Java Jazz on the Move in Bandung: The Report




The annual biggest jazz fest in the world, the Jakarta International Djarum Super Mild Java Jazz Festival 2013 is getting closer, hitting us all on March 1 to 3, 2013 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.  Jazz Up the World, that’s the theme for this year promised many things along with mouth-watering lineup that none of us would dare to miss. This of course, including the most recent surprise created by this festival by announcing the participation of Craig David as the special show in this 9th edition of the festival, joining Basia, Joss Stone and Lisa Stansfield.

As a starter pack in spreading the jazz fever, the Java Festival Production held a series of pre-event as known as Java Jazz On The Move (JJOTM). In this pre-event there will be popular Indonesian or even some international artists to start igniting the fire. Served free, this series of event  takes place at popular hangout venues such as shopping centers, clubs, malls, and some occasions, universities. As the information from the official site of Java Jazz Festival 2013, the purpose of this event are creating a fever that only the main event,  Jakarta International Jazz Festival can cure.

February 16th – 17th, 2013 became the time when Java Jazz On The Move landed outside the main city Jakarta, visiting Bandung. The JJOTM only visited this city for two days but they successfully spread the fever in three occasions. On February 16th the events were held on the two different places. The first one ran from 3 PM to 6 PM at the Dago Plaza, then the second on 8 PM – 10 PM at the TFD Bistro Cihampelas Walk. While on the February 17th, 2013 the third occasion servedat Telkomsel Building Parking Lots on Riau street.

In the first session, Java Jazz On The Move came up with a super popular male singer from this city, Tulus, also the fascinating acoustic kids from Rumah Musik Harry Roesli Bandung 57kustik. Last but not least a local trio Fitzpatrick consists of Hinhin Agung Daryana (guitar), Soni Reffali (drum) and Paneu (bass).


In the same day a couple of hours after, TFD Bistro became the crime scene of the second round. The performer in this location jazz rockin’ the atmosphere high, dipping the crowds in total fun. The show featured a duo from Bandung called Suave with Aldi Nada Permana (guitar/vocal) and Lafa Pratomo (guitar). They played their own song “Make It Up” with ear catchy jazz style. Aldi and Lafa were actually a student from UPI and UNPAD that have performed far outside Bandung, for example at the Ambon Music Festival on October 2011.

After Suave came the talented set of street musicians from Rumah Musik Harry Roesli named their band as 57kustik. Consist of Ipan (violin), Negro (cajon), Yadi (guitar), Firman Ari (bass), dan Andry Septa (vocal). This band served acoustic jazz with splashes of beat and some experimental move. They have played with the famous saxophone artist Dave Koz last year at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2012. In this session they played jazzy instrumental song before delivering famous tracks such as “One love” and “Isn’t She Lovely” from Stevie Wonder. They carried on with the Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby”, Radiohead’s “High and Dry” until finally sealed it up with Sheila Majid’s “Sinaran”.


The second session was guarded by Mattew Sayersz, a young popular vocalist born in Bandung. Matthew found his fame after his sparkling contribution in Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP) and has participated in many other groups or projects such as Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Lopin Loop Band, Benny Likumahuwa & Young Jazzy Connections, Farabi Youth Big Band and Dwiki Dharmawan Project. Matthew collaborated with the 57kustik. He sang Chrisye’s classic “Kala cinta menggoda” and Sting’s “Englishman in New York”. His hit single “Cinta dan Sayang” became the last song that gained lots of cheers from the crowds.

Move on to the next day, Telkomsel Building Parking Lot at Riau street became the crime scene of JJOTM. As an opening, Tania Trio played some pop jazz with the composition of keyboard, cajon, and guitar. They played lovely with good performance by the singing guitarist Nathania Jualim. They jazzed up the moment with Jason Mraz’s “Make it mine” then Sandy Sandoro’s “Tak Pernah Padam” before covering “Start” originally by Depapepe. They also played their own song “Will You” and “This is Love”.


As a top performance, the acoustic duo that’s recently gain huge popularity in the music scene, Bubu Giri. The dynamic duo consists of Setia Giri Agung/Giri (guitar) and Ratna Dewi Anggraeni/Bubu (vocals)gave tasty groovy jazz blues with spontanity, the thing that makes them stand differently from any other players in the field. They gave some beat box while still holding the groovy stuffs over famous songs like “Heal the world”, “Billy jean” and “Skyfall”. The most fascinating from them came when they brought “Cinta Satu Malam”, originally a dangdut koplo song from Melinda and Armada’s “Mau dibawa kemana” with the taste of jazz mixed up with some beatboxing. Great isn’t it? They also presented their own song titled “Get the Music Started”, “We Give, We Talk, We Go” and “Music Everyday”. As they originally come from Bandung, they established good communication with the audience while singing and playing, resulting a very entertaining session. To end this show, the musicians from Rumah Musik Harry Roesli played Victor Wooten’s “Song for My Father” and “Declaration of Love.”


Yes! The atmosphere of Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013 is getting hotter. Trough the pre-event Java Jazz On The Move 2013, Bandung could taste the sweet appetizer before the main event. This series of JJOTM enabled the crowds to sing along and have fun without any difficulties. Other than that, this event also showed us that music should never be trapped in small, narrow boxes of genre. Jazz can always go along with other flavors to create something different, fresh and new. Matthew Sayersz stated the same spirit to Jazzuality too after the show. “Music shouldn’t be classified too strictly.. what matters is how to create a good one.” he said. Well said, Matthew. Other than the great performance by all participants, JJOTM also provided the crowds a chance to win the free ticket and merchandise through quizes. The ticket booth was also provided where people could buy the ticket with normal price and the cheaper student price. We’re exited to have the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013. Are you?  It’s coming very soon in just a couple of days. Make yourself well prepared. Don’t miss it, and see you all in Jakarta!

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Reporter & Photographer: Alfi Widoretno
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan