Kampoeng Jazz 2011: Tesla ft Mahagotra Ganesha & ESQI:EF


Our report of Kampoeng Jazz 2011 continued. While rain kept on pouring down quite hard, more and more people arrived at the venue.  No rain could stop them for watching their favorites. Following the brilliant fusion courtesy of Yovie Widianto Fusion came a stunning concept of blending East and West as one. This is a band that was formed by the creativity of  a young guitarist who never stops exploring: Tesla Manaf Effendi ft Mahagotra Ganesha.

Tesla ft Mahagotra Ganesha (8)

tesla mahagotra (3)We met Tesla some years ago when he was just started with the dynamic duo, Bayu & Tesla. Years passed, he turned into a restless guitarist with loads of idea and never stopped doing something. He formed G/E/T, digged jazz with world music flavor with Grace and Tesla, and now he’s active in two groups: Ivan & Tesla, and the other one which performed at the Kampoeng Jazz Festival 2011: Tesla Manaf Effendi ft Mahagotra Ganesha. In this group he teams up with his friends Gega Nesywara (bass), Dani Irjayana (drum), Yopi D Nafis (keyboard) and Muharam (flute/sopran/tarompet pencak). What really interesting as how the name said is their collaboration with a Balinese gamelan ensemble. Tesla ft Mahagotra Ganesha (6)Dewa Made Dwi Parmana, William Tehputra (gangsa), Wisnu, Adrian Firdaus (kantil), Gege Darma Raharja (jublag) and I Putu Wira Hadiputrawan (tari jauk manis) are all the personnels behind the ensemble of Mahagotra Ganesha, an art unit of ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). A Barong dancer (Jauk Manis) were also accompanied them. What the did was absolutely magnificent. With only one song, “It’s All Yours”, they brought the mystical authentic Balinese music blended with explorative jazz. They even gave some sound effects to deepen the nuance of their music. It’s a wonderful craft built by the whole team, something very creative, highly explorative and surprising.


Here’s the always pleasuring group to watch and listen. Syaharani and the QueenFireworks a.k.a ESQI:EF is certainly knows how to entertain the audiences not only by presenting the ear catchy songs but also by involving their fans into their performance.ESQIEF (2) Syaharani, the lead vocal and one of the brain of this group is a real entertainer. We always love her smokey sultry voice who breathes jazz and blues naturally, and we certainly enjoy how she communicate with her audiences with a very friendly manner on and off stage. This group is also interesting because they love to change the arrangements to fit the kind of music concert they are in. Having a perfect partner in crime Didit Saad who actually is an explorer just like her and the senior brain of Donny Suhendra made this group always able to bring something new and different in every gig. Light jazzy, acoustic, power pop, ambience, lounge dance, bossa, groove, soul or even rock are brought to meet their philosophy which reflected in their artistic female figure logo that symbolize their universal aesthetic concept. ESQI:EF brings back the essence of music as something universal and dynamic, also should never be classified too strictly in any too narrow boxes.

Unfortunately we didn’t see Donny Suhendra on stage. He was replaced with Dani, a guitarist from Yogyakarta who used to play with ESQI:EF as well. ESQI:EF appeared  in Kampoeng Jazz also with Kristian Dharma (bass), Sirhan Bahasuan (drums) and the backing vocals. They delivered their songs mostly taken from the latest album, “Anytime” (Buy the album here). As how we predicted, they gave a highly entertaining performance that really satisfied all the audiences.

syaharani esqief (2)

There’s nothing better than starting with the anthem-ish “Picnic to the Sky”.  That was she did and it became a grand opening party. Syaharani quickly changed the path into one sweet intimate moment only with Didit on her side. The lovely bossa “Anytime” played in.  “Fly Me To The Moon” was the next choice for them with the power pop beat. After  “Kekasih Palsu” she kept on bringing more songs including “Mungkin (Katakan)” and the hit from the first album, “De’Dia”.  That became the last song for ESQI:EF. As usual, Syaharani knows how to entertain her fans with quality and interactivity. Once again, another intimate performance was brought by Syaharani and the QueenFireworks.

More to come at this year’s Kampoeng Jazz. Sabrina will be next, followed by Dira Sugandi, Tahiti 80 and DJ Arya with collaboration. Stay tuned for more reports from Padjadjaran University, Bandung only at Jazzuality.com.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Muhammad “Petto” Fadhly, Fardhani Ramadhana
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana, Febrian Dirga, Dwi Ratri “Momoyo” Utomo


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