Jazzuality Christmas Jazz at Bandung Indah Plaza: The Report



Toes tapping and heads swaying with beats and enthusiasm  in Christmas spirit. Jazzuality presents its very first jazz feast for everyone to enjoy. Having “SATURDAY JAZZ feat JAZZUALITY CHRISTMAS JAZZ” as the tagline for our first Christmas event will lit up a jazzy atmosphere and  put a joy to everyone. This event surely has another fresh and fabulous atmosphere to accompany your weekend! Everyone stepped their feet in cozy place Bandung Indah Plaza at Main Atrium, 1st Floor (in front of the Hypermart), on this lovely Saturday. Everyone was surely had a chance to spoil their ears with an amazing fantastic delight in the feast. The performances really gave their best in bringing the jazz delicates. Considering that the style of music are more into something bright and lively, everybody can start their weekend joyfully in groove.

According to the founder of Jazzuality, Riandy Kurniawan , “It is an excellent opportunity to combine education and entertainment into a single unit. This is very important if you want to have a progress in a development of jazz”. Therefore we brought all in one single shot. Here at this event, everyone can celebrate Christmas in full package. We brought singing, skillful jazz playing, dancing and education altogether. The lineup consisted of senior musicians, the brilliant singers all the way to cute little kids who have shown their jazz seeds from early ages. From inspiring workshop, the music shools’ contribution, special project and sudden collaborations, even the jazz and dance jams were set to hit the Bandung Indah Plaza for 8 hours straight.

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The exciting day started with a workshop from Widyasena Sumadio as the speaker at one in the afternoon. Before welcoming him into the stage, Riandy Kurniawan as editor in chief of Jazzuality gave a few words to greet the audiences. Opening program was the one inspiring person, Widyasena Sumadio from Jakarta. The speaker in the workshop “Communication Tools for Your B(r)and” as the tagline shared all the tips needed to build your career in the music industry. Widyasena Sumadio has given his insight and  motivation to increase our knowledge about being in a band. It goes without saying that everybody knows this workshop perfectly gave the spirit from the speech of writer and Public Relation Strategist. Very influenced be to heard is the experience from this man, since he’s like a ‘magician’ in the field of communication and also stands as a holistic man. Many of the bands/artists have felt his magic touch. In fact, not only the bands/artists – we all who heard it got the boom spirit. As a good friend of ours, he has been supporting us in many ways, either by motivating, brainstorming, sharing  ideas and so on. Since we know that talking with him has always been always fruitful, we want the new artists/bands and/or the band’s managers to get something from him too.

[flickr id=”8298173390″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Widyasena opened up with these simple words: “Do you know your band?” Do you know where you stand in the genre you’re playing inside? Who’s your audience? Upon the communication tools required, he pointed out that of all networking, the starting line is the networking amongst people themselves. Friends sit on top of the list. Not only is the music too fantastic to be enjoyed, an example of artists that has got his networkings set up right is Indra Lesmana – he’s all over the social media. Next up he spoke about the content: what’s to be communicated? And how to communicate it? Widyasena encourages bands to go ahead on their first big steps – the networking, the recordings, live shows. It’s all part of promoting the music. Other artist/bands that Widyasena mentioned were Barry Likumahuwa with his attractive play and interactive personality towards his fans, Dwiki Dharmawan who has relations in the government,  Public Enemy, Agnes Monica, and EQ Puradiredja of Humania who has great influence in Indonesian music industry and is music director of Java Festival Production. “Go international is so yesterday, man!” Widyasena quoted from Indra Lesmana. Why’s that so? Even uploading is considered as going international – it’s actually as simple as that. [flickr id=”8297123187″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] Being creative was the main point that want to be delivered here. Indra Lesmana, has succesfully released his album in a different form  by using an application from tab – which is interesting and inovative. In addition, the talkshow was closed by Riandy by gave an advice to the audience, he said “even if you – as bands/artists –  has already famous, it is important to be ‘down to earth.'”

As for the next session, Widyasena gave a chance to the audience who wanted to ask about anything related to the topic of Communication Tools for Your Band. Some of audiences asked  interesting questions which is also given interesting anwers by Widyasena. Overall, the Q & A session went interactively and it was also supported by WidyaSena’s funny personality. To end the workshop session, Riandy pointed out to the audience as an advice, “Whatever music you play, you must also be open to other genres of music, whether gospel, dangdut, pop, rock, or other genres.” The mike was then handed back to Widyasena who offered his last words: “‘Emerging the power and synergy?’ That’s how they say in English, I’ve heard it everywhere. But in Bahasa, we can put it in two simple words: gotong royong.”

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After the workshop by Widyasena Sumadio, Jazzuality Christmas Jazz continues with the music session! The audience must be curious on what the performace list consists of. To begin with, there came up several little children of around 6 years old on stage from Do Re Mi Music School to cheerfully sing “Hello Song”. Continue with the performance of Steffi, Michelle, Jose and so on with their own briefly but amusing entertainment by playing the electric [flickr id=”8297121041″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”]piano, along with the  instruction from Dyah Sekar. Surely, these kids has given us a warm laugh with their funny acts! They amazed the audience with their smooth voice on the stage, actually  not only their voices but also their cute behaviors. This Rumah Belajar Musik (The house to learn music) has shown their young skills and fresh spirit.

Imelda Rosalin as the founder who is also a senior pianist and singer accompanied the cute little kids to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” and “Jingle Bells”. Tina Ibrahim who had his children participated in this event also played trio with her flute students named  Mulan and Karina. They colaborated with a heavenly harmony by performed three songs: “Silent Night,” “Deck The Hall,” and “O Little of Betlehem.” Other performances by children of the same age played more Christmas charols such as “Angels We Have Heard On High”, “Joyful, Joyful”, “Rudolf  the Red-nosed Reindeer”, and many more to entertain the audience with not just beautiful music but also wonderful talented kids with their cute gestures. What a delight!

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The second performance was shown protege by Elfa Music School, Bandung. Question. Who doesn’t know about the school of late music legend Elfa Secioria? After Elfa passed away, his sons Camille Secioria and Cavelle Secioria are deeply kept rooted and productive in this school and carrying what their father had started.

[flickr id=”8298174288″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] This famous music school brings a cheerful atmosphere with a song “O Holy Night” from Resa. Then there was a duet by two pre-teen girls Yulinda and Karen who bravely took Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s song “When You Believe”. The next minute, they given us a creatively beautiful music affect from Girls Choir who sang the song entitled “Beyond the Sea” and after that “Firework.” A girl namely Amanda did a soothing solo with “I Believe in You”. A euphonic collaboration of a pretty voice with a minor melodious harmony. The next performance was from  Agatha and Tessa who brought a cheerful song from Mariah Carey entitled “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Not an easy song to pin, but again they had the guts to bring it in front of the public.

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The next up Venche Music School presented the three talented who have unique personalities, Grace Sahertian, David Manuhutu, and Ezra Manuhutu who’s still studying at junior high school, 3rd grade, to bring the different taste of music with their song.  F.Y.I., David and Ezra Manuhutu are the gifted fruits of Venche who bring a lot of swing with touches of modern jazz. While Grace is a fantastic soulful singer who we believe will be all over the Indonesia’s music scene really soon when her album’s released.

[flickr id=”8297127615″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] The first song was delivered by Grace Sahertian who brought up a jazzy-swaying atmosphere by singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Up with the next swinging tune was “White Christmas” where Ezra joined the stage with the saxophone. Merry, merry blues! “Amazing Grace” was another gospel song which melted our hearts and our ears. Such eargasm! The last song, “A Shelter in A Time of Storm”, was a charming closing from the three. Grace Sahertian did hit the stage this evening with her truly soulful, bluesy voice. Such a delightful performance featuring the soulful singer Grace Sahertian, the young piano prodigy who’s still pursuing his education at Berkeley College of Music at Boston, USA, David Manuhutu and his own brother with the saxophone as his musical instrument, Ezra Manuhutu.

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After a ten minute break, KPH (Kruisnode Piano House) Pro representing the music school KPH was on stage. We might be familiar with this name. Yep! It’s because we have covered their earlier performances such as at several KlabJazz’s events and also took part in Kampoeng Jazz Band Auditions. In the [flickr id=”8298178038″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”]band, there is Tito Gusfia on the vocals, Maulana Hadiansyah on the drums, Pradnya Pranidhana on the bass and the teacher/founder Andre Mangunsong himself on the electric piano.

They presented a twisted funk of songs such as “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, and a more bluesy hit with “Jingle Bells”. Other songs were “Just My Imagination”, a Mexican touch “La Bikinia” from their own sample album, and their last hit of the night, a classic piece from 1952 “Lullaby of Birdland” which is originally a swing jazz but this time, they carried it into the funk and straight-ahead genre of jazz. Pleasing to the ears for sure!

Founder Andre Mangunsong said, KPH has become a choice for many who have the interest to learn piano or even sing. The KPH music which has been running since 2009 has the curriculum standard based on the character competence along with the understanding and application of all kinds of music genre. A breakthrough from them to launch a program which allows anyone to study everything for the price as low as IDR 100.000 (around US$ 11) per month! What an excellent chance of building up your music skills!

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[flickr id=”8297130617″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] And then came the surprise! Out of nowhere, Bandung Street Dance Community (BSDC) appeared to the stage with their rhythm of funk dance. Four elastic boys stepped forward with their charming and attractive dance moves, hip-and-hopping their bodies with such great magic in the Capoeira touch blended with Christmas songs. Some tracks that accompanied their moves were Michael Bublé’s “Let It Snow”, Jason Mraz’s “Butterfly”, and Black Eyed Peas’ Spanish “Mas Que Nada”. A medley collision of funk, disco, salsa, and a touch of hiphop carried their swings as they took control over the stage. BSDC successfully put a spoonful of joy, happiness, and of course smiles in everybody faces, wanting to dance along with them. Combining jazz with street dance in wide perspective which involved Bboy, Locker, Tutter  and so on, why not? As Psy recently turn the world into a big, global dance with his Gangnam Style, everyone became very interested in dance all of a sudden. Well, this BSDC surprise package caught the attention of so many passers-by which gave them big applause and cheer all over their 6 minutes show. The move/decision of our founder to include them in turned out to be successful. Very short session, yet highly attractive and eye-catchy.

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Christ Stanley Project feat. Nesia Ardi came to the stage given what we planned to be the last performance of this special Christmas event. Coming from the new generation of well-established jazz musician, Christ Stanley has been gracing the Bandung jazz scene for quite some time, both as performing artist and curator of IFI’s Saung Jazz. With his current steady band Halfwhole [flickr id=”8297131281″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Project, he’s active in participated at some festivals not only in Bandung but all the way to the capital.  As for Jakarta-based Nesia Ardi, this young girl is a complete package. She has the classic jazz singer spirit inside her backed with attractive stage act.

Christ Stanley with Nesia Ardi started up with “Winter Wonderland”.  A happy swing came to brighten the atmosphere despite it already being night time. After that, the young skillful and unique Nesia Ardi sang “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” still swinging but this time with a little mixture of other sweets. Next with her favorite song “The Christmas Song,” Nesia Ardi and Christ Stanley has put us back drowning to the happy swinging moment. The last song was “Let It Snow,” – a classic Christmas song which has also been sang by various artists – where Nesia did an attractive muted trumpet sound in the middle of the song with her own voice followed by a fantastic piano solo by Stanley. The combination of lovely jazz piano playing and soulful swingin’ vocal style gave a fantastic ending according to our plan. They bagged many cheers and applauses from the audience. But was it really the end?

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Well, here’s a shot: There’s no jazz show without a jamming session, ain’t it so? That’s why, jazz-lovers, this one’s gotta include a session too! But there’s a surprise to it: unlike the usual jamming, we had a special jamming performance from Christ Stanley and a vocal teacher with fantastic all-round singing ability Erick Panggabean, along with dancers! Again, the boys from Bandung Street Dance Community reappeared with the twisty moves they have up front right after Stanley and Erick started off with an old-school blues “Amazing Grace”. In this song, the combination of Erick’s voice and Stanley’s full blues touch was awe-inspiring. Grover Washington’s “Just the Two of Us” with a beautiful touch of Rn’B and jazzy color filled up with two of the dancers, and this became a perfect way to close the night with an unique and amusing entertainment in our first attempt of Jazzuality Christmas Jazz.

[flickr id=”8298171814″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] Well, that was it, fellas! The Jazzuality Christmas Jazz in Bandung Indah Plaza’s “Light of Christmas” event has come to an end. We were all happy, hopefully the audience were entertained too. We would like to send our big respect to all the playing artists and the keyspeaker for the workshop for supporting our show, the sound engineers (especially Kanggep Kusuma who was kind enough to come for setting up the perfect level for jazz before the show started), the sponsors Aston Braga, IMTV, AXIS, Rase FM and others, partners Coca Cola, KlabJazz and Mara Radio, and of course, the lovely audience who came and watched the show up until the end. Hope you all enjoy the show, also hope that this small presentation could contribute enough in rising up the Christmas spirit in Bandung.

Christmas is right around the corner, and soon we will leave 2012 to enter the new year of 2013. Let’s make our wishes and look forward for a much better, fruitful and peaceful year, both for us all and for the Indonesian jazz. On behalf of Jazzuality.com, we wish you a Merry, Jazzy Christmas and fully blessed New Year. Joy to the world, let there be peace on earth!

[flickr id=”8299642758″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] See more pictures:

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Jazzuality reporting team are:
Reporter: Sharon Patricia Kandou, Kenny Caroline L, Tassia Loisha Putri
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana
MCs : Bintang S Tania, Shely Napitupulu
Team: Vierna Mariska, Mellysa Anastasya, Herdina Putri, Adott Jumbo

Special thanks to Mrs Muliani Herman of Infinity and Gita Achmad of BDSC


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