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It’s jazz, the delicious form of  fusion, ethnical, magical.. It’s Kulkul! They just launched their first album on Friday, 9th April 2010 in Score Cafe Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta. Kulkul has given a new alternative to Indonesian music by bringing a different colour and taste of  sound in the most brilliant way.

kulkul album launching (6)Eventhough Kulkul has just launched the album, the name is already familiar to Indonesian Jazz lovers. Kulkul has stunned many audiences in every gig they had. They have performed  in so many big concert in Indonesia such as Jazz Merah Putih, Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC),  JakJazz and Java Jazz Festival. They always gave away one magnificent performance that no one could forget, with their authentic Balinese ethnic music in the unique blend of jazz.  Their music style is mystical. They hypnotize the audience with this magical Bali sense in their music. What they give is the kind of  magical, mystical and artistic jazz that should bring you to meet the Balinese spirit in no time.

kulkul album launching (2)This band was made 5 years ago, with mostly very young musicians that has their own idealism and vision in music – colaborating the modern music with the mystical Balinese music was their vision. They continued their path and got supported by Lembaga Kesenian Bali Saraswati (The Balinese Art Foundation Saraswati), until finally they launched their first album – “Welcome to Bali.” With Demas on Drum, Didiet on Violin, Awan on Base, Adit on Keyboard, and Faisal on Gitar plus joined by the experienced Balinese traditional musicians including I Ketut Budiyasa, Wayan Sudiarta , Wayan Sudarsana and Kadek Setiawan on the instruments such as kendang, suling, gangsa pemade, gangsa kantilan, kulkul, ceng ceng kopyak) they make such a smart and creative  easy and as magnificent as they are.

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With press filled up at Score Cafe in Cilandak Town Square  giving their sincere support, Kulkul was very much honored to have the press celebrating not only their album launching but also the birthday celebration of Demas. There were many Kulkul friends and fans as well attending this celebration. Turning 17 this year, this youngest member of Kulkul also an amazing drummer celebrated his birthday together with the album launching ceremony. This is a double celebration for Demas, with proud Demas’ father and mother who were also there accompanying the event. It was a great afternoon, it was amazing how Kulkul came out with their first debut album after so many years.

Congratulation to Kulkul for the first debut album! Happy Birthday to Demas! and of course get a grab of Kulkul first album and get hypnotized by their mystical music. Check our our review soon here, only at jazzuality.com.

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Reporter: Ata Michaella
Photographer: Ardhi Saputro
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan



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