1st Annual Medan Jazz Christmas 2016


For you who celebrate Christmas, you should be excited now as we are getting into the month of December! Holiday, exchange gifts, family gathering, dinner together.. or decorating your houses with Christmas tree, that should bring happy, joyful mood. What about listening to Christmas carols? Well, for music lovers, that could be a big mood booster too. Now, imagine if you can have a festive Christmas Jazz, in a big way. Wouldn’t it be cool?

Here’s the good news. For you who live in Medan city, you will have it for the first time this year! Musician of God (M.O.G) team is initiating an event called “MEDAN JAZZ CHRISTMAS” with a hope to create an event that put jazz in front as a form of expression and education to the society, especially the young generation in Medan. While Medan has been known as rock city, jazz is not a stanger anymore to this city. It has jazz community and even solid festival. So, we believe this event should be accepted very well among music lovers especially jazz aficionados in Medan. The 1st Annual Medan Jazz Christmas 2016 is coming soon, on Wednesday, 21 December 2016 at Ballroom Grand Aston Hotel, Medan starting from 6:00 pm til drop.

From the press release, the organizer believe that Medan jazz lovers would support this event, “because they have very good taste and musical insights”. Just as what you see in the flyer above, this is going to be the 1st Annual edition. Meaning, this will be a start of something good, for Medan jazz aficionados, music fans, the jazz development in Medan and of course for the city itself.

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Now, let’s get down to probably the most important matter of any festival. Who are the featured artists? Don’t worry, the committee of the fest have invited loads of big names ranging from legends, iconic figures, musicians who are commited to jazz development, jazz families to today’s top stars. The legendary jazz icon Indra Lesmana is coming along with his latest project dedicated to his father, Jack Lesmana which has been recorded as an album, Indra Lesmana Keytar Trio. Sandy Winarta (drum) and Indra Gupta (contrabass) as his compatriotes for this trio will also be there. Joining him are his daughter, the third generation of jazz family who now achieve success both in movie and music, Eva Celia. High skilled young guitarist with endless ideas Gerald Situmorang has confirmed his participation too.

The Berklee College of Music alumnus who made some remarkable breakthroughs like 8 Horns Band (made into recording in Budapest with the Budapest Jazz Orchestra), Quintchestra (jazz quintet and orchestra plus flute and clarinet), his new group N.E.W.B and just founded his own music school, also mentored/managed RAY and Eunomia, Boby Limijaya is confirmed too, along with the brilliant drummer Yesaya ‘Echa’ Sumantri. The man rose to fame with his solo career and BLP also founder of Beatluz label and management, Barry Likumahuwa will also be there. The funky saxophonist Ricad Hutapea too. More names including Calvin Jeremy, the founder/initiator of this event Willy Sinaga are in the lineup, and many more!

Christians can celebrate the birth of the Saviour in so many ways. This year, you can add jazz in your favorite list! If you live in Medan, don’t miss this one. Some of the best talents are ready to make this premiere edition appears grand!

Interested? The ticketing is as follows:
Platinum (Seat + Meet and Greet) : IDR 765.000
Gold (Seat) : IDR 515.000
Silver (Seat) : IDR 315.000
Bronze (Seat) : IDR 215.000

Get the ticket at toko buku Kairos

Contact person:
Darwin – +62 823 6044 4472
dr. Martua +62 822 7650 3247
dr. Leo R +62 852 7000 0855
Samuel, S.Ked +62 857 6060 2319

For more info, log on to their instagram @jazz.christmas, or simply search the hashtag #jazzchristmas2016 #medanjazzchristmas


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