Braga Jazz Night #41


Over the last 4 years, we have featured more than one hundred bands in our regular community events. Some of them had our stage as their starting point and now they have found their solid grip in pursuing their career, some have even played among the greats – we’re not talking just national but also international scale. We have supported any movements made by the bands such as releasing album or single, projects, special tributes, promoting bands and the richness of concepts from pop jazz, traditional swing, modern bebop, post bop, funk jazz, fusion, jazz-rock, soul and variety of ethnic jazz, and hey, we have featured some very, very talented musicians from the overseas as well.

We always want our event to be the land of opportunities. Everyone can play, everyone can have fun, everyone can be entertained, learn and find that jazz has never ending styles and there are so many unique things still yet to discover. In the end, we do hope our small contribution could give benefit to the future of jazz in this nation, which we believe will give some values to the global scene.

We are ready to launch the 41st edition of Braga Jazz Night. For this time we are going to feature musicians and singers who have something special inside them that will let you enjoy different kinds of jazz from pop, soul to pure jazz, not only from Bandung but also from a city located in an island quite far from us in the middle part of Sumatra. As usual we are going to let you know about them one by one, but first please take note that the Braga Jazz Night #41 will come on Thursday, 16 November 2017, starting 7:00 pm at the Braga CityWalk. Like always, this event is totall FREE of any charge.

tchepy trio, tchepy wijaya soekardi, aries ardiansyah, alman naufal, batam jazz

Now let’s see who we are featuring this time. First, it’s a great honor to welcome an experienced, skillful and passionate jazz guitarist from the city of Batam in Riau’s archipelago: Tchepy Wijaya Soekardi. Better known as just Tchepy, this man has been true to his passion in jazz from the very beginning. He learnt guitar from the legendary jazzman who for many holds the most delicate swing touch, Oele Pattiselano and also Kadek Rihardika. While he is also having a career as one of the Financial Verification staffs of People’s Representative Council (DPRD) in Batam, he is very active as a jazz musician at least since the turn of the millenium.

Throughout his career, Tchepy has landed on many stages from small to big, in Batam, Jakarta, other cities and even abroad. He has graced The Malacca Straight Jazz Festival (2007), Tangsel Jazz Festival (2015), Jazz and Fashion (2015-2017), Jazz at Harbour Bay (with Rieka Roslan and friends) and supporting Soukma in Melia Regency in 2017 just to mention a few. Another impressive achievement we haven’t mentioned yet is his regular appearance at the international jazz festival in Batam, the Asean Jazz Festival from 2008 to 2015. It was in this event, in 2012 where we first met him and noticed his talent. It was still clear in our mind that together with his fellas, he dipped some traditional songs into jazz, from the Batavian “Jali-Jali” to Balinese “Djanger Bali”. After this period, he decided to dip into swing fully. He has delivered tributes to the likes of Bill Evans and Antonio Carlos Jobim. While he has his own band in Batam simple called Tchepy Trio, he is also active in the local community named Batam Jazz Society.

For the Braga Jazz Night #41, Tchepy will perform as Tchepy Trio. Not with his compatriotes in Batam but with two young musicians from Bandung with good skills: the explosive drummer Alman Naufal and all-rounder bassist/multi-instrumentalist Aries Ardiansyah.

For the very first time we got a special guest coming all the way from Batam. We are delighted that our stage could welcome great musicians beyond the local Bandung area, even from a far away island in Sumatra.

ael hardi, putri rahel, hardi suryana, sings disney, jazz disney

Then, let’s see a cool dynamic duo which will make you forget that they appear only by two: Putri Rahel Sihombing and Hardi Suryana, together as Ael/Hardi. This duo wowed us in September with their cool, relaxing traditional jazz in purity, offering us a ride through the time tunnel from the golden 20’s era to the 70’s by taking some golden jazz hits. The true, rich jazz guitar playing by Hardi match the beautiful voice of Rahel which for us appears as the reminiscing of the divas from early jazz era, not only from her vocal vibe and tone but also from the wide vocal range and the way she executes the song. Surprisingly, this young girl actually started with classical, the music that has brought her to win something prestigious at a choir competition in Arezo, Italy.

Meanwhile, Hardi has been clearly showing his passion in jazz for a very long time. His encounter with jazz started with Jazz Rock back in 1994 when he began learning jazz. But shortly after he found out his true soul was actually in mainstream, especially straight ahead. Today he pursues his music career both as a player and a teacher. Jazz streams in his vein, and with Putri Rahel’s journey in jazz which he mentors, together they create a diamond that will let anyone feel the true soul of jazz in simplicity.

For this episode we invite Ael/Hardi to bring a special concept: “Sings Disney”. As we all know, Disney has so many everlasting songs that are clearly rooted in jazz. So, it’s going to be interesting to focus on the jazz side of Disney. But we also have another ‘better’ reason. It’s a fact that Rahel fell in love with jazz for his love towards Disney songs. So we thought, why don’t we invite her to sing Disney? Other than letting her trace back her jazz track, who knows she would make the mall-goers fall in love with jazz like her. Therefore, we put special theme for this duo: Ael/Hardi Sings Disney. Well known soundtracks from the Disney collections are to be expected.

marlon, marlon fridolin

The Eastern part of Indonesia never stops giving birth to so many amazing singers and musicians. Not only from Ambon because we have seen many great artists from other islands too including the fascinating and beautiful island of Flores, a big island located just on the right side of the carnivorous dragons, the Komodo Island. Speaking of music, there’s a proud Flores son Ivan Nestorman who consistently brings the beauty of Flores music, language and tradition through his works like what he does with his band Nera. Now allow us to introduce a young man also from the same island but currently studying in Bandung. This young man sings, plays guitar and write songs, showing how gifted he is in music. His name is Marlon Fridolin. To make it simple, he only use his first name: Marlon.

If you read his profile, you will find that Marlon has done quite remarkable works and achievements in such young age. He won the best vocal in several competitions both in his hometown Bontang and where he is now, Bandung, as a jingle maker for some companies like Speedy, Groovia TV and IndiHome, making music score for television soap operas, as judges in many competitions, working as a private vocal teacher, also experienced as music director and mixing/mastering albums. He reached top 36 at Indonesia Mencari Bakat season 1. He’s involved in several gospel and Christmas compilation albums. He is really something.

As an active musician, he has made some singles such as “Tlah Usai” (2015) which you can watch on Youtube with 12k viewers ( The latest single is “Sewaktu Hujan”, a song according to him is still in process. We have listened to the sample last August, so we are curious to hear how the song is after a couple of revisions.

Marlon has a soulful high pitched and wide range vocal. So far he makes pop songs, but he told us that he is into jazz and blues, and actually his solo career seems to be going towards pop with light jazz touch. We think this man has a big potential to be a successful singer, so it’s time for us to check him out on stage. He has appeared once at Braga Jazz Night supporting Antoni Sijabat, now he will have his own moment on stage. Joining him are Boyke Nainggolan (bass), Yabes Ambarita (guitar), Daniel (drum) and Yulius Ferdian (saxophone).

The Braga Jazz Night #41 is coming soon on Thursday, 16 November 2017 at Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. This event is 100% FREE of any charge. If you come, not only you will be entertained by variety of jazz styles but you will also be a part of jazz development in Bandung. These bands need your support, we need your support, jazz needs your support. We can’t do it without you guys. Hopefully you are with us to make Bandung beautiful with jazz.

Braga Jazz Night #41

Date: 16 November 2017
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



:: TCHEPY TRIO :: (Batam-Bandung)
Tchepy Wijaya Soekardi (guitar)
Alman Naufal (drum)
Aries Ardiansyah (bass)

:: MARLON ::
Marlon Fridolin (vocal/guitar)
Boyke Nainggolan (bass)
Yabes Ambarita (guitar)
Daniel (drum)
Yulius Ferdian (saxophone)

Putri Rahel Sihombing (vocal)
Hardi Suryana (guitar)


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