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The fasting month Ramadhan is going to be over soon. Just in a couple of days all muslims around the world will celebrate Lebaran (Eid Al-Fitr), the day of victory after being succeeded in subduing the desires and going through purified process for about a month). In Indonesia, there are many cities celebrate both the fasting month and Eid Al-Fitr with music event. Just a two weeks ago we have posted the 5th edition of Ramadhan Blues which took place in Purwokerto. Now here comes another invitation for you to celebrate Eid with jazz! This event is called Jazzin’ Lebaran, brought to you by the solid jazz community in Solo named Solo Jazz Society (SoJazz). The event will be held on Thursday, July 31, 2014 starting at 9:00 am until 11:00 pm at Pelataran Pasar Ngarsopuro, Solo. As usual, the event is FREE of charge!

Let’s take a quick look at SoJazz. This community was established in February 2007 in order to develop the potency of jazz, both musicians and the music itself in Solo city. Various activities have been made for that such as learning and sharing both in theory and practice, jam sessions and creating events such as the monthly Parkiran Jazz (Carpark Jazz) and the annual Jazzin Lebaran.

With the intention of making the Eid Al-Fitr moment merrier in Solo and to tighten the friendship between jazz musicians, SoJazz is ready to launch the Jazzin’ Lebaran #6. The theme for this year is “Jazz Lahir Bathin” (Jazz Inside and Outside). What’s special for this year is the successful move by SoJazz in inviting the music schools in Solo to participate in. So not only the Jazz communities near Solo and the local musicians, the music schools are in too.


jazzin' lebaran 2012, sojazz, cati wulandari, jazzuality

Cati Quartet at Jazzin’ Lebaran 2012, Solo

Since the event will run for about 14 hours straight, plenty of bands are ready to fill up every slot with their own style and color. They are Bengawan Chamber Orchestra, Music Nutrient, SoJazz Jr., Butterfly, Matthew Trio, B-Fusion, Igna & Friends, Jeopardize, Vills In, 123 Band, Souljazz Band, Side Project Sragen, IPO Trio, SHP Trio, Asteya, Daniel Hibrianto, Cati, Delight Semarang, Ari trio feat Roy, Adit Ong Trio, HYP Project, JPG Quintet, Dony Koeswinarno.

For this event, SoJazz is working together with some parties. One of them is Ilunisma Santo Yosef that is going to make Garage Sale in the venue. Other sponsors are Yayasan Sri Bakti Abadi by Sritex, Yayasan Dr.R.H.Soetomo, RS. Panti Waluyo, KONIMEX, Ekokapti, DS Custom, Music Nutrient, Nada Agung Musik, Sentana Art, SEMAR, Pos Indonesia, Roti Kecil, Ganeps, Ria fm Solo, Metta fm, SOLOPOS, Double Decker, Tiga Tjeret and some donators.

Just like in the previous editions, the Jazzin’ Lebaran will open the jam session at the end of the show. SoJazz always include the open jam in their every event that allows the audience and coming musicians to jam together with the lineup. SoJazz also humbly invites every musicians to participate in it.

If you live in Solo or plan to be in this city during Lebaran holiday, you can have some jazz splash by attending this event. Once again, it’s totally free of charge. All you have to do is come and enjoy the whole performances. If you wish to join the jam session, bring your favorite gear and jump directly into the jazz pool.

For the 6th year in a row, Solo is going to have Lebaran in jazz style, inside and outside. Are you ready to be a part of it?

SoJazz Presents: Jazzin’ Lebaran #6, Jazz Lahir Bathin

Date: Thursday, July 31, 2014
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Location: Pelataran Pasar Ngarsopuro, Solo





Have you ever been to Purwokerto? Purwokerto is the capital of Banyumas regency located in Central Java region, lies on the south side of Mount Slamet, the tallest and still active volcano in Java island. Purwokerto has been famous as one of the favorite cities for tourists due to many beautiful sites to visit and variety of delicious local food,  a transit city that connects major cities in Java and so on. Speaking of music, not many people know that music has been living healthy in this relatively small but bustling city. There are many musicians live in or come from it, and if you need more proof, the city even has its own annual music festival that runs in the fasting month for Muslims called RAMADHAN BLUES. This blues oriented fest is presented by Gasebu UMP (Galeri Seni & Budaya, Muhammadyah University of Purwokerto) with Aziz No End  of Demajors Purwokerto branch as the promoter. They created this event as a form of apprecation towards art, especially blues. As we are now in the fasting month, the 2014 edition is ready to roll! The 5th RAMADHAN BLUES 2014 is coming to you on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 taking place at the Halaan Rektorat (the Rectorate’s Yard) of Universitas Muhammadyah, Purwokerto, starting from 3:30 pm until 11:00 pm.

One of the loyal fans said in “There’s always something interesting in Ramadhan Blues.” Looking at the number of attendance and the participants, we can also see that this event has borne fruit quite impressively. What’s it going to be for this 5th edition? The theme explains all: Cross Over The Blues. This theme allows the participating bands to showcase their point of blues according to their own perception. That can be shown by the variety of participating bands/musicians in this soon-coming edition. There will be Pop Blues, Rock Blues, Delta Blues (the Mississippi Blues), Dirty Blues even the more jazzy-oriented progressive acoustic experimental and a lot, lot more!


tesla manaf, tesla manaf quartet, moonjune records, jazzualityTesla Manaf Quartet at Braga Jazz 2013 (photo by Mia Damayanti)


This progressive acoustic experimental case will be rested by the recently go-international artist, Tesla Manaf. This young man originally from Bekasi but now resides in Bandung is working on the album that will be distributed internationally by MoonJune Records, USA. Just a month ago he just released the Reissue version of his successful album with Mahagotra Ganesha, “It’s All Yours” with two extra songs added ( But for his international debut, he’s going to play under Tesla Manaf Quartet. This is the group to perform at the Ramadhan Blues 2014. The quartet consists of Tesla Manaf (guitar), Krishna Alda Radiansyah (bass), Desal Sembada (drums) and  Hadis ‘Hulhul’ Hendarisman (clarinet/sax).

Being a brilliant musician as he is, you can clearly see the difference between his quartet and the collaboration with the Balinese ensemble from ITB, Mahagotra Ganesha. With his quartet, Tesla plays more ‘hardcore’ than usual, in a platform that we think already can stand in a worldclass standard. Not everyday you can get Tesla and his team to visit Purwokerto, make sure you won’t miss this act.




The guitar-piano connection isn’t new anymore in jazz. Many duos have done it throughout decades. They create different musical atmosphere with minimalist concept, showing and proofing that there are still so many beautiful things can be created even by using just two instruments. Bill Evans/Jim Hall did it twice, ‘Undercurrent’ in 1963 and ‘Intermodulation’ in 1966. Then there were Bill Mays/Ed Bickert and Pat martino/Gil Goldstein, more recently two artistic impressionist jazz musicians Hristo Vitchev/Weber Iago visited this corner with their distinctive approach. How about Indonesia? There was Riza Arshad and Oele Pattiselano who delivered it a decade ago through an album called “Talks”, however we don’t find the connection between guitar and keyboard in duo performance often on Indonesian soil.

Two talented musicians from the new generation landed their feet in this exact spot about two years ago. This duo concept isn’t that easy to bring since the players have to be connected smoothly in strong chemistry. They have to establish some kind of ‘talks’ to each other, serving up dialogues with sets of notes that can be enjoyed (and felt) by the audience. No worries, these two musicians have known and been friends with each other for long. Not only that, they have been playing together for many years too. So no worries, they do have strong chemistry, more than enough to establish a high quality recital. They are Johanes Radianto (guitar) and Ramadhani Syah Warongan (piano). They established themselves as Duo Project. We have seen this tandem a couple of times since the first establishment in 2012, now they are going to land on Yogyakarta on July 12, 2014 at Langgeng Art Foundation, brought to you by Goethe Institut as a segment of Serambi Jazz.


As you probably have noticed, Serambi Jazz since 2009 has provided quality shows mostly based in Jakarta as a two-monthly event. But other than Jakarta, it has spread its wings to reach other cities such as Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. At least in 2011 and 2012 the jazz fans in Yogyakarta and Surabaya have gotten the chance to taste the program where Riza Arshad stands as the curator. This year Goethe Institut plans to present two concerts in each city. For Yogyakarta, this Duo Project is the first to run, the second concert will be Tuslah in Ngayogjazz 2014.

Let’s go back to these two talented musicians. The two created this project in mid 2012 due to a request from a local Bandung promoter (Saung Jazz by CCF) to make a concert with a simple group format. (Read the report here: Many people came to the concert liked it very much that it inspired both Ramadhani and Johanes to carry on.

dhanisyah-jazzualityRamadhani Syah Warongan (Dhani Syah)  is a stylish pianist who returned to Indonesia last year after finishing his degree at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Holland. While in the conservatorium, he was featured on several groups/projects such as “Gipsy Nature”, saxophonist Kestutis Veiginis Quartet, Tour to Birtonas, Vinus and Palanga, Lithuania. He is also a proud member of the Re-Bop Unit, a quintet who was awarded by being selected for the project “The Artistry of Dick Oatts and Young Jazz Musicians”. Also tour in Bucuresti, Timisoara, Bacau, Arad, Cluj, Rumania, and The Hague, Assen, Amsterdam, and Groningen, The Netherlands.

Dhani has studied music, piano and composition with the following masters: Jasper Soffers, Marc Van Roon, David Berkman, Indra Lesmana, Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah, Aksan Sjuman, Michael Moore, Elena Malinova, Steve Altenberg, Joris Teee, Ralph Peterson, Alex Sipiagin, Freddie Bryant, Daena DeRose, Kurt Weiss, Brian Lynch, Don Braden, Mark Gross, and the faculty of Prins Claus Conservatorium.

Since his return to his homeland, he writes for his jazz group The Jongens Quartet along with Elfa Zulham and Doni Sundjoyo, and also his partner in this duo, Johanes Radianto.




Herbie Hancock once said, “The spirit of jazz is the spirit of openness.” When he, as the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova declared April 30 as the International Jazz Day, he wishes to see the virtues of jazz as an educational tool and the force for peace, unity, dialogue and enhanced cooperation among people. This spirit came from a man that has done so much in the history of jazz.

We always love to keep that in mind, not only in our writings but also/especially in the events that we create. That, of course, includes the Terraz Jazz, an event made by us in full cooperation with Festival Citylink which is set to be a Jazz Edutainment which deals with the jazz regeneration at least in our hometown, Bandung. While we try to bring many young local jazz bands upfront, we always welcome everyone to have fun together, despite of their musical backgrounds. We want to show that jazz is not an exclusive and close-minded music but as an open music for everyone. On one hand we accomodate and provide enough space for the jazz musicians to explore, but on the other hand we also open up possibilities for every other genres to join. We believe this will give benefit to everyone. It’s important for the jazz musicians to learn how to swing, digging the jazz progression and so on, but they need to see what’s going on outside the wall too. For the non-jazz musicians, we believe they will get something too from being in/coming to jazz event.

With this spirit we have seen musicians from various genres coming to Terraz Jazz. They happily participated in jam session, but we also featured them in the showcase. There are many blues players, the pop bands, even rock and heavy metal gather here with us. We have even made one special Blues edition while ago (read it here: and featured ethnic-based groups too several times such as in Terraz Jazz 8  ( and Braga Jazz n Jam (


terraz jazz 8, jazzuality event


There are still many sides of music we haven’t touched just  yet, but hey, look at this Terraz Jazz #9. For the first time we are going to feature a soulful urban hip hop performers. We have heard their song and we love how they infuse jazz and soul into their hiphop package. It’s Bintang Stania & DULE ft Erwin Saz.

Bintang Stania is a vocalist who started her music journey since she was still a little girl and has been writing many songs since she was a teenager. Bintang was once active as a classical singer in a choir for several years before she got influences from jazz. She formed a band with her college friends in Padjadjaran University but unfortunately for some reasons the band was disbanded. In early 2011, she met a jazz community in Bandung City which improved her knowledge about jazz. In order to pursue her interest in music, she also decided to become a regular singer at cafes in Bandung.

Her writing desire also took her to be a journalist in and that led her to many jazz events as a writer. Moreover, she is always hungry with education, therefore since 2013 she has been continuing her education in Master of Science in Management program in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

DULE (real name: Ahmad Dany Febriansyah) was born and grew up in Pekanbaru city of Riau Province. He has been passionate in sounds of hiphop and rap music since he was an elementary school student. He began writing rap lyrics in the middle of 1996 and at the same time he moved to Bandung City which filled with creative musicians.

He had formed a hiphop group named VOID  that later changed to XHAUSTA. He also joined IMPARTAIRIAL, the first and the biggest hiphop community in Bandung. Then he decided to have a solo career in the middle of 2004 and established a home studio named FRACTALMINDZ. This led him to become a music producer. In 2007 DULE formed a new hiphop community called DHC as a gathering place for novice rappers in Bandung to share ideas and create music together.

Cooperation between Bintang and DULE for “Urbanics” album is a mixture of music, there are influences from pop, hiphop, jazz, soul, and dance in one package. One single titled “Snacks n’ Toys” was launched a year ago that has the jazzy hiphop fashion (listen to the song here:

For their performance on the next Terraz Jazz edition, they will appear with DJ PoppaBoi and Erwin Saz on guitar and trumpet. Having Erwin Saz in their gig is perfect, since this man has been known as a dynamic and idealistic artist that places his feet on crossovers, from pop, reggae, blues and jazz. A couple of years ago he made a hit single called “Sumitro Rojali” which successfully gained attention from music lovers.


terraz jazz 9, jazzuality, dule, bintang stania, widiyanto sutanto, marissa wiguna, nyproject





Medan, the capital of North Sumatra and the third largest city of Indonesia has been famously known as the rock city. But soon this city is going to show its sharp jazz fangs through the fourth edition of North Sumatra Jazz Festival. Since 2011 this annual jazz fest has successfully pushed the jazz development much forward. Now this city has its own jazz community, producing many new talents and so on. Today jazz is no longer difficult to find in Medan. And the existance of an annual jazz festival – initiated by a proud Medan jazzman Erucakra Mahameru and his WEM (Waspada EMusic) supported by Gideon Momongan and his IndieJazzIndonesia -  which also shows a remarkable growth is urgently needed in order to keep the flame on.

We still remember what Erucakra said that it was his longtime dream to produce such jazz festival that can accomodate everyone in his hometown. In 2011 the idea came to life, and now it has reached the fourth edition that sets a new benchmark to it. For the first time, North Sumatra Jazz Festival goes international, featuring top class artists from neighbouring country Malaysia, USA all the way to reach Norway. According to this huge step, the North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2014 (NSJF 2014) holds a new theme: X-Culture-X, stands for Xtreme-Cross Culture-Xperiment. Yes, that’s the theme for this year, promising us a show with wider extreme experimental approaches. It’s coming soon on June 21,2014 at the Convention Hall of Hermes Place, Polonia, Medan, a grandeur 3000 seats capacity spot with NeoSky Theatrical City Landmark located in the heart of Medan.

The question is, who will participate in this edition? You can see the gorgeous names in the poster above. There will be native Lebanese percussionist who grew in Chicago area, Jamal Mohamed. He’s the founder of percussion group D’Drum, a member of Brahma and Jampact, and currently active in his cross-cultural group that bridge the western and eastern part of the sphere by fusing American jazz with traditional musics of India and Middle East named Jamal Mohammed and The Bridge. Prepare yourself to hear the unique corner of jazz from this master of improvisation. Jamal is bringing his project with Jonathan Jones named Drum ‘N Wind to this festival. This is the genius work of two-gentlemen who incorporate a multitude of different instruments into a magical world music crafts. A different experience is to be expected from this act.

From Norway came Espen Eriksen Trio, a jazz piano  trio formed in 2007. Standing in this group are pianist Espen Eriksen, contrabassist Lars Tormod Jenset and Andreas Bye (drums). Reviewing their album “What Took You So Long”, said that the album does everything sophomore disc should, as well as stating that they are Euro-centric piano trios. After performing around the world and landed at Penang Island Jazz Festival 2011, it’s time for them to extend their reach to the capital of North Sumatra.


north sumatra jazz festival 2014, nsjf 2014, jazzuality


Now let’s take a look at the featured musicians from Malaysia. Two senior jazz players will come representing their nation in a big way. First, there will be Razak Rahman. This man is historically related to Duke Ellington. About 40 years ago he came to Kuala Lumpur and met the still 12 year-old Razak Rahman. He was about to bring him to New York but sadly he passed away before he did it. It didn’t happen, but Razak emerged as one of the most important jazz players of Malaysia ever since and still standing tall until now. Other than Razak, the second youngest of fourteen children born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City but has been living in Kuala Lumpur for many years, percussionist Steve Thornton has confirmed his participation too in this 2014 episode. Steve isn’t a stranger at all in Indonesian jazz scene. He’s been playing very often everywhere, so this is going to be like a home visit for him.




The very first Special Edition of Terraz Jazz proved to be a big success. In this edition we presented the famous bassist Hadrien Feraud (who has played with iconic figures like Chick Corea and John McLaughlin), proud Balinese son, The Mr Fingers Erik Sondhy, the drum prodigy Yandi Andaputra and the full team of Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers. A full packed crowds were there, and they were all highly appreciative. Overwhelming result it was. (Read the report and watch the video highlight here: and Festival Citylink, two parties behind this event are proud of it, but we still remember our mission, that is to keep the regeneration process ahead by serving reliable playground for the potential young guns to shine as well as showcasing the unique talents in jazz and crossovers.

In order to that, we didn’t want the Special Edition to take any regular schedule of the event. As we are reaching the second week of June, the Terraz Jazz #8 is set to go. We’re back with a fresh batch of talents, consisting 3 bands that have so many interesting things to talk about. Jam Session as usual will be served openly for anybody who feels like joining in.


terraz jazz special edition, indro hardjodikoro and the fingers


So who’ll be there this time? First, a trio simply called E.I.P. E.I.P is an abbreviation of the members: Evan Natanael (drums), Muhammad Ilham (bass), Ipung Permadi (guitar). What does this group bring? You might think they play fusion, but actually what the players love to bring is jazz with straight rock bites. If you listen to or watch him, you will find a pure, sometimes edgy jazz-rock screams out from every corner. What we can learn from them is that there are actually more varieties can be found inside the jazz-rock connection than just what we usually call as fusion.

OCD was known as a personality disorder or a diet programme, but not anymore. Three cool, long lost dudes decided to form a band by the name of OCD. They told us OCD could mean anything, from Over Confident Dudes, to Oranges Can’t Dance. We were also told that their music can be described as contemporary fusion, or usually shortened as confusion.

Deo Karmawan (guitar), Choky Nainggolan (drums), Demank (bass) were childhood friends with common music interest. Three of them got separated but eventually found their way to each other. During separation, they have their own musical journey. Choky has been a producer of many singers and having a project called Sunday People which has released an album recently (you can get the album by coming to this 8th edition!). Demank is a highly-sought sessionist and was in a band called 1st Impression, while Deo has spent his youth in Malaysia and doing music there. The reunion was inevitable when they met each other, and here they are.

More about Deo, some of you might probably seen him help us in covering some events. Yes, it was the same Deo. But let us remind you that this funny-haired guy is also the member of TILU, a famous Malaysian-based band with over 70.000 followers (and counting) in Facebook page. He’s also one of the newest members of a multi-nation, multi-race and multi-culture longrunning band, the one and only AsiaBeat which is led by Lewis Pragasam.

Who are OCD? Have you heard about them? We haven’t too. And that’s exactly why they are worth waiting for. Can’t wait for the surprise! And apparently this edition will be their debut, ever. We were also told that one of our favorite young jazz singers Puspallia Panggabean will join them. The thing that makes us happy is that Puspall’s involvement started when she met Deo in a sudden project for our event, Braga Jazz n Jam. ( Also joining them is Rizky on keyboard. He’s a highly-demanded sessionist and a talented self-taught musician, also a producer of many upcoming singers. He is famous for his synthesizer fill in. What we hope is, the collaboration won’t stop just here but continue for more events, including in the recordings if they would ever make one.


terraz jazz 8, jazzuality, west java syndicate, eip, ocd, puspallia panggabean


If these two bands are already interesting, wait until you hear the third one. Prepare yourself for a mind-bending progressive fusion with distinctive ethnic touch. This will be served by an impressive ensemble, West Java Syndicate. Formed in 2010 by Zahar Musilaq in Bandung, the ensemble combines two part of musical spheres: the Western jazz, blues and rock Zahar Mustilaq (drums), Yopi D Navis (keys) and Dede SP (bass), and traditional Sundanese musicians: Dosenk (kendang/flute) and the newest member, Randy Gevenk on woodwind section.




What criteria does a band/musician have to meet to be featured in Serambi Jazz? We asked that question to the curator, Riza Arshad in 2009, a couple of months after the Serambi Jazz series has just begun. According to Riza Arshad, this event has to be filled by someone who has high dedication to Indonesian jazz development. In other words, still according to him, it has to be someone who has decided to live their life as jazz players. Furthermore he explained that there are so many musicians in Indonesia who are very talented and fully dedicated, but they haven’t got the credit that they deserve. At that time, Riza wished to introduce these talents so they could get more appreciation from the society.

That was 5 years ago. Since then Serambi Jazz has been growing very well and now stands as one of the most awaited regular jazz events in Jakarta. It has featured so many amazing musicians with their own distinctive jazz styles and tastes. So far this successful overseas program of Goethe Institut has become a showcase/gallery of great talents, a place for jazz aficionados to go whenever they want to see quality shows from artists that know how to cook their meals in perfect.

Speaking of the criteria, there’s a pianist who has his own color and more than deserves to be featured in front. He was already played in the first year of Serambi Jazz, but it was with his group, the Sarimanouk Quartet (Read the report here: . We have been waiting to see him get the spotlight because we know he has good things to offer. Now finally he’s the featured artist for Serambi Jazz. That’s about time, that’s what we think. He is Julian Abraham Marantika, also known as Joy Marantika.


julian marantika, serambi jazz 2014


Let’s point our attention more towards him. Julian started by learning classical piano when he was 14 years old by studied from Getih Indra Sunaryo, but then got his encounter with jazz when he learned it from Benny Likumahuwa for Music Theory and Saxophone. He then took his number one Jazz Piano lesson from Riza Arshad and Krishna Balagita.

In 2004 he enrolled to the Institut Musik Daya Degree program under Tjut Njak Deviana Daudsjah, Ivonne Atmojo, Aksan Sjuman, Masako Hamamura, Mark Isaac, and Jelia Megawati Heru. Julian graduated in 2007 holding Bachelor of Music in Performance.

Speaking of the stages he’s conquered, he already tasted many prestigious events such as Java Jazz Festival 2007 and 2008, Pasar Jazz 2006 with New Conservative Trio (his first jazz trio), Serambi Jazz as the pianist of Sarimanouk Quartet in 2009 and Jazz Speak 2012 in Bandung just to mention a few. Some of his shining project are the compilation album “Jazz Masa Kini” by Aksara Records, joining Ricki Lionardi Big band for a recording session for Ruth Sahanaya Christmas Album 2006, “Dunia Mereka” OST in 2005 and “Sarimanouk Quartet” album alongside Talafaral Ramiandriosa, Sandy Winarta and Doni Sundjoyo.

Another thing that you have to know is that beside performing, he is also an active educator. He’s been the Head of Contemporary Piano Department at Pelita Harapan Music Faculty from 2008. He teaches Jazz Piano, Improvisation Concept, History of Broadway Musical, Jazz Ear Training, Jazz Ensemble Class, also contributes as one of the educators at Ponpin Music where he teaches Jazz Theory, Rhytmic & Ear Training and Major Class. Now Julian has working on his latest trio for recording project.


julian marantika, serambi jazz 2014


At Serambi Jazz he will bring a strong team consists of Indra Perkasa (doublebass), Elfa Zulham (drums), Gerald Situmorang (guitar) and Cassia Agata (vocal). We have seen the exact line 2 years ago at Jazz Speak where they gave something unique, either his own standout compositions (including one song which the lyrics’ written by wife Mery Kasiman) and Miles Davis’ “Milestones” with lyrics ( We still remember Julian Marantika’s performance at that time clearly. Julian has two contrast music assets: the structured play style learned when he was into classical and jazz with good phrasings, both glued with great improvisations. This is the project that he’s been working on for several years, a project that involves a singer, different than any previous ones he’s done before.



Ever dream of having a superb international star playing not in big, luxurious and expensive concert but in a homey, cozy location that you can just feel at ease by just being yourself; and it’s free? Soon it will happen in Bandung, in the community event made by in cooperation with Festival Citylink, the TERRAZ JAZZ.

Perhaps some of you just heard about this event and wonder what it actually is. TERRAZ JAZZ is a regular twice a month community event created by in cooperation with a happening mall in the Southern part of Bandung,Festival Citylink. It holds the theme of Jazz Edutainment. Our goal is to support the regeneration of jazz musicians, finding potential talents and unique band formats by providing space for them to perform live. On the other hand, we also wish the showcase and jam sessions would give a good jazz entertainment to jazz lovers in Bandung. Fun Jazzin’, Fun Jammin’, Fun Learnin’ is the tagline that reflects the vision and mission we put behind this event.

We’re still in our 7th edition, but look who’s going to come in this very first SPECIAL EDITION. If you’re a bassist this name should grab your attention fully. He’s from French,  known as the modern day Jaco Pastorius and have played with giants since a very young age. Yes, that’s including Chick Corea (The Vigil) and John McLaughlin. He’s the one and only HADRIEN FERAUD.

If Hadrien Feraud is already a big catch, he won’t be alone in this gig. He will perform under a trio format with the piano virtuoso from Bali, ERIK SONDHY and a phenomenal young drummer (still 18 years old by the way), YANDI ANDAPUTRA.

Not enough? well, let’s add another great band: INDRO HARDJODIKORO & THE FINGERS. This is a band that has stretched its reputation far, far away reaching Northern parts of Europe. As the opening band, Out of 7 is ready to set your mood to fully locked with the whole show. The TERRAZ JAZZ SPECIAL EDITION will come on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at Terrazo Food Venue, the foodcourt of Festival Citylink, Bandung. This event is FREE of charge!




hadrien feraud, terraz jazz, special edition, jazzuality, festival citylink


There are so many great bassists, but only a few could stand as a phenom. If in the 70′s the jazz world discovered Jaco Pastorius that changed the course of bassists forever, in this modern days Hadrien Feraud claimed to be the new, interesting discovery. No wonder John McLaughlin labeled him the new Jaco.

Born in Paris, little Feraud should feel lucky to be born in a musical family. That made him familiar with wide arrays of genres, including Jazz from the beginning. He learned guitar from his own father when he was still 8 years old . He was once interested in drums, but that soon changed when he received Jaco Pastorius’ “The Birthday Concert” CD at age 12. From that moment on, he knew that he as born to jazz with electric bass.

Right after that fundamental turn, he seriously built his skill not just by practicing but most importantly by analyzing the techniques of some masters in the bass land, ranging from Jaco Pastorius, Christian McBride, Victor Bailey, Gary Willis, Anthony Jackson, Matthew Garrison, Richard Bona, Skull Sverrisson, Linley Marthe and Jeff Berlin. As he seriously digged all these heavy stuffs, he hatched faster than would dare to expect. Still in his 20′s he already performed and involved in the recordings with iconic figures and famous names. He’s one of Chick Corea & the Vigil, his debut in recordings was with John McLaughlin‘s album “Industrial Zen”.

Other than Chick Corea and John McLaughlin, he established connections with so many giants such as Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, Bireli Lagrene, Dean Brown, Jada Pinkett Smith, Paco Sery, Rosario Giuliani, Matthew Garrison, Marcus Gilmore, Damien Schmitt, Gergo Borlai, Nelson Veras, Antonio Farao, Bob Francescini, Otmaro Ruiz, Scott Kinsey, Marvin Smitty Smith, Ronald Bruner Jr., Thundercat, Shafiq Husayin, Chris Coleman, Eddie Brown, Ruslan Sirota, David Binney, Louis Cole, Walter Smith 3, Justin Brown, Gerald Clayton, Louis Cato, The West Coast Get Down, Virgil Donati, Janysette McPherson, Cheik Tidiane Seck, Mokhtar Samba, Nguyen Lee, Jean Pierre Como, Jean Marie Ecay, Antoine Herve, Stephane Guillaume, Karim Ziad, Rido Bayonne, Rodrigo Pahlen, Dominique DiPiazza, Christophe Raymond, Tony Raymond, Gary Husband, Flavio Boltro, Andre Cecarelli and many others.

He also has his own album, released in 2007 which amazingly featured so man renowned musicians such as John McLaughlin, Bireli Lagrene, Flavio Boltro, Jean-Marie Ecay, Jean-Pierre Como, Marc Berthoumieux, Mokhtar Samba, Jim Grancamp, Jon Grancamp, Dominique di Piazza, Thierry Eliez, Linley Marthe.

Hadrien has been named “Rising Star, Electric Bassist of the Year” by the Downbeat Critics Polls and “Most Exciting New Player” by Bass Player magazine.

One thing you have to know is that he’s called the new Jaco not because he plays like Jaco, but simply because his remarkable skill is hard to find elsewhere, that makes him a very interesting discovery similiar to Jaco in the 70′s.

As Feraud is having his Indonesian Tour Debut (read the complete info and Hadrien Feraud’s full schedule in Bali, Jakarta and Bandung here: , it’s lucky that we can steal him to perform in Bandung. So if you’re a bassist, interested in jazz and wish to increase your skill, you should catch him while there’s a chance like this.




Tell you what, this doesn’t come everyday. There’s a young French bassist who have played with so many giants and gained respect from every corners are heading to Indonesia to play alongside some of our own musicians. Not that long ago we got stunned to his electrifying bass lines in Chick Corea‘s latest album, “Chick Corea & The Vigil”. Chick Corea? Yes, you heard us all right. If that name can already be a guarantee, this young bassist has played with so many other big names that we will tell you a bit later. When being asked about him, John McLaughlin said: “…for me, he’s the new Jaco (Pastorius).” For sure he’s the true heir to the Jaco Pastorius’ throne, or you can say that he’s the modern day of Jaco. Still don’t get it? It’s none other than HADRIEN FERAUD.

None of us dare to predict that Feraud would visit our nation this soon, not just to play once but will land on many spots from Bali, Jakarta to Bandung. So if you’re a musician especially a (jazz) bass player, his coming should make you really excited. There are a lot to learn from him, even if you don’t feel like learning, you can just enjoy his play and find out why McLaughlin gave him that compliment. You can find the complete schedule of his Indonesian Tour Debut and who will be his playing partners in each trip. (He will also perform in our own Terraz Jazz too!) But before that, let’s take a closer look at Feraud first.


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Hadrien Feraud
Hadrien Feraud was born in Paris and grew in a musical family. That’s why he became familiar with wide arrays of genres, including Jazz. He then learned guitar when he was still 8 years old from his own father. He was once interested in drums, but when he received Jaco Pastorius’ “The Birthday Concert” CD (at age 12), suddenly everything was clear for him. He was born to play electric bass.

Right after that turn, he seriously analyzed the techniques of some masters in the bass land, ranging from Jaco Pastorius, Christian McBride, Victor Bailey, Gary Willis, Anthony Jackson, Matthew Garrison, Richard Bona, Skull Sverrisson, Linley Marthe and Jeff Berlin. As he seriously digged and chewed all these heavy stuffs, he was ready faster than expected. He already performed and involved in the recordings with iconic figures and famous names like John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Dominique di Piazza, Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jada Pinkett, Dean brown, Chris Coleman and Scott Kinsey, just to mention a few, while he was still in his 20′s!

Hadrien Feraud has been announced as “Rising Star, Electric Bassist of the Year” by the Down Beat Critics Polls, also the “Most Exciting New Player” by Bass Player magazine.

He recorded some remarkable albums with John McLaughlin (including the Industrial Zen” which marked his first appearance in the recordings) and Chick Corea, but he actually has released his own album in 2007 which amazingly featured so man renowned musicians such as John McLaughlin, Bireli Lagrene, Flavio Boltro, Jean-Marie Ecay, Jean-Pierre Como, Marc Berthoumieux, Mokhtar Samba, Jim Grancamp, Jon Grancamp, Dominique di Piazza, Thierry Eliez, Linley Marthe.

Who will play with him  in his tour debut? Feraud will be accompanied by three musicians: one keyboardist: Erik Sondhy and two drummers: Sandy Winarta and Yandi Andaputra.




The last edition number six of Terraz Jazz was a blast! It was explosive with metal, rock and blues bombs being thrown all over. The eccentric, supercool and naughty stage acts were demonstrated by the playing bands and jamming participants. We feel very happy to finally gave one edition to blues, giving more rooms to blues and rock players (and the music) to be a part of our own jazz event, which is made possible by having the full support from Festival Citylink. In case you want to see how it went, here’s the full report with loads of photos and the video highlight is available in Youtube:

Now, let’s talk about the next stop, Terraz Jazz #7. This time we’re back again to feature variety of jazz, but as how we like it to be, you can always find unique and different way to jazz in this event, not to mention the wide varieties. For this time, we’re going to stretch the border even more. You can expect to see jazz-rock band, fusion, some progressive metal, soul and the beautiful-retro French Gypsy Jazz. Only three bands are going to be featured as always, but we select just the best among the young bands that can contain so much colors and hues in one single shot.


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Curious to see who’s on? First, there will be Visco. This band has been established for 3 years by 3 musicians: Jerry Gates (guitar), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Yogie Arryaputra (drums) when they were still studying at the same college. Visco is a shortened for Victory is Coming, showing their vision that victory/success doesn’t always come instantly and easily. At first this band was set to be an instrumental jazz band, but they got a vocalist Andre Fernando (also in charge of rhythm guitar) in May 2014 and the drummer’s changed from Yogie to Joshua Aditia. With this changes, Visco enhanced its music concept to Fusion, with or without vocal. Eventhough they have started in 2011, with the coming of two new players, Visco is having a fresh new start to claim their dream. Victory is Coming, that’s a really positive message, we like it. So, modern fusion and some Top 40 visits are to be expected from this act. Wait, they will also feature a progressive metal guitarist who burnt the previous edition, Amo Chonka. How will they sound? Just find it out yourself.

In this edition we get the chance to introduce you to a fine young drummer, Albert Suriadi. Albert is originally from Bandung but currently is pursuing his education in the prestigious Jacobs College of Music in Indiana University, USA. There he studies with many great names in jazz, name some such as Prof. Michael Spiro, Prof. Steve Houghton, Prof Andy Smith, Michael D’Angelo, then took lessons or mastercalss with Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Ed Soph, Mark Guiliana, Ignacio Berroa, Jesus Diaz and Shawn Pelton just to mention a few. He started drumming since 12 years old and quickly developed his skills in variety of genres, ranging from jazz, rock, Latin and everything else in between. Success came early for him as he already claimed many achievements. He’s the 3rd winner of Yamaha Asean Beat Band Competition (2010) also involved in many recordings. This young fellow has also made a great contribution by establishing a drum community named Drummer for Jesus. At the moment he’s back to his hometown. We know that his music passion is pushing him to have some action, so we are happy to have him play in this 7th edition.

Albert is going to perform under Albert Suriadi Quartet. Joining him is highly skillful local guns including Yohan Gunawan (keyboard), Okki Jatikusuma (guitar) and Ferry Herry Herianto (bass). Strong lineup will enable him to demonstrate everything he know about good jazz drumming.

“We are going to play Bebop, Postbop… you know, the Modern Jazz stuffs..” says Albert. Having great team mates like this will enable him to demonstrate all the skill and ability he has. So if you’re a drummer, surely you can learn something from this man without having to go all the way to Indiana and dig the knowledge directly from those jazz giants.