Jazzuality & Aston Braga: Romantic Jazz Dinner: The Report




Greetings, February! Cupid’s come by around the year again to send his little pink arrows through the hearts of every couple around town. This time, he’s also on duty to make the moments even sweeter by letting Jazzuality.com and Aston Braga Hotel & Residence pair up and prepare a superb dinner for the duos in love under the title of Romantic Jazz Dinner.

Located at the very heart of the area of Bandung known for its historical structures and sites, the fantastic event started at six o’clock in the evening up till ten at night. To be exact, it’s at the Tos Raos Coffee Shop, Aston Braga Hotel & Residence at Jl. Braga No. 99 – 101, Bandung. As the show’s starting, guests are excitedly prepared for the perfect Valentine package: a romantic full set dinner, a one in a million chance of red carpet experience, lovely bunch of flowers, tasty chocolates of romance and live jazz performances to gladly accompany the wonderful evening. After all, what’s a memorable occasion without the assistance of music?


Guests have started to pass the entrance since 6:00 pm and filled the room in enchanting dresses and gorgeous suits just to match with the atmosphere in which they are about to delight in. Love is in the air and the music from the performers just hit the trigger to finally begin decorating this heavenly Valentine’s Day.

According to our founder Riandy Kurniawan,  Jazzuality has been wanting to make something special like this in a very special romantic occasion. “Yes, there have been many Valentine’s dinner with live performance, but this time we bring not just one but two bands who can really jazz the Valentine’s Day celebration up in a very different stylesuit. “ he said.  “Not only for the jazz fans, but we have prepared it to meet the taste of common listeners in Bandung and the nearby cities,  complete with full set dinner, with a very affordable price.” he added. What he said can be reflected by the theme of this event, “In Love with Today’s Hits”.  It’s not difficult for us to guess that the bands will play songs that topped the charts recently. Familiar tunes, all in easy-to-chew jazz, all romantic. What’s not to love about it.

Appearing as the start in the line-ups, Christ Stanley as keyboardist and Edward Manurung as drummer, both from the HalfWhole Project, took the stage with bassist Jalu Rohanda to play along with Erick Gabe, a newcomer in the music scene. The band started first by playing sweet bossa tune “The Girl from Ipanema” as a smooth opening.


Erick then came forward joining the band, together they started by singing Tompi’s hits “Selalu Denganmu”, followed by Basil Valdez’s classic song, “You.”
“Mau Dibawa Kemana” originally from Armada Band then once again swung by Marcell now appeared in swingin’ blues from them.

After a little chit chat and handing some goodie bags to the lucky couple, Erick asked the MC Bintang to sing together. Accepting the challenge, they formed a duet and sang Maliq n’ D’Essentials’ “Dia” and Harvey Malaiholo’s “Begitulah Cinta”.


“For the last song I’m going to sing a very special song made for this occasion”, said Erick. It was his own song entitled “Valentine”. It was a beautiful song wrapped in jazzy blues, a song that we think will be a hit if it goes out as a single. Hopefully soon.

Together this team brought beautiful and popular love songs from the international top charts and also the well known local hits. Erick showed his capability in reaching high notes, doing the falsetto while still taking the smooth voice sailing into consideration so the guests could enjoy their dinners at ease. The three musicians backed him up all the way.

While the guests who sat  inside Tos Raos Coffee Shop enjoyed their meals while watching the live performance, the terrace side was occupied with some romantic couples as well. They chose the side where they could enjoy the more quiet outdoor surroundings. The music could still be heard, but there they could also shared their feelings to each other with more privacy. So, another kind of romantic vibe existed in this corner.


Then here’s one of the performers that you most probably have been eager to get on with: the Imelda Rosalin Trio. Just as the theme has been set, they are ready to bring the guests with favorable pieces of today’s hits. The Imelda Rosalin Trio consists of pianist and vocalist Imelda Rosalin, Rudy ‘Aru’ Zulkarnaen on the upright bass and Arifandi ‘Ari Aru’ Renaldi on the drums. This group of three have been supporting each other for more than a decade, making their chemistry stand on strong to one another.

As the main course on stage, the trio took each of their positions. John Legend’s “Ordinary People” became a sweet opening from them. “We usually play jazz standards, but for this time we’re going to play some smooth songs, the numbers you all know so well,” said Imelda.  Then the trio played a song which, according to them, suits to all kinds of love, “Isn’t She Lovely”.

The guests loved it when a very popular song from “Breaking Down” OST, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri was delivered elegantly, taylored in jazz standards. A very different atmosphere of this song unlike the original we used to hear and love. Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” was the next musical meal coming from them, followed by Norah Jones’ masterpiece “Don’t Know Why”.

“Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” were delivered again with sweet candy taste. “Just the Two of Us” bluesed the night away right after another Stevie Wonder’s classic, “Overjoyed.”

Imelda Rosalin Trio gave a very sweet performance in high quality. All songs were well known by the guests since they were listed in pop charts, yet the new jazz rearrangement this trio put created a new nuance to each song. “It’s actually fun to play pop songs like this,” said Imelda after the show to us while showing her happy face. She was happy, we were too. “This group played  a different game, a very good one.” said one of the guests to us.  Not everyday we could listen to the pop chart-toppers fashioned in jazz like this, thanks to Imelda Rosalin, Rudy Zulkarnaen and Arifandi Renaldi, the one last hour of this event was packed in a very special way.

One lovely couple who has been married for 10 years among the audience became the best dressed couple and won a prize. How remarkable to see a couple still sparks lots of love to each other after a decade of togetherness. Then three lucky door prize winners were also announced. Imelda Rosalin Trio gave one final song, probably the most romantic one she kept for last, “Loving You”.

Satisfied with a full set dinner menu, happy to experience a golden red carpet walk, holding a blissfully-arranged bunch of blossoms in hand with a bar of flavorsome chocolate, and, best of all, getting to enjoy jazz rhythms during the whole evening, the guests may now leave their seats and return home. No doubt, the occasion has left a stamp on the star couple’s memories as to how this year’s Valentine has been spent. The lively picturesque scenes of the harmonious, pleasant-sounding night of the romantic jazz dinner has successfully enlightened the hearts of the couples from the very moment they walked through the door and merrily brought the perfect lovey-dovey sensation suited with what Valentine’s really worth. With this, both Jazzuality.com and Aston Braga are pleased to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Reporter: Sharon Patricia Kandou
Photographer: Anggha Nugraha, Diera Anggianatasya
MC: Bintang Steffy Tania
Team: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan, Riandy Kurniawan