Terraz Jazz #3 : The Report




Three time’s a charm. Yup, that’s what we felt about our regular community event which is brought to you by Jazzuality.com in cooperation with the happening mall at the Southern part of Bandung, Festival Citylink. Tonight we brought three bands with different styles, all filled with young guns with promising future lies ahead. One (Titik Awal) has tasted many prestigious events including the Java Jazz Festival, one has just changed the name (Mesin Waktu) and set the course hopefully in full speed, the last one (Final Script) came with delicious groove where we spot more than enough potential to succeed. We always believe that young talents can give such entertainment if given time, space and chance, tonight we saw the exact proof. This is the report of Terraz Jazz #3.

One tryout and two previous shows have shown a good progress, at least in our opinion. Why? Let’s see this. So far we already got support by some music schools in Bandung, we have featured young players not only in normal format but also the unique collaborations like guitar-drum and guitar-violin connection. There was a well established band from Jakarta, Fusion Stuff who’s willing to support the community event by performing fully as if they were at the big festival, we got a blessing from Bandung-based well experienced players inside a group named Rudy & Band Listrik, we have featured many female drummers/percussionists (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-2-the-report/), and the good thing is, we’re only just begun. Since we’re focusing on Jazz Edutainment by carrying ‘Fun Jazzin’, Fun Jammin’, Fun Learnin’ as the tagline, we have to think of both sides in every single edition. That’s how the community should be, providing chance to grow, to learn, to have fun and to entertain. Even if those can’t still be considered as a successful progress, at least we are on the right track.


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Interestingly, this edition caught us by surprise. Even before the event started, we already got good amount of crowds who placed their eyes straight to the stage while enjoying their meals. Lovely performances in variety by the featured bands and wow, what a hot jam session it was in the end. So many players stepped in, some queued to get their turn, some have to wait until next time because the time was up. It was a colorful jam with blues placed on top. The players didn’t know each other before, they shook hands first and then sailed together in the hottest jam ever happened in Terraz Jazz so far. They went at it and refused to stop, they were even still jammin’ when we asked everyone to stand in front for photo session. How often can you get that scene? After the event, they all exchanged phone numbers to stay connected. We hope this to happen in every edition, because this is exactly what we dreamed when we create this playground. We will give you more details, but first let’s check out the showcases first.


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The jazz night began with  Final Script. The players Yoshiana Azaria (vocal), Klency Lembono (keyboard), Marissa Wiguna (drums), Daniel Christy (guitar), Robert Daniel (bass), Hendike Muzaki (saxophone) were really at it. They are all still young but already know how to bring the light fusion/groove alive. Two members of this band: Marissa Wiguna and Daniel Christy are also the member of the acrobatic jazz band, Out of 7 who just got a valuable chance and experience to perform in the top jazz club in Jakarta founded by Indra and Honhon Lesmana, RW Jazz Lounge. So they were still on fire and that spirit were transfered into the other players.

[flickr id=”13463025404″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] It turned out that Final Script gave a sweet start by pinning the Top 40 in groovy, smooth jazz moods.  Wouldn’t you agree that it’s cool to open up this edition with Rihanna’s “Umbrella”?  That’s what they did. Right after that, Yoshiana and Hendike led the whole band to cover Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven”. Then they took another route to the late 1970’s with one of Toto’s jazzy gem, “Georgy Porgy”. Here the lady drummer Marissa got the chance to show her ability in dealing with solo runs. Yoshiana introduced the whole band and left [flickr id=”13462663375″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”]the stage, but they still got one last song, this time an instrumental track from Lee Ritenour, “Rio Funk”. We knew Daniel’s passion in playing fusion especially the collection of Mr Ritenour, so apart of his significant touch in Out of 7 in “Night Rhythms”, this time he went up straight with his team mates to shine with this choice. We say, nice pick.

Strong players behind each of their instruments shows that Final Script has potential. They aren’t just a jazz wannabe band, but really these players can bring it alive and believable.  The fact that they are all still young give them advantage because they still have more than enough time to grow. Nice smooth jazzy groove, Final Script! Keep it up!


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[flickr id=”13462765313″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Next, let’s see a team that was started from jam sessions but then decided to go more seriously by establishing a band. The name of this band is Mesin Waktu. They existed around the community events like Klab Jazz and High School annual parties. We have seen their passion to jazz since the first edition of Terraz Jazz. Some of the members such as Farhan Faikar (bass), Zulfikar Azhar (keys) and M Gilang Nurzati (drums) have been spotted in the jam sessions. When we launched the community event in Braga called Braga Jazz n Jamz, they also came and joined the open jam right after the bands performances. So it’s time for us to feature them as a complete band.  Other than those three players, Mesin Waktu (in English means Time Machine) consists of Bobby R, Alifia Ganjaraharja, Yosafat Binsar (vocals) and Raka Pratama D (percussions).

Mesin Waktu (in English: Time Machine) served a acid jazz party. Peforming with large ensemble, Starting with “Sunny”, they [flickr id=”13462762853″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”]carried on with even more upbeat with Incognito’s hit in 2012 “Goodbye to Yesterday”, Brand New Heavies’ “You Are the Universe”  and sealed up their presentation with Earth Wind and Fire anthem “September”.

Yes, the band is still considerably new, in fact according to the band members they are still a week old. But let’s not forget that they have been living around jam sessions from one place to another and already active in several bands beforehand. They are hungry to eat more, their passion to jazz is high above the bar. You can clearly see that. We love their vibe, and happy to have them as the active members of the community.


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The last performing band was Titik Awal (that’s Starting Point in English). This band started their journey since high school some times around 5 years ago and still standing strong today. They have even graced many prestigious stages including the Java Jazz Festival and Espose, and stretched their wings far away to reach the island of Borneo. Formed by four players, Narendradipa Soemantri on drums, Boby Suryo Alam on bass, Gama Ramadhani on guitar, and Melvhin Samuel Harapenta Sitepu on vocal, this band today is often supported by many additional players in their gigs.

[flickr id=”13462755983″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] For the Terraz Jazz #3 the band came with 7 personnels. Melvhin Samuel (vocal), Gama Ramadhani (guitar), Boby Suryo  (bass),
Narendradipa   (drums), two keyboardists Rifqi and Febrina and Raka (percussions).

As they are preparing for their debut album, they should have some original songs already. True, they do have some.  An energetic start was served with Naif’s big hit “Mobil Balap”, where Melvhin showed his ‘punk’-ish style directly right from the start. The most recent hit from the new New Zealander sensation Lorde titled “Royals” in our opinion is a good choice since Melvhin’s voice style [flickr id=”13462668055″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”]and stage attitude fits perfectly into it. Their single “Bukan Untuk Sesaat” was next, followed by two more songs until they delivered their own song “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”. It’s a great ear catchy song and inspiring, because here they call us to unite despite of the difference of backgrounds that provocators love to make it as an issue under certain circumstances. In this song their manager Tumpal ilalahi came on stage and filled the rap part. A solid song with inspiring message, this can be an anthem and definitely strong enough to bring them all the way to the top. The final act with good climax for the showcase sessions.


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[flickr id=”13462661795″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] As usual, jam session was served right after. What a joy to have some players outside the featuring bands to join in, and what a surprise to see that they have their own style and root. One of the Bandung Blues Society member, a young man named Guntur Satria stood there with his guitar, then the AFI (Akademi Fantasi Indosiar) Season 6 alumnus Andre Fernando also with guitar. Joining them were Final Script keyboardist Klency and two Mesin Waktu personnels, Farhan (bass) and Gilang (drums). This formation threw James Brown’s legendary hit “I Feel Good” in burning rockin’ blues fashion.

[flickr id=”13462661115″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] The jam turned out very intense as the blasting fire forced some other musicians to came in. Final Script’s saxophonist Hendike infused some more tonic into it. Erick Gabe went on in a duel with Satria in front with his vocal. The singer of Chakraborty, Ayu Sara also got her part in this free-for-all jam session. Another drummer named Yosua replaced Gilang on drum as they carried on with “Route 66” and then finally settled with Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”.  Oh yeah, there was also a singing guitarist who can do George Benson’s signature smooth scat singing imitating the sound of his guitar. His name is Chris Alfeus, the guitarist of a fusion group named Fifth Avenue. If before we have Mus Mudjiono and Ari Pramundito in Indonesia that love to go with this style, now Chris is another one who can do it just as good.

[flickr id=”13462768163″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Something unique then happened. Since the clock already reached 10 pm which means we had to stop the event, they still wished to continue. They were even still running during the photo session, making it become a one of a kind ‘singing photo session’ that could happen only by surprise. What an atmosphere, what a feeling. It was like having tranced Robert Johnson, Jason Mraz/John Mayer, George Benson and Louis Armstrong (Erick mimicked his voice during the show) inside a full jam set. That’s how it was. What’s amazing is that this rare moment came from young talents. If you still think that a successful show should always involve popular names/big stars, maybe you have to change that thought, because these ‘yet not famous’ youngsters could give a 5 star performances in one spontaneous act. For us, it’s an unforgettable moment that we will remember for a long, long time.


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3 bands of youngsters, 3 different colors, but have the same positive energy in playing music plus one unbelievable jam session made this edition really special. Looking at these potential guns, we feel happy that we have the chance to feature them, letting the public know that Bandung actually has lots of talents that people might still unaware of. Well, that’s why we’re here for. With the existance of this event, we want to accomodate young bands to play, showing their progress, absorbing experience and entertaining real audience. They can meet new friends with the same passion, sharing knowledge to one another, or even establish a band together. That’s how a jazz community’s supposed to be. We’re still at the 3rd installment (4 if the tryout edition’s counted), but so far we really enjoy the vibe. Looking at the way the musicians start to realize the importance of a community event by regularly coming, shaking hands and exchanging contact numbers make us proud too.


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By far, this edition also become the crowdest edition in our record. May this small community event give benefit to the jazz development in Bandung and Indonesia in general. We extend our thanks to all the performing bands, the soundman, the Terrazo Food Court, the Festival Citylink and to the good crowds. Hope to see you again at the next edition.

Watch the highlights of Terraz Jazz 3

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Mia Damayanti
Video editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan


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