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The 100.4 KLCBS is a jazz radio in Bandung which has been consistantly served all kinds of jazz since the year it was established in 1982. The KLCBS Jazz Alliance was born as a media that accomodates listeners (from beginners to jazz enthusiasts), collectors, experts, musicians and journalists. KLCBS Jazz Alliance already has its own regular event called Jazz Not Jazz. The founder/CEO of KLCBS Nazar Noe’man who is also a jazz expert in Indonesia is the one who recommend the selection of arrangements and compositions for this jazz community gathering event. So far Jazz Not Jazz has been served three times. The first one at Javana Bistro featuring Arief Setiadi, Oele Pattiselano and Jeffrey Tahalele, the second at Opulence Dago and the  third installment once again took place at the same place with Gilang Ramadhan, Pra Budidharma and friends. Each event was attended by at least 250 people representing communities from all over Indonesia.

Here comes the 4th Jazz Not Jazz as the fruit of cooperation between KLCBS, Prama Grand Preanger and BNI. Holding the theme of “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”, this fourth installment will make sure you get the best of fusion by featuring full batch of highly talented and experienced artists. Jazz Not Jazz is coming on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at Prama Grand Preanger, Jl. Asia Afrika 81, Bandung.

As you may have seen on the e-flyer above, big names are going to treat you with high quality of jazztertainment. First, the band: Donny Suhendra Band. Led by senior jazz-blues-rock and all-rounder guitarist Donny Suhendra, this group is indeed the home of the giants because it featurs names like Budhy Haryono (former drummer of GIGI, Krakatau, Jamrock/Jamrud and Karimata), pianist Krishna Balagita (former keyboardist of ADA Band who celebrated his comeback to jazz by releasing a solo album titled “Sacred Geometry” eaerlier this year) and bassist Adi Darmawan, a multitalented figure found in the mainbending trio, LIGRO. As you can see, these are artists who have been placing themselves in between jazz and rock (and everything else in between) for many, many years. They will serve madness, no doubt.

As if these are not enough, the lineup goes longer with guest stars. Who? Well, listen carefully. The soulful powerhouse diva Dira Sugandi, violist/string man Ammy Kurniawan (one of 4 Peniti), Lia Amalia (one of the vocalists of Salamander Voices and background singer of Tulus) and Brury Effendi (the trumpeter of Salamander Big Band).


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There are two ways to be a part of this event: Gold Package (Dinner and Concert) or Silver Package (Concert only). Scroll down to find the complete info about it.

BNI, KLCBS and Prama Grand Preanger are ready to warm you up during the rainy season with the 4th Jazz Not Jazz “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”. Interesting lineup that you won’t find elsewhere, featuring all players that could change the course of game with their presence. Other than that, it’s going to be cool to meet new friends who share the same passion or hobby inside a jazz community gathering like this. As we are a jazz-related media which happen to maintain our own jazz community through our two weekly regular event Braga Jazz Walk, we are proud to support this event. Alright. Jazz lovers, hope to see you at Grand Preanger on December 18, 2014.

BNI, KLCBS and PRAMA GRAND PREANGER Present: 4th Jazz Not Jazz “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”

Date: Thursday, December 18m 2014
Location: Prama Grand Preanger, Jln Asia-Afrika no 81 Bandung


Donny Suhendra Band :
– Donny Suhendra – (of ESQI:EF Krakatau and many other bands/projects) – Guitar
– Budhy Haryono (former GIGI, Krakatau, Karimata and Jamrock/Jamrud) –  Drum
– Krisna Balagita (former ADA BAND) – Keyboard
– Adi Darmawan (of LIGRO) – Bass

Guest Stars:
– Dira Sugandi – Vocalist
– Amy C. Kurniawan (4 Peniti) – Violinist
– Lia Amalia (Salamander Voices, Tulus’ background singer) – Vocalist
– Bury Effendi (Salamander Big Band) – Trumpeter


Gold Package : Dinner and Concert
Silver Package : Concert only

Dinner starts at 6:30 pm
Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Gold Package IDR 250.000,-
Silver Package IDR 150.000,-

Online ticket:

Ticket box:
Prama Grand Preanger Hotel
Jln. Asia Afrika No. 81, Bandung
+62 22-4231631

Studio KLCBS:
Jln. Karang Layung No.10, Bandung
+62 22-2032452

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For more info, visit:, Twitter @KLCBS
and, Twitter @JazznotJazzGig




Jazz was born in America, but enjoyed worldwide. Jazz belongs to the entire world and is an integrated part of world’s history. That means, having a jazz festival inside a historical site should be an excellent choice. Right at the end of this week, a new jazz festival will be born, taking place at the historical Kota Tua (Old Town) area of Jakarta. The name of the festival is JAZZ @ KOTA TUA, Saturday, December 13, 2014 at Taman Fatahillah, Museum Sejarah Jakarta starting from early in the morning to late at night. And yes, it’s FREE!

If you visit Jakarta, you should visit this particular location. Kota Tua is also known as Old Jakarta or Old/Oud Batavia, a small area that still preserves the reminiscence of the city during colonial times in the 16th century. It was once the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and a trading port. Some places of interest include the Maritime Museum, the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Wayang Museum which periodically showcases shadow puppetry and of course the Fatahillah Square, where The Fatahillah Museum (also familiar as the Jakarta History Museum) has been standing tall against the time. This building was built in 1620 as the Stadhuis of Batavia by Jan Pieterzoen Coen and then rebuilt in 1710. Other than being the Stadhuis of the Dutch East India Company, it’s also used as a Courthouse, Civil Registration Office, the sermon, House of Sunday worship and City Council (College van Scheppen).

The Fatahillah Museum has around 23.500 objects including the Jagur Cannon, the prison of Untung Suropati and Pangeran Diponegoro, the painting of Dutch East India’s governor all the way to some prehistorical stuffs. Another history’s added by the appearance of Jazz @ Kota Tua.


dwiki dharmawan, jazz at kota tua, jazzuality


It was Dwiki Dharmawan who had the idea. He thought about it around 8 years ago, but he got no positive reply from the related authorities at that time. But suddenly he was asked to make it happen. In just a short time Dwiki collected everything and everyone. He makes sure the audience to enjoy variety of performers, from the jazz masters to the newcomers, from local to international jazz artists, from rag time to modern jazz, from standards to ethnics. Assorted artistic jazz will be served in the artistic representative of Jakarta in some centuries ago. How cool is that.

Hundreds of musicians divided into more than twenty acts will run on two stages, plus one sharing session/talkshow with the CEO/Founder of MoonJune Records. Leonardo Pavkovic. Leo believes that Indonesia is the next big music country in the world. He has been keeping his eyes on our local scene and so far has recruited almost 10 bands from Indonesia (still counting). Currently he’s promoting the IndoJazzia, a division of Leonardo The Vinci Entertainment with Arlo Hennings in charge as the chief operational activities in Indonesia.

MoonJune proudly presents many of its talents too in this festival. The latest recruit is this festival’s initiator and director, Dwiki Dharmawan. For this fest Dwiki is going to bring two of his sensational legendary groups: the Krakatau-Ethno and Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra. The Krakatau-Ethno is the version that embraces the ethnic music, specify in Sundanese (West Java) traditions. The ensemble utilizes the micro-tonal system of ancient gamelan musical structures that is based on S’lendro scale. About the World Peace Orchestra, well, this is beyond believe. Think of this: an orchestra comprising of musicians from around the world. If all members are present, it would resemble a ‘World Music Union’. No gap, no differences, just peace, love and respect to one another. The participants came from USA, China, Japan, Australia, European countries, Malaysia and Indonesia, including traditional musicians from Java to North Sumatra. Wide diversity of backgrounds, instruments and styles. Since it was quite impossible for them to gather in the studio, the recording process took place in various countries. The phenomenal mega project is simply called Dwiki Dharmawan & The World Peace Orchestra.


jazz at kota tua, jazzuality


In this festival, the World Peace Orchestra will be carried by a smaller ensemble yet still reflects the spirit perfectly by multi-national musicians. First, Beledo. Often considered as a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs, the guitar hero Beledo plays with the proficiency of a man that has been sharing life with his instruments for some decades. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but he is a New York based musician and composer. Other than standing as a guitar hero, he is also a prominent pianist. His music lies in between Jazz and Rock with some touches of exotic Spanish-flavored melodies, polyrhytmic rhythms and some other diversely stylish sound. This MoonJune artist isn’t far from Indonesian Jazz. As he is listed as one of the MoonJune Records’ artists, he has collaborated with the cross ethno-progressive ensemble simakDialog, with its pianist Riza Arshad and guitarist Tohpati in 2013, also as a duo with guitarist Dewa Budjana and recorded with Indonesia’s Jazz icon, the one and only Dwiki Dharmawan.

Also joining the World Peace Orchestra is Dale Barlow. The legendary composer/musician from the land of Oz is back again to Indonesia. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays especially the saxophone and flute. As one of Australia’s most accomplished and internationally recognized Jazz artists, he has played with uncountable who’s who in the Jazz scene, even once joined Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in the 1980s, including several albums with his compositions. He was also a member of The Cedar Walton Quartet. After his shiny appearance in Ubud Village Jazz Festival, he’s ready to grace this fest as one of the WPO team. The kind-hearted and highly respected percussionist Steve Thornton is one of the catch in this act too.

Dewa Budjana and Tesla Manaf are the other names from MoonJune listed in the lineup. Coming from different generations, both players are amazing artistes who should be listed in the world’s greatest guitarist. They will perform under quartet formation. One more MoonJune representative is the cross ethno-progressive ensemble simakDialog. Led by Riza Arshad, this group has gained so many critical acclaims worldwide. Also found on board are Tohpati (guitar), Adhitya Pratama/Rudy Zulkarnaen (bass), Endang Ramdan and Cucu Kurnia (kendangs) and Erlan Suwardana (metal toys). Watch them to see how the using of kendangs as a replacement of drums could open a new musical dimension.

The last to mention from MoonJune is LIGRO. Agam Hamzah (electric/acoustic guitar), Adi Darmawan (electric bass) and Gusti Hendy (drums) succesfully create the mind-bending musical concept wonder since 2004. They give something unusual and might never been or seldom explored by others. They are powerful, chaotic, in some parts can be derange, provocative and even able to deliver some terrors within their music, yet they create lovely harmony.

Bassist Chaka Priambudi and vocalist Nesia Ardi established LANTUN Orchestra to (re)introduce the richness of Indonesian traditional music especially the Batavian like keroncong, tanjidor and the likes. But what’s unique, in order to bring it they use jazz elements not only in notations but also improvisations, solo runs and call & response. “We’re searching for the similiarities between jazz and Indonesian traditional music especially the Batavian, and that’s important because we need to preserve our own cultural heritage and keep deveoping it under today’s condition.” said Chaka proudly. Lantun Orchestra proves that there are still many music corners to explore with limitless possibilities. They also brilliantly shows that jazz can be used to preserve our own traditional music, and for us, Lantun Orchestra is considered as one of the most interesting new concept at present time. Intan Soekotjo, the proud daughter of legendary keroncong singer Sundari Soekotjo who once made surprise with her keroncong rendition of “Over the Rainbow” is featured in this act.


jazz at kota tua, jazzuality

Two of Indonesian pianist who pursue their career overseas will be here too: Dutch/European-based Sri Hanuraga and New York/USA Nial DJuliarso. The ‘El Montuno’, Rio Moreno is going to play too. Then the Jakarta-based Big Band who redefine the Big Band’s way of performing, HajarBleh Big Band is confirmed too. Ever seen the members of big band took selfies and did high-five during performance? This crazy gang will show you that the member of big band can be funky and trendy too. Born in Jakarta but live in Brisbane versatile guitarist Yuri Jo will have a session under Yuri Jo Collective.

Two ladies with the music that symbolizes the beauty and everything that’s 100% Indonesia, Lea Simajuntak and Irsa Destiwi as Bandanaira are in the lineup as well. With the sweet rearrangement of some Indonesian classics and anthems served by top notch vocal technique which appears as the combination of ‘soprano’ and pop, they will give you something nice and easy to chew yet classy. The ‘girl-power’ will also shine from a group of five named Ina Ladies. Senior singer and trumpeter Happy Pretty (she’s the youngest of the legendary Pretty Sisters) led the team consists of Bonita (vocal, harmonica, guitar), Metta Legita (pianist) and two Starlite members: Sheila Permatasaka (bass) and Jeane ‘Alsa’ Phialsa (drums). You will never underestimate the power of ladies anymore after watching them. Presenting the traditional music of Atjeh is Keubitbit. Formed by young musicians, this band plays songs with genuine traditional Atjehnese nuance in progressive fusion corridor.

While top national and international have confirmed their involvement, many newcomers/young lions become an important part too of Jazz @ Kota Tua. Farabi sends two groups: Farabi Percussion Ensemble (with GMB’s percussionist Adi Prasodjo and Steve Thornton) and Farabi Rising Stars featuring Ita Purnamasari and Ify ‘Blink’. Arnando Putra’s Triology, WTF and Revival Generation Project (RGP) also represent the great young talents from today’s generation. Last but not least, don’t miss the Flores proud son Ivan Nestorman and the female singer with shiny international achievements who is famous both in gospel and secular world, Eka Deli.

The most recent update is the final show. It’s going to be the group of colourful pianist who plays all kind of music, from classical, jazz, blues, pop to Latin, Nita Aartsen. The show’s called  Nita Aartsen for Batavia.  Joining her are all star cast including Indro Hardjodikoro, Jalu Pratidina, Arif Darma featuring Yeppy Romero. You should stay until the very end because this final act will give you a special treat.

Jazz @ Kota Tua is ready to showcase heady mix of talents from Indonesia and around the world. This event is meant to celebrate Jazz in a city which is at ease with its rich cultural diversity and drawing a multitude of venues around the old town of Jakarta. Up to 3000 people are projected to enjoy many genres of Jazz at this historical site surrounded by heritage colonial buildings. You can imagine the magical atmosphere. While getting the best of jazztertainment, you can also romancing the snapshot of how the city looked before the skyscrapers move in. It’s time to go jazzy in the Old Town Jakarta.

1st Annual JAZZ @ KOTA TUA

Date: Saturday, December 13, 2014
Time: 09:00 – 22:30
Location: Taman Fatahillah, Museum Sejarah, Jakarta



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The 6th Braga Jazz Walk is right around the corner. If last year we featured the soon-to-be mega star, a twisted Blues band and an acoustic trio, this time we have prepared a fresh batch which involve a student Jazz band, a cool male rising star that can sing and play piano at the same time, and a Jazz band tributing a late legend and his group. As usual, the event is totally free. Interested? Roll the dice, here we go.

First, let’s talk about Joe Sample. The world of jazz mourned when he passed away last September due to lung cancer at the age of 75. We still remember his awesome performance at the Java Jazz Festival year 2008, we enjoy his solo albums and a couple of collaboration albums like with Randy Crawford (“Feeling Good”) and Lalah Hathaway (“The Song Lives On”), and of course his legendary band, the long-time running The Jazz Crusaders or just The Crusaders. The Crusaders is known as a unit where Jazz, Soul, Pop and Funk live harmoniously and nutriciously. Other than being a master of Funk, Joe Sample is great since he had distinctive playing style. He could go wild, but when he went smooth, it felt relaxing like Sunday morning. It’s been three months after his passing, we decided to give a tribute to Mr Sample and The Crusaders. For this, Chakraborty is the band in charge.


chakraborty, jazzuality


Chakraborty was officially established at Aru Studio in Bandung in 2013. The band consists of Venche Music School (VMS)’s students and often supported by sessionists from other music schools. Said to be rooted in traditional American Jazz, they play wide to cover most of the big jazz corners from Swing, Cool Jazz, Fusion, Blues Jazz all the way to Bossanova.

If you still don’t know about the meaning of the name, The band is led by a fine young drummer named Joo Yang with other players such as Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar), Ayu Sara (vocal), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard). Recently they seem to make great moves by getting more and more gigs, including some big catches like Tangsel Jazz Festival 2014 and JakJazz 2014. We have featured them a couple of times but this is going to be the first time for them to bring a special tribute at Braga Jazz Walk. What song will they choose? How will they do it? If you are a fan of Joe Sample, The Crusaders or simply a soulful jazz funk, just come to the show.


andre arizky, rising star indonesia, jazzuality


Fancy a man singing and playing piano all by himself? Then there will be a perfect session for you in this edition. Andre Arizky is the one to do it. We got to know him for the first time when he was one of the Blues band, Royal Flush about three years ago. From there, this Law student of Padjadjaran University showed more and more passion to music. From 2010 to 2011 he acted as the head of Music Division in his faculty.

Then he rose to fame as the contestant of Rising Star Indonesia Live Audition and Duels (Top 36 Wall Riser). He was seen on TV and got his own fans, respectively. He is also one of the top 40 contestant of StarVoices Season 3 contestant. If in last edition we featured a soon-to-be mega star, Andre Arizky is heading towards the same direction. He started playing piano at 5 years old, he might have sung too by then. As Andre draws influences from Elton John, Peter Cetera and Sandhy Sondoro, you can expect him to choose some of the songs from those names, especially from Elton John who also sings when playing piano. For the first time in Braga Jazz Walk there will be a young man to take this move. A one man show by singer-pianist, and it’s Andre Arizky? Man, we have no doubt it’s going to be cool.


nouveau, jazzuality


The last one to mention is a band from Telkom University Bandung called Nouveau. Starting from a collaborative project of several bands, they decided to make a solid group. While they were trying to find a steady ground they had to go through many changes especially on the lineup. Due to this reason, they dropped the word ‘Project’ and use only Nouveau as the name. The personnels are Fachmi Satriyo Yogaswara (vocal), Camelia Yunitasari (vocal), Wiim Bahar Maulana (guitar), David Winalda (guitar) and Mohamad Naufal Ihsan (bass). More about the past members, eventhough they have quit the band, interestingly they still support the band, either as the additional players or crews. Nouveau is rooted in pop jazz, but they have the soulful taste too especially from Fachmi’s voice. This young fella reminds us of Matthew Sayersz and the likes.

As usual, jam session will be provided for you who want to have some fun on stage. It’s open for anyone interested. Bring your best gear and jump in. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a jazz musician, because you can always start right here in this event.

The Braga Jazz Walk #06 will be held on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at the Braga City Walk, on the right side of Giggle Box on the ground floor. A singing pianist, a soulful jazz band from Telkom and one special tribute to Joe Sample and the (Jazz) Crusaders are the highlight. Braga Jazz Walk is brought to you by in full cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. This is a community event which need your support, while at the same time we try our best to treat you with fun jazztertainment. Hope to see you there.

Braga Jazz Walk #06

Date: December 11, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Joo Yang (drums)
Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar)Ayu Sara (vocal)
Yosua Setiawan (bass)
Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard)

Andre Arizky (piano/vocal)

Fachmi Satriyo Yogaswara (vocal)
Camelia Yunitasari (vocal)
Wiim Bahar Maulana (guitar)
David Winalda (guitar)
Mohamad Naufal Ihsan (bass)


2015 is on the way and we need some great moments to wrap it up, agree? If you nod your head, let join us in PASIFIC 2 FIRST EVENT with Daniel Sahuleka. Coming with idea to “Experience the Soul of Nature”, members of BEM KEMA Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran held their second event at Lapangan Parkir Selatan kampus UNPAD, Bandung on December 6th, 2014.

You must be familiar with an event named PASIFIC because its first event was already happened in last February with so many famous musicians such as NAIF, HiVi, Project Pop, Sheila On 7, Afgan, The SIGIT, Glenn Fredly, Tulus, and yes it was a big success. This time, our fellows from FEB UNPAD once again are preparing their huge gig for people in Bandung who crave for music and surely we hope this time the crowd will be bigger, the lineup will be more spectacular, and more joyfulness in the air.

PASIFIC itself stands for Padjadjaran Music Festival and Culture and the combination of those two things never go wrong. After last time was held in 2006, this year the committee came back on the track and people behind this event properly arrange some pre-events to welcome their main event next year. PASIFIC 2 as one of a series event from FEB UNPAD is definitely ready to warm up yourself with nature is highlighted as theme. Looking closer to the lineup, you will find a special ambience which are peace and calm because of compilation of the musicians. FLOAT, Pandai Besi, Senandung Taman, and Tiga Pagi are going to meet you next Saturday with one international artist with Indonesian blood, the legendary DANIEL SAHULEKA.


daniel sahuleka, jazzuality, pasific 2


As music looks very promising in this event, culture will appear in another form. The committee does remember that happy tummy go along with happy people; they will enjoy you with their culinary night and do not miss the bazaar. You will also find various cultures of Indonesia not only from artist’s performance but also angklung performance which emphasizes the specialty of West Java. There are many widespread talent of young musicians in Bandung and PASIFIC 2 is there to help distributing their abilities to more people. Through a series of band audition, there are several names come out as the best from all very talented participants. Blue Jays and the cool soul-jazzy unit SSP Band are the winner who is going to perform on December 6th, 2014. Meanwhile, the pop jazzy ensemble with Sundanese ethnic twist Mahesvara and Lebanon are bands who will be on stage in February 2015, The Mahad, Happy Man, and Summer Breeze are three groups who will play their music on March 2015.

Try to imagine December with current rainy season and a strategic place in Bandung where your favorite artists will be on stage, you will be sorry to miss this gig. Come and prove yourself how great the creativity of our fellows from FEB UNPAD Bandung is. Bring your lovely people around and make it as an unforgettable moment to close 2014. Hope to see you fella at the most festive music event presented by BEM KEMA FEB UNPAD!

Ticket Price (available at RKM BEM FEB UNPAD)
presale: 50k
on the spot: 65k

Date: Saturday, Dec 6th, 2014
Time: open gate at 5pm
Location: at Lapangan Parkir Selatan, Kampus UNPAD Dipati Ukur

For more info:
Twitter & Instagram: PASIFIC_FEB





The previous edition of Serambi Jazz presented a collaboration between Benny Lackner Trio and Indonesian Azfansadara Karim and Johanes Radianto held twice: in Bandung (October 15,2014, and Jakarta (October 16, 2014). Since Serambi Jazz is a two monthly program, another episode is ready to launch in the first week of December. As the last edition was very special, one may wonder who will be placed under the spotlight and what concept will he bring. The answer is here. To close the 5th consecutive year of Serambi Jazz, the final show will feature a brilliant musician. He is a pianist, composer, arranger, music director, lecturer, producer and orchestrator (you may add a ‘creator’ too). Jazz is clearly his thing, but interestingly he always go extra miles by inventing unique and distinctive concept. He’s none other than Boby Limijaya, presenting his newest concept called BOBY LIMIJAYA QUINTCHESTRA. This concert will be held on December 4, 2014 starting 7:30 pm at GoetheHaus, Jakarta. As usual it’s presented free by Goethe Institut Jakarta.

boby limijaya, jazzuality, boby limijaya quintchestra, quintchestra


Before we take you deeper into his new Quintchestra, let us introduce you to Boby Limijaya first and his previous creations. Let’s begin with a little historical background. Boby Limijaya was born in Tangerang 34 years ago. He already showed interest not long after he was born and already played when he was still 6 years old. He graduated from Pelita Harapan University, majoring piano classical and then continued his formal education to Berklee College of Music in Boston USA with the scholarship. He took dual major in Berklee: Jazz Piano Performance and Jazz Composition.

Being a great student he grabbed Herb Pomeroy Award in 2009 for excellence in jazz composition by Berklee. His experiences gained by performing in many prestigious events such as Java Jazz Festival (2005, 2006 and 2012), JakJazz Festival (2006) besides appearances in smaller scenes. He was once the keyboardist of Andien (2004-2006), worked as the arranger for Christmas Album (2007) and the creator/music director of “Give Thanks” concert in 2006. Known as an active participant in jazz communities in Jakarta and Tangerang, nowadays he has his own orchestra, also works as an arranger and orchestrator, a lecturer and pianist plus band leader of the famous trio, B3.

From what we see, he plays jazz in wide covering area, meaning he doesn’t stuck in one particular style. He’s expressive when placed behind the piano, he conducts his orchestra like a pro. And like we said earlier, he has many ideas and knows how to cook it. His latest CD received critical acclaims, both for his unique concept and his efforts to record it. If normally a band utilizes 4 to 6 brasses, he expanded it into 8 with 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, one alto and tenor saxophones plus clarinet and flute. Calling it Boby Limijaya 8 Horns, it was neccessary for him to go all the way to Budapest. He played with Budapest Jazz Orchestra and recorded the album in there. Not a normal path to take, but the CD’s released as a beautiful package where the bop and staightahead eras all the way to 70’s jazz-rock fusion live in, plus the addition of rich multi-layered sounds created by these 8 horn players. We have written an comprehensive article about it. You can read it here: “Boby Limijaya 8 Horns with Budapest Jazz Orchestra: A Fine Jazzchestra’s Journey” ( The album’s titled “Journey”. If you haven’t got it yet, you can order it to us via this link :


boby limijaya, jazzuality, boby limijaya 8 horns, boby limijaya quintchestra, quintchestra


Now, let’s move on to the main subject, his new Quintchestra. What he means by Quintchestra is the combination of jazz quintet with orchestra, plus the flute and clarinet that he has used in the 8 Horns concept. “Basically I got reference from Michael Brecker Quindectet. I just want to try combining the jazz quintet concept with string orchestra and clarinet and flute.” he said. But this Michael Brecker’s 15-piece brainchild which was established in 2003 is not the only source of inspiration for Boby in giving birth to his Quintchestra. He expands his reference by listening to Metropole Orchestra and todays popular New York-based fusion band, Snarky Puppy.




One project duo carrying free jazz concept, one new but highly promising jazz trio and one soul jazz full band became the highlight of the last edition, Braga Jazz Walk #04 (read the report here: Happy to tell you guys that this two weekly event is improving since it was started two months ago. Well, actually since we planted the seed in the beginning of 2014 in another venue.

In the new and even better venue, we establish even more solid cooperation with the ground zero Braga City Walk and KPH Music who provides the instruments and look forward to make this event grow bigger and better. In every edition we think of providing good jazz(y) entertainment as well as pushing the jazz regeneration forward as well as establishing a friendly/homey playground for the musicians to rest their case. Either they want to promote their new works (single/album/project), try their concept, to get the media coverage or simply to gain experience of playing in front of real audience, this event would be good to use.

Since we are getting ready to present the next 5th edition, you may wonder what we will offer. Well, turns out this edition will become an edition that could surprise you. Wide coverage in genre, involving two bands from Jakarta: one is a rising star that you will hear much, much more very soon and the other one is a blues trio that gives joyful vibe while resting their case. Other than that, a group of ‘mafias’ will ‘terrorize’ you with happy tunes. They are all ready to merry the Braga Jazz Walk #05. Plus, the open jam session that invites you guys to participate in. Now, let’s dig the lineup one by one.


pangeran muda siagian, jazzuality


Pangeran Muda Siagian

A young man, still in mid 20s but has gained quite experience and held hundreds of achievements (he has no less than 200 trophies at home), including the winner of Sherina Star Kids Competition in 2000, McDonalds Kids Awards in 2002, Heartline Gospel Singing Contest (2006) and runner up of Bintang Radio Festival in Jakarta, 2005. He became the winner of talent search show produced by Trans TV “Suara Indonesia”, reached the Top 20 in Indonesian Idol 2014, performed several times at Java Jazz Festival and JakJazz and an unforgettable duet with Viky Sianipar at Rising Star concert among hundreds of shows he’s in. So many to say until we loose count. Here’s a handsome man that we predict to go big in no time. You will hear him a lot more often soon. He is Yesaya Pangeran Muda Siagian.

Other than singing, Pangeran also stands as an MC, like for example in Java Jazz Festival 2008. It wasn’t his first time tasting the prestigious festival. In 2006 he sang together with the famous vocal teacher Bertha and just a year after in 2009 he came back by proudly bringing the music of his own tribe, Batak called Toba Rumba and received great response from the crowd. In the recordings he has released a couple of albums, particularly gospel. Two gospel albums in 2009 and one Batak and a Christmas album “Colours of Christmas” in 2011. He has played all the way to Hong Kong and Macau and crowned as the Ambassador of Jakarta Musical Production Ministry.

Speaking of vocal ability, he’s really gifted. He’s an all rounder that can sing just about anything. He does pop easily, he can croon like a pro while doing jazz, he knows how to sing ethnics, even classical or soprano/seriosa singing that he has done several times. Pangeran has done some jingles for tvs and radios such as Honda, Spacy, Madurasa and Aneka Tambang. One more thing: speaking of television, he can act too. He starred the musical series “Peri Cinta dan Anak Jalanan” as the leading role as a part of the 9th Anniversary of SCTV.

As he’s preparing a single and his debut album, we are proud to have him gracing the Braga Jazz Walk stage. He’s going to perform full team with Klency Lyman Lembono (keyboard), Reinhard Woran (bass), Bernardus Ajutor Moa (guitar), Martin Julio Sutanto (drums), Mario Ruben (saxophone) and Gina Dewi (backing vocal). This should be considered a dream team. Reinhard is the bassist of Cakra Khan, Bernardus is the music director of Monita Tahalea an Gaby Idol and Gina is the runner up of Star Voices seasion 1. Let’s make something clear. If Tulus’ success has spread all over the nation, it’s about time to have a new male star with exceptional quality. Pangeran Muda Siagian is the one.




SOCIETY LOUNGE (Makati Ave. corner Paseo De Roxas, Makati City) treats you to a night filled with classy & sophisticated music featuring multi-awarded Japanese Jazz/OPM Artist, Aisaku Yokogawa together with special guests Asia’s Harpist Angel Noelle Cassandra, Japanese traditional Koto (harp) artist Yu Miyoshi, Multi-voiced Doble-Kara talent Aekaye Tereshkova, Japanese singer Karen Kono, Jazzin’ Diva Monet Ganir, and 13-year old singer/actress/violinist Tricia Bernales (GMA7), together with the VERVE Band on November 20, 2014, 8:00 pm onwards in Society Lounge, GF Atrium Bldg., Makati Avenue corner Paseo De Roxas, Makati City. FREE ENTRANCE / FREE VALET PARKING.

Aisaku Yokogawa is a full-blooded Japanese known for his Commercials, OPM music, and Japanese covers interpreted in Filipino such as IKAW PA RIN (Saigo No Iwake) released under I&I Records and Universal Records. He has been active as a Jazz singer and OPM artist in the local music scene winning various awards such as 2014’s Asian Star Entertainer Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Global Excellence Awards  as ‘Outstanding OPM Artist, People’s choice for Entertainment Host, & Most Outstanding Asian Male Host’.

Born and raised by Japanese parents, Aisaku is an amazing multi-lingual performer. Aside from singing in his native tongue, he never fails to surprise the audience as this sleepy-eyed lad dishes out OPM favorites in flawless Tagalog. Aisaku’s talent as a performer is evident in his humor as a host and in his repertoire of Latin and Jazz influence of Japanese songs mixed with standards, pop jazz, & ballads. Don’t miss this chance to see Aisaku’s live performance with his brand of music thats will make you learn some Japanese just by listening to his heartful song numbers.

The newly released single ‘Imademo Aishiteru’ which features a unique mix of OPM and Japanese is currently available on iTunes and all your favorite local radio stations!!

Accompanying him is Francis Etorma on Keyboards, Steven Mora on Drums, Brian Mora on Guitars, Philip Ariola on Bass, Joseph Cabanero on Sax, and Laura Austria on percussions, with special performances from Monet Ganir and friends of Aisaku.

If you are currently in Philippines, don’t miss this one! Let’s all have an intimate night of different classy music together with Aisaku and his friends! Arigato Gozaimasu!

For Details, Kindly contact
Phone Number: (+63 2) 408-1852




After our Special Edition in order to support the culinary event Bragalicious (, the Braga Jazz Walk is back to its regular schedule. In the upcoming 4th edition, as what we have mentioned in the previous coverage we have prepared four bands/groups in various formats and styles. Created by in full cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music, Braga City Walk is ready to give you cool jazztertainment in the month of November.

Jazztertainment? Yes. It takes place at a public places, so of course, the entertainment factor is very important. But other than that, we’re also committed in pushing the jazz regeneration forward. Everyone who are interested in jazz can use the stage either to promote themselves to the society, to try the concept, to gain more experiences of playing in front of real crowds or simply just to have fun. Go ahead, the stage is all yours. An open jam session is always on in every edition to provide more chance for any musicians/singers to have a jolly good time. Put it simple, this event is for everyone.

In accordance to our mission, the Braga Jazz Walk #04 will feature a duo project and a newly formed trio and a full band consists of college students. These bands and project are still newly established, yet most of the faces behind those groups are familiar and we do know them as talented players. Some are even full with experienced, so no doubt each of these groups promise many things that may catch your attention. Who are they? Let’s take a closer look.

First, the collaborative project between keyboardist YD Navis and much younger drummer, Alman Naufal. YD Navis is the keyboardist of West Java Syndicate who’s also playing for Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha. And Alman, the son of senior guitarist/bassist Kanggep Kusuma, is a boy who’s clearly born to drum. You can see it from his facial expression and the amount of energy he unleashes when he’s placed behind the drum. As he’s currently learning from Elfa Zulham, from what we heard he’s improved a lot. We have featured him several times before in two different projects: with guitar (with Anjuan Julio) and then with saxophone (with Fauzan Hakim). Now as he’s teaming up with Navis, it’s interesting to see what they are going to share. Oh yes, this group is supposed to be a trio, but they just haven’t found the suitable bassist just yet. If other group would wait, they decide to keep going while still searching for the one to complete the band. YD Navis & Alman Naufal Project Duo is the name, let’s wait and see what they are going to offer.


braga jazz walk, bandung jazz community, komunitas jazz bandung, jazzuality event


If you’re familiar with the Bandung jazz scene, the name Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha should ring a bell. He’s still young but consider to be one of the most reliable jazz bassists in Bandung which come from the new generation. He’s still active in his group Isola Jazz but now adds another group that we feature in this edition: Etudiant.

Etudiant is a French word means Student. The band was officially established just a month ago and previously named Tiurma Tizadya Trio, taken from the name of the pianist Tiurma Tizadya Ramadhani Siregar. Sitting behind the drum for this trio is Galih Cahya Nugraha, a fine, eccentric drummer who’s actually Ilham’s compatriote in Isola Jazz. Etudiant hasn’t played that much just yet, but individually they are all young fellas with experience. A trio would already be more than enough to bring surprises, and when it comes from skillful players like this, you can expect many things.





1978 is the year when Jazz Goes to Campus was held for the very first time. At that time the students of Faculty of Economics from University of Indonesia got the idea to create art events not only about music, but also theater, painting, photography and some other art forms. During that era, jazz was already facing the stigma by being labeled as an expensive and exclusive music by many. Candra Darusman, -at that time still a faculty of economics student-, wanted to prove otherwise. He initiated the first ever Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) in late 1978, still in Salemba, with minimalist stage sets and ticket price only IDR 500. “But we got really great crowds. It was cool and familiar.” said Candra Darusman not long ago to us. The history proved that among those art events, only the JGTC managed to stand the test of time. Today this event proudly stands as the longest running annual jazz event in Indonesia and one of the oldest in the world (second to North Sea Jazz Festival). This year they are ready to back again with a mouth-watering lineup of artists. Let’s give it up for The 37th Jazz Goes to Campus!

The Ultimate Jazzperience

There are some interesting new movements being made by this year’s committee, which once again involves hundreds of current active students of Faculty of Economics from University of Indonesia (FEUI). First, they will be a Project called “Tribute to Salemba”, made by one of the playing artists in the first JGTC in 1978, Benny Likumahuwa with the initiator, Candra Darusman. This show will bring back all the memories and should be interesting since it will feature legendary names who were presented at that very first installment in Salemba. Therefore, the committee decided to use “Living the Inspired Jazzperience” as the theme which is focusing on “Inspired” and “Jazzperience”. “This year we wish to show our appreciation by presenting the senior jazz musicians that have given uncountable contributions in building up the jazz industry in Indonesia.” said the committee in the press release. In accordance to the theme, the 37th JGTC has “The Ultimate Jazzperience” as the tagline. This tagline pretty much shows their spirit in letting the audience feel the beautiful experience of enjoying jazz as well as ultimate satisfaction that can be felt by all this year’s stakeholders. “We are commited to give different jazz festival. We are going to bring variety of jazz musicians with balanced composition of senior and young ones. Other than that, “The Ultimate Jazzperience” should be able to represent the 37 years of our service.” said the committee. Not only celebrating the well known jazz musicians, Jazz Goes to Campus also aims to create a platform for young musicians to express their passion for jazz and exhibit their music talent throguh our very own JGTC competition.

The crowds of the 36th Jazz Goes to Campus (2013)


- Opening and Clinic

There are series of pre-event being held before the D-day. Starting with the JGTC Opening & Press Conference three days ago on October 31st, 2014 at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Depok, a JGTC Clinic was made exclusive for the JGTC Competition’s contestants on November 2nd. Given by guitarist Agam Hamzah, drummer Rayendra Sunito, pianist Boby Limijaya and bassist Fajar Adi Nugroho, this clinic enhanced the technical aspects and an overview of how to become a good player in the industry.

- JGTC Competition

About the competition itself, this event is one of the most prestigious competitions that has created so many well-established musicians. The JGTC Competition belongs to JGTC Exhibiton along with the JGTC Choice Awards. The Qualification Round will run on 8-9 November 2014 at Tribeca Central Park, but that’s not all because for the first time will also be held in Surabaya. This will give easier opportunities to jazz bands/artists in Surabaya to be a part of the competition. The Surabaya Qualifying Round will take place at Area Danau Kampus C, Airlangga University, Surabaya on November 14, 2014.  I (Riandy Kurniawan) will be one of the judges with Benny Likumahuwa, Rayendra Sunito and Boy Rhunos (Surabaya only).

- JGTC Roadshow

JGTC Roadshow is on schedule too. This year it will visit Surabaya in cooperation with Airlangga University’s students as a mini show on November 14, 2014 featuring ITS Jazz, Korek Jazz, C.Twosix Jazz Club, Fusion Jazz Community and special guest star Idang Rasjidi and the Syndicate.

- JGTC Scholarship

To show the Social Responsibility, JGTC is going to give scholarship to the FEUI students who need it. The fund raising is made through JGTC Gathering & Charity Night, inviting the donors and previous JGTC committees. This charity night is set to come on November 15, 2014 at Qi Dine and Lounge, Sultan Hotel Jakarta with a special appearance of a beautiful multi-talented lady who represented North Sumatra in Miss Indonesia pageant in 2013 that showed her ability in singing/songwriting, Yemima Hutapea.


Tulus at the 36th Jazz Goes to Campus (2013)

- JGTC Community Night

To show our care towards the jazz communities in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Bandung, the JGTC Community Night will be held on November 21, 2014 at Airman Lounge, Sultan Hotel Jakarta. This Community Night is giving a platform for jazz communities in those areas to mingle and spread the love of jazz. Beben Jazz from Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK) and the living legend Benny Mustafa will be there as the guest stars.

- JGTC Choice Awards

This program has been running since 2007 in order to give the highest appreciation to those who have given enormous contribution to JGTC and to jazz development in Indonesia in general. This year the awards will be given to selected person in some categories such as Newcomer Artist, Most Dedicated, Young Talent, Album of The Year, dan Lifetime Achievement. The judges are Agus Basuni, Frans Sartono, David Karto, David Tarigan and Yance Manusama. These awards will be given at the main event.

- The Main Event

Now here comes the information you’re waiting for. The main event will be on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at Campus Ground FEUI, Depok. As for the lineup, the list are mouth-watering. The international artists are Sondre Lerche (Norway) and Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience (Scotland). We have covered Sondre Lerche’s show twice: at Java Jazz Festival 2011 and Kampoeng Jazz 2013, but this time surely he’ll highlight more of his new released album “Please”. As for Mr. wild keyboardist Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience, we watched his performance at JakJazz 2008 and still remember all the fun we had back then as if it was just yesterday.


 Sondre Lerche at Kampoeng Jazz 2013


From our own land there will be today’s front runners, living legends, experienced ones, rising stars and new comers, also special projects. They are Glenn Fredly, Tulus, The Groove, Adhitia Sofyan, JGTC Project “Tribute to Salemba” , Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Like Father Like Son (Benny Likumahuwa & Barry Likumahuwa), ESQI:EF aka Syaharani and Queenfireworks, Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales, Oele Pattiselanno Quartet, Tjut Nyak Deviana & Friends, Bandanaira, Kunto Aji, HajarBleh Big Band, Yemima Hutapea, Bonita & the hus BAND and of course the JGTC Competition Winners. All these artists will be divided into four stages with wider and more comfortable festival area.




Music can accompany you through every single feeling and/or moment in your life, a good friend to be with whever you are, wherever you go, in any kind of activity. You listen to music while driving, you look for music to relax with, you share your sorrow, you go happy with it. Music would be perfect to accompany your dinner and beneficial in supporting any events. So now, think of this. Dinner, event/fest and music. Sounds good right? Well, that’s what you’re going to have this week.

The regular schedule of Braga Jazz Festival 3rd edition was just done last week. Normally we will be back again on the second Thursday of November. But since this week there’s a special culinary fest which will be served marathon from October 29th to November 2nd, 2014 called Bragalicious. To make this event merrier, Braga Jazz Walk will have a special edition as a part of (in a series of) Bragalicious Activities. So, jazz in a culinary fest? Why not. We are going to cook this one differently by presenting bands that in some ways may represent the spirit of Braga street from past to present. And of course, to fit the Bragalicious event.

First, let’s talk about a little history of Bandung for a while. The nickname “Parijs van Java” was given to Bandung for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere back at the colonial times. According to many historians, Bandung attained the nickname actually from what was going on in Braga Street in the 20s. At that time, this particular street was already happening. There were chic cafes, restaurants, boutiques, European art deco buildings and flowery scents around. That’s beautiful to imagine isn’t it? Now, what if we try to bring back the spirit in form of music, the music style from the 30’s era in Paris? The question is, is there any band who still play that vintage style? In Bandung? The answer is, yes there is! It’s SATURA.


satura, french jazz, gypsy jazz, jazz manouche, django reinhardt


Satura is a sensational acoustic guitar duo of Opik Bape and Dede Arief Ginanjar that most likely will be difficult to find anywhere else in Indonesia. Why? Because what they play is not just a simple acoustic jazz, but as we said, they dig something that reflects the beauty of jazz style originated in French around the 1930’s known as Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Manouche which many believed was invented by the phenomenal Django Reinhardt. Satura was formed not too long ago, but the souls of these dudes quickly submerged in this magical jazz style. The famous one among Romani guitarists who worked around Paris during the 30’s Django Reinhardt crafted the kind of music with traditional swing articulation but carried the then-popular Musette waltz with chromatic, mystical Gypsy flavor. Django has It’s still played by many musicians throughout the world, but it’s still rare to find in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. But now we have Satura who ressurects this authentic vintage aromatic floral scent of French Gypsy scene.

Often in Satura’s performance, the duo got empowered by one or two amazing female vocalists, Puspallia Panggabean and Agis Kania. Both of these young ladies are unbelievable in their own ways. magnificent, because they stand in between the old-soul and modern way of singing. While Puspall illuminates world class jazz vocals, Agis is a fine powerhouse soul sista. We just got Agis and Opik as a duo in last edition  ( Watch the video highlight here: ) and now it’s time to have the boys of Satura with Puspall. A Parisien Gypsy Jazz in Parijs van Java? It’s going to be magic.