Braga Jazz Night #38 : Special Independence Day Edition


Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day every year on August 17th. On that date in 1945, the founding fathers (duumvirate) Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta declared independence by reading the Proclamation of Independence exactly at 10:00 am. It wasn’t an easy road after that, because then we still had to face the military aggression by Netherlands and pro-Dutch civilians until finally the Dutch goverment formally accepted Indonesia’s independence.

72 years has passed, here we are today living inside a nation that still has tons of homeworks to do. As we are still having multi dimensional problems in social and political aspects, – not to mention the economy crisis which seems to get worser and worser – , we are focusing on our mission to keep pushing the regeneration of jazz musicians in our hometown Bandung and beyond, and of course making jazz easily accessible to the society without needing to pay even a single penny. The event is called BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT (formerly know as Braga Jazz Walk) which has been running for 3 years and will soon reach the 38th edition.

What we love to offer in every edition is rich variety of jazz brought by selected musicians from Bandung, Jakarta and other cities. While young musicians could have dominated the scene, from time to time we are proud to feature those who have gained a lot of experiences of being a successful musicians. Other than also supporting them, we want the youngsters to learn from them.

This time we are making the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #38 fit to Indonesian Independence Day celebration. Not only because we are in the month, but coincidentally our schedule (third Thursday of each month) falls exactly on the date, 17 August 2017! If last month we featured all young musicians by holding “Young Guns” as the theme, this time we still continue on that by presenting another fresh batch of amazing young talents that resonate freedom within their crafts. Two bands come from Jakarta, and one from Bandung. Since we are having two bands from the capital, we only bring 3 bands so they all can have pleasant time in playing. The Braga Jazz Night #38: Independence Day Edition will start at 7:00 pm onwards, located at the regular spot right in front of the Braga CityWalk‘s main entrance at Braga Street. The event is, as always, FREE of any charge.

hareguna, jazz goes to campus, anugerah, trinanda imawan wibisono, pefiri ari wibowo, brian abraham pangondian napitupulu

First, we are proud to have the winner of the 39th Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) Band Competition in 2016: HAREGUNA. This band went into the final with some other great bands of youngsters like Griya Band, Kriyamana, Panggayana and a young boy from our hometown who began his musical journey from this event: Philip Manfred. At that time, Hareguna was still under a different name: Anugerah which shows how they see the band as a gift or blessing from God. They had only four practices, but in the final they impressed three judges: Indro Hardjodikoro, Adra Karim and Andre Dinuth who declared them as the 1st winner.

They played two songs in that final, “My Favorite Things” and “Cantaloupe Island”. Both songs became a tour de force, fluid, round and adventurous. The three of them: Trinanda Imawan Wibisono (piano), Brian Abraham Pangondian Napitupulu (bass) and Pefiri Ari Wibowo (drum) demonstrated how magic could appear by the combination of skill, creativity, braveness to take risk and tight chemistry. For the pianist, this is his second time winning the competition after the 37th competition two years earlier with his then-band, 4/4 from Surabaya.

Shortly after the competition, they decided to change the name to Hareguna Trio. The three of them are still very young, yet they play like three wizards join forces. Plenty of high-risk manouvers could easily be found in their performances. Amazingly, they are really solid and connected to each other. You might know the songs they play, but these boys always find the way to make something fresh out of them, resulting a whole new approach on how to play and enjoy these songs. You can check their performances at their Youtube channel: and see it yourself.

From Anugerah to Hareguna Trio, now they dropped the ‘Trio’ and becomes just Hareguna. Why? Because they are no longer three but four. They extended their music canvas by bringing in a female vocalist, Nydia Ekalistha Hermawan. This young lady has a superb vocal quality with strong jazz vibes. With this new formation, Hareguna grabbed the third place at the MLD Jazz Band Wanted in Surabaya just a couple of months ago.

We actually planned to feature them much earlier this year, but we couldn’t find the right time because this event is held in workdays and they are still studying. But now finally we are going to feature them here for the very first time. Winning a competition like that isn’t easy, especially when they their competitors were all high skilled like them. But the fact is, they won it. If you probably are curious of how they could win the band competition of the Jazz Goes to Campus in 2016, let’s check them out together.

salaamata, nathan gulo, nicholas dheo, kasyfi kalyasena

Also coming from Jakarta is a brand new trio consisting of friends who promise to grow and move forward together. The band has a unique name, SALAAMATA. The word Salaamata is an African word for “Peace”, showing their intention to bring peace through their music.

This band has three high-skilled boys inside: Nicholas Dheo (bass), Kasyfi Kalyasena (piano/saxophone) and Nathan Gulo (drum). 16 year-old Nicholas Dheo is one of the most interesting young jazz musicians we found lately. We first met him as the bassist of Nayra Dharma Trio but now he’s moving on establishing himself in his hometown with several bands consisting of young musicians like him. This man is passionate and highly dedicated, persistent, creative and always willing to go extra mile.

Kasyfi called himself saxo-pianist, based on his way to spread the love of jazz using both saxophone and piano. He’s still 15 but he has been active playing around Jakarta and nearby, even has regular gig with Chroma-ticz Trio every Sunday at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. He’s been visiting some jazz communities too like Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK) and KlabJazz, before soon our own jazz community, the Jazzuality community.

Positioned on drum is former kid drummer Nathan Gulo. We still remember back then in 2010, he graced prestigious festivals such as the Java Jazz Festival, Bekasi Jazz Festival and Jazz Goes to Campus among others by playing like an experienced pro and led his own band at the age of 6! He started learning drum at the age of three. Imagine that, how many kids start playing since they were still toddlers. We also remember when he played with Barry Likumahuwa and Benny Likumahuwa a couple of years later. He is now in his mid-teens. We kind of lost track with him, that’s why we are very excited when we heard about him still being active. We happily welcome him to our community event.

According to Dheo, this is not just a trio. “We are a team when we are on stage, but we are a family when we are off stage. We rise together. If we fail, we fail together. But if we are successful, we have and share it together. ” he says. That’s how important this trio is to Dheo.

Eventhough the trio has just built less than a month, this band of friends (family) has been supporting one another for quite some times. That makes them fast in building the core. They even have their original songs now, which they promise to play in this Braga Jazz Night Special Independence Day Edition. The other promise is that they will give their best for this event. They don’t have to promise that though, because we know these boys, their never-give-up mentality and efforts. If you ever wonder what three teenagers could do on jazz stage, you got to see the Salaamata Trio. We won’t be surprise if one day they become the leaders of Indonesian jazz.

sasadana, pangestu hning bhawana, ratih putria, digun guntara barnas, rifky adam rahman

Last but not least, it’s great to welcome a band of youngsters from Bandung with unique soundscape: Sasadana. We say unique because they are carrying the joy of fusion, combining the modern-Western and traditional-Eastern music, progressively. This band was formed in 2013 by high school and junior high schoolers. At that time they brought the concept by using some traditional instruments like bamboo flute and tatabeuhan (kendang, the double-headed drum). But now the band is more compact as a quartet. The founders Pangestu Hning Bhawana (violin), Rifky Adam Rahman (bass) and Digun Guntara Barnas (drum/tatabeuhan) are still in, plus a cute young lady positioned on keys: Ratih Putria who has been joining the team for some times now.

We have seen and covered some of their performances since 4 years ago and really know what this group is capable of. Stunning, sensational and groundbreaking might be the words that fit them. You will realize it right after they start playing. Estu the violinist grew up on variety of stages from jazz, rock, traditional to blues. That makes him able to ‘visualize’ music in wider spectrum, naturally. So when he’s placed in front, he creates unique amalgam of sound and sense. Rifky is great in creating the groove for Estu’s spontaneous manouvers. Rifky on drum serves sharp beat, and you will be surprised to see the cute petite lady which looks sweet and innocent but dangerous behind the keys.

We have been trying to bring them in since couple of years ago, now is the time to finally have them on our stage. They play jazz/bebop standards like none other, they pin traditional Indonesian songs with different, mind-bending approach. Sasadana has been one of the bands of youngsters that we are always proud of. Let’s see what they are bringing to this event. Whatever it is, it’s going to be interesting.

Jam session will be provided if we can spare enough time for that. If you are a musician and wish to join, simply bring your own gear and directly jump on to the stage.

The Braga Jazz Night #38: Special Independence Day Edition is made to celebrate Indonesia’s day of independence on 17 August 2017. There’s nothing better than celebrating it with these amazingly talented teens who holds the future of jazz in their hands. From the winner of the 39th Jazz Goes to Campus 2016/ Third place holder of MLD Jazz Band Wanted Surabaya, a trio of teens consisting of phenomenal former kid-drummer and two highly motivated boys and a band creating creative unique soundscape, all we believe will make this celebration merry in jazz. Do come and give some love to these awe-inspiring youngsters!


Date: 17 August 2017
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



:: HAREGUNA :: (The winner of the 39th Jazz Goes to Campus 2016 : Jakarta)
Trinanda Imawan Wibisono (keys)
Brian Abraham Pangondian Napitupulu (bass)
Pefiri Ari Wibowo (drum)
Nydia Ekalistha Hermawan (vocal)

:: SALAAMATA :: (Jakarta)
Nicholas Dheo (bass)
Kasyfi Kalyasena (piano/sax)
Nathan Gulo (drums)

Pangestu Hning Bhawana (violin)
Rifky Adam Rahman (bass) Digun Guntara Barnas (drum/tatabeuhan)
Ratih Putria (keys)


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