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Surabaya, the capital of East Java, got a very special guest last night! On May 3, 2009, a very beautiful and successful artist from Poland, Anna Maria Jopek gave out a lovely concert. Held at Crystal Ballroom, Garden Palace Hotel, with Fine Dining concept for the show, this live concert was made very close and personal for the audience. Some round tables with the candlelights made the ballroom looked nice and cozy.

Anna Maria Jopek (9)Anna Maria Jopek came to Surabaya right after her performance in Bali several days earlier. It was the second trip on her Asian tour, and she’s heading to Jakarta after the Surabaya show. It was absolutely a wonderful chance to see the lady with a very sophisticated voice came performing live, close and personal, blending with the audience. For jazz world, she’s not a stranger at all. She has worked with many big names, like Pat Metheny for example in her 2002 album, Upojenie. In this Asian tour, she came with her band, consisted of Marek Napiórkowski (guitar), Robert Kubiszyn (bass) and Pawe? Dobrowolski. (drums).

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Anna was very talkative and interactive. She involved the audience all through her show, and to make it friendly, she spoke some sentences in Indonesian language. She started the night with some songs in Polish, including “Dwa serduszka cztery oczy”, taken from 1998 album, Szeptem. Then she brought “Only A Night Away”. In the middle of the show Anna sang “Tea in the Sahara”, originally by The Police. She then said, “Terima kasih sudah menonton saya” (thank you for watching me), while she jived through the music.

Anna Maria Jopek (4)Anna Maria Jopek looked beautiful that night. She wore a black leather pants with some embroderie silver on top. The lights was very nice as well, as she looked glowing through the show. Anna continued with more songs in Polish, such as “Nad Nami”, “O Co Tyle Milczenia” and “Ucisz Sie”. Just like how she did from the start, she kept on using Indonesian language (bahasa) in the middle of her performance. She also made some jokes while interracting with the audience. Then Anna sang “Duet”, where she shown her enchanting voice acoustically.

The title “I Burn For You” entertained the audience very well. Another cover of “The Police/Sting” song delivered perfectly. It’s just nice to have her sophisticated vocal with some African ethical beat in this song. The audience jived through the song. Anna Maria Jopek (2)She kept on asking the audience to sing along and dance with her. The show got hotter when Anna and the band went down sitting on the edge of the stage, got even closer to the audience. In that very relaxing position, Anna and the band brought a very well known song originally by No Doubt, “Don’t Speak”. This song was brought differently, very sweet, mellow and soft. Imagine how beautiful this song was with her sweet vocal. The audience popped, and sang with her spontaniously. That song was the end of the show. But since the audience kept on wanting for more, she came back again, giving an encore with another hit in Polish. Anna and her band then close the show with a very warm grattitude. She thanks everybody and appreciated them for coming.

Hopefully this event could be the start for more jazz events in Surabaya. We all look forward to see more international jazz artists come and have their great performance in Surabaya, and of course in other cities of Indonesia as well. That wraps up the report from Anna Maria Jopek  Live in Concert in Surabaya. See you at the next jazz event!

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Reporter: Jazzlova & Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Jazzlova



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