Urban Jazz Crossover 2010: Medan Report


Urban Jazz Crossover 2010 Medan

Held in JW Marriot hotel, Medan , for the second row, Dji Sam Soe’s Urban Jazz Crossover 2010 which now reached the third year has again set another record. The increasing audience from about 1200 last year now reached over 1800, leaving the tickets sold out in just two hours since the ticket booth opened. The venue looks crowded even hours before the concert starts, and again, Dji Sam Soe’s teamed up with EQ Puradiredja as its music director has paid their dues to this ambitious concept.

Urban Jazz Crossover is always known as a big annual event that goes with the unique concept of genre crossovers. This is the concert for everyone who want to hear and feel the magic of blending all kinds of genre to fuse in harmony with jazz. This is the place for us to see how jazz can merge with every distinct styles and platforms of music. Not only the delicious music blendings, Urban Jazz Crossover chooses top performers from different genres to fill up the lines as well. urban jazz crossover 2010-medan (9)Year after year we have seen the kings and queens of different music areas to collaborate in harmony in the genre we all love called jazz. Last year we got Candil, Andi/rif, Ari Lasso and Edwin “Cokelat” representing the rockin’ land, Lala took the place for the Indonesian-born with international breakthrough with her sexy guitar-singing style, and the new sensation Dira J Sugandi with her powerful soul vocal on this category as well. Last year was also marked the return of Humania. This year the concept was still the same with different stars on the lineup. We got the living jazz legend, the Indonesian jazzz icon Indra Lesmana ; who is enjoying his return on the surface recently ; with his magic touch on the arrangement and also playing on stage, Kikan the singer of the ever-popular band “Cokelat”, the diva Dewi Sandra, one of the most popular RnB prince Ello and the new sensation Sandhy Sondoro who recently made headlines in the music world internationally by his performance with Diane Warren in Hollywood. The concept now stretched even more by injecting the ethnical music into the arrangements. Yuyun the Sinden (Javanese Traditional Singer), DJ Cream and Dana “Boogieman” still continued their parts like last year. Ipang “BIP” representing the rock side this year, and the lovely new age violist Maylaffayza is in as well. To make it more interesting, EQ Puradiredja as the music director brought Eko Suprijanto, the dancer who performed with Madonna on her world tours.  Too bad the other living legend Achmad Albar that is actually included in this year’s row couldn’t participate in Medan.

urban jazz crossover 2010-medan (10)

From the music section we also got the best players filling up each line. Parkdrive‘s drummer Rayendra Sunito, The Groove‘s keyboardist Ali Akbar, Kahitna‘s guitarist Andrie Bayuadjie are just some of the best music players we have today still participating just like last year. The great horn section was presented too. This huge concept is still prepared with amazing futuristic stage design and cool lightings. As how it was last year, this year Urban Jazz Crossover is ready to drop the bomb in 5 cities, and the first one to blast was Medan, the capital of North Sumatra.

urban jazz crossover 2010-medan (6)With every promise made on the greater stage concept and artists collaborations, the show starts with Ipang BIP crossovering legendary rock songs like Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Goo Goo Dolls“Iris”. Ipang also did a duet with Dewi Sandra on the local hit called “Bete” originally written by Indonesian hitmaker DewiQ in a different arrangement. The audience turned hotter when Dewi Sandra jazzin’ the hall with Prince’s “Kiss” and Rehab. The night went hotter by a solid performance from one of the most-awaited performers on this year’s event, Sandhy Sondoro. Featuring Maylaffayza on the violin, Sandhy starts his performance with Sting’s eastern melodic tunes, “Desert Rose”. His phenomenal vocals then brought one of the most challenging arrangement of Iwan Fals“Yang Terlupakan”. He continued with taking on Motley Crue‘s classic “Home Sweet Home” in the cool new outfit,  and reached his peak when he collaborated with Indonesian jazz legend, Indra Lesmana, on Indra’s all time hit, “Aku Ingin”. Indra’s beauty and skillful improvisations even put his other jazz tunes, “Reborn”, in the middle of the song. The enthusiastic crowds popped huge again and again.

urban jazz crossover 2010-medan (5)

urban jazz crossover 2010-medan (7)After that then comes Kikan “Cokelat” portraying The Doors’ classic, “Light My Fire”, another highlight on this year’s crossover arrangement, as Ello said on the press conference days before, hauntingly beautiful. Kikan also sang her band Cokelat radiohit, “Luka Lama” that brought all audiences to sing together with her. And for the climax this year, Ello has highlighted the stage with his skill on communicating with the audience. Singing some hits like RnB tunes originally written by Snoop Dogg entitled “Sign”, Robbie Williams “Better Man” and his own famous recycled debut, “Pergi Untuk Kembali”. Ello was on fire on the stage indeed. Then Ello brought the encore with all the performers comes to the stage to close the show.

Although some Medan’s audience said that the absence of Achmad Albar as the huge main-menu highlight this year might be a little let-down, we can’t help admitting that the whole show was a great success. With all the incredible stage concept includes the lighting and the wonderful moving backdrop, the band, the Eko Suprijanto’s intriguing dance choreography, and the performers who have given their best to bring the concept alive, this event has leaving us with one exciting thought, that even larger than the show itself. It’s on how the concept-maker could made the crossover arrangement of the classic hits with this mindbending jazz blends including some touches of ethnics all over the arrangement. And to that, we should be proud that we had one man putting his passion to this incredible quest, EQ Puradiredja as the music director of the whole three years’ show. As EQ said, that he and his team includes some of the band players and also the performers, like the legendary Indra Lesmana, has worked hard to re-arranged all hundreds hitlists given to them. Their works is truly one great thing for us, musiclovers, especially jazz, and we look forward for another magic on the next event in years to come.  Thank you for the wonderful night you gave in Medan. Keep bring it on!

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Semarang – May 21, 2010
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Ticket price: IDR 50.000 (in all cities)
Get “Buy 1 Get 1? offer at Dji Sam Soe’s official website

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Reporter: Daniel Irawan
Photographer: Ferry Rumahorbo
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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