Kampoeng Jazz 2011: Tahiti 80 and the Closing


Tahiti 80 (7)Tahiti 80 is undoubtedly one of the most popular bands among the youngsters in Bandung. We have seen the hype about their coming long before Kampoeng Jazz 2011 was on. This is the group that has a thick synth sound on their indie pop style that has been riding their career since 1993, the year when the group was established in Rouen and Paris. It was Xavier Boyer, Pedro Resende, Médéric Gontier and Sylvain Marchand who started it. Boyer and Resende formed the pop combo as a vehicle for them to fulfill their passion of indie music style with touch of new wave and sixties pop nuances. The name Tahiti 80 uniquely was taken from a souvenir t-shirt given to Boyer’s dad in 1980. Not long after, Gontier and Marchand came in completing the group. Throughout their songs you can still feel the touch of 80’s new wave and some vintage sound, but on top of that, their tasty indie synth pop is the main ingredients that have brought them many faithful fans from all around the world. Recently they just released their new album called “The  Past, The Present & The Possible”. Recent formation of Tahiti 80 are Xavier Boyer, Médéric Gontier, Pedro Resende, Raphaël Léger and Julien Barbagallo, and the complete lineup came to be the climax of this year’s Kampoeng Jazz 2011.

Tahiti 80 (14)

Tahiti 80 (3)They kicked the crowds out with the first song “Here Comes” that burst their energy. It was really nice to reminisce the time back right when the first came to Indonesia 4 years ago. Then, they introduced the songs from their latest album such Defender” and Easy”. The crowds started to cheer inBig Day” and sounded even  louder in1000 Times”, “Changes”, andSoul Deep”, songs that quite popular in Indonesia.  Heavy synth sound was heard inCrack Up”, lead us to the encore part. A very soothing track Something About You Girl” and last but not least, Heartbeat” was finally delivered to the stage as Xavier Boyer introduce the band member one by one in the end of the song.

Tahiti 80 (4)

Eventhough the rain that kept pouring the city almost the whole day,  in fact it still couldn’t hold the enthusiasm of the audiences. When the rain poured the hardest,that was the time when people came the most.  The ground was wet, but still the crowds had lots of fun. Let the number speak for us. No less than 7000 people came and enjoy the festival. All tickets were sold out. There were plenty foods to choose more than last year. A wide stage with  spectacular lightings and much better sound have to be mentioned as well. In the end we got a big one day jazz party. As this year’s theme said: “Jazzolution: Where Music Impacts Society”, some of the profit will be donated to Dompet Dhuafa to help our brothers and sisters in need. Kampoeng Jazz committee has shown that jazz can gives solution, it can give big impacts to the society. By your coming, you’ve just helped this social cause to help others. Thank you for that.

Thank you Kampoeng Jazz for painting Bandung sky with jazz in various jazz colors. Thank you for keep serving us with the music we all love. Hope to see you again next year!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Muhammad “Petto” Fadhly, Fardhani Ramadhana
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana


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