going to be interesting to see how the band would do without having a singer in. We believe it won’t be a problem, and it might be good so they will have something new to dig. We happily welcome the Out of 7 back gracing our stage. The cute drummer but bangs wild while performing, the acrobatic fingers above the keys, the blues, rock and funky guitar and groovy bass, how would it sound in playing oriental songs? Let’s found out together.

jazzuality, out of 7, widiyanto sutanto

Since last year this event has been supported by an educational istitute which is focusing on enhancing the productivity of its students from the creativity sides: GITA BAWANA. Located in the Southern part of Bandung, the school has variety of classes including Music Course, Music Production, Traditional and Modern Dance Course and Modelling. Provided by one of its teachers, drummer Zahar Mustilaq, this institute has been helping us with the drum and keyboard, which enables us to keep this event running until now. We can’t imagine how to make it without them, so we can never thank them enough.

In this edition we are going to feature its music students. Yes, jazz is an integrated and important part of the music course in its curriculum, which for us is no wonder since there are quite many skilled jazz musicians working there as the teachers. So this time we got the chance to see some of the talented students of Gita Bawana recommended by the teachers, consisting of kids and teenagers. What we heard so far is that some of the teachers will also support them on stage. We think it’s great so they will feel more comfortable in their gig by having their teachers’ presence beside them. By the way, the picture above is just four of the kids who are going to mark their debut on our stage.

Once again, the Braga Jazz Night #44 (Shanghai Night Jazz : a Chinese New Year’s celebration) is coming on Thursday, 22 February 2018 at the Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm. It’s totally FREE and open for public. See you there!


Date: Thursday, 22 February 2018
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99-101, Bandung



Rio Abror – drums
Ditra Prasista – piano
Fuji Kyra – bass
Erwin Apriliadi – sax
Dwi Fari – flute
Didin Ginanjar – vocal/voice

:: OUT OF 7 ::
Widiyanto Sutanto – keys
Marissa Wiguna – drums
Herman Yulianto – guitar
Abet Darmaji – bass



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