Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 : The Report



“Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head” was probably the most appropriate lyric to describe the situation during Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 on Friday (November 23, 2012) afternoon. The rainy weather which happens in Jatinangor, Bandung, and the surroundings these days might be one big concern for the committee that it could faze the event because of the outdoor stage area. But Joyful, joyful to the universe which made it didn’t stand so long. The gate opened at 2 pm where the first 500 visitors got free magazine and were welcomed by several friendly committee; then at 2:30 pm the gig was officially started and that means we were ready to have some fun.

The good thing about annual event is the better concept and program they serve in every year; and we could see that Faculty of Psychology (FAPSI) of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) favorably did it. They first started the event in 2008 but then waited for 3 years to launch its second edition in 2011. Placed at Lapangan PPBS UNPAD, Jatinangor, this year the Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 (JJE 3) had bigger stage, larger venue, more stand of sponsors, and of course more artists they successfully brought into Jatinangor. In fact there was a comment from a photographer about the stage, “Great to see FAPSI pay so much attention for the stage. It rarely happens in university’s gig. This absolutely a good one and the lighting is gonna be awesome for our (photographers) pictures.” Faculty of Psychology indeed tried to give the best for those who came to JJE 3 as they provided free transportation from the front gate of UNPAD to the area, the committee sheltered people who didn’t bring umbrella when entering the venue, and there were lots of food and drink (include coffee)’s stand to warm the night. They knew for sure the importance of hospitality even in a music event. If you see the crowd from the side of the artists on the stage, your eyes would be spoiled by the beauty of Mount Geulis shadowed by the fog. It what makes Jatinangor special and different from others; it has beautiful scenery of nature which you can’t get when you see music event in the middle of a city. This thing has something to do with the reason why the committee held the event in Jatinangor, not in Bandung; as the master of ceremony explained that they wanted to introduce Jatinangor to people and made it familiar in our ears.

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After speech from the chairman of BEM KEMA Fapsi and the chief of JJE 3 committee, the stage was slammed by three winners from the previous Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 Band Audition. The first who came on stage was Scarlet (3rd winner) which consisted of QIA as vocalist, Anggit as drummer, Angga as bassist, Iwan Popo as keyboardist, Iyong as guitarist, Zam Zam saxophonist, and Ifan as percussionist. They really showed their skill from the complex composition of the songs they made. The complexity itself could be so tricky since had they’re not careful, the compositions could fall into places. However, the satisfied responses from the audience signified the epic of their performance.

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Followed by Impression (2nd winner) who had Alman Naufal (drum), Ezra Anggar (saxophone), Ilham Septia (bass), and Yohan Gunawan (piano) as their member. The highlights from this band is the drummer who had rock beat on his play but still implied the jazzy tunes, nice explorative sax sound, lots of jazz chords from the keys and steady working bassline. As the show went by, they individually performed their great talent and charmed the listeners.

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Last but not least is Wannabejazzy (1st winner) contained of Desal on drum, Valent on bass, Nuriman on saxophone, Gilang on keyboard, and Hadis on Guitar. These fellows creditably gave us mature play and the saxophonist definitely goes wild when he played, perfectly capturing the scene of the era when bebop was just invented back then in the early 50’s. The phrasings, risky improvisations and top notch decision making by Nuriman was simply spectacular. It didn’t matter anymore whether the audience were really into serious jazz or not, the band’s naughty bites were really entertaining to all. They really proved the worth of winning the competition. All of them hopefully will continue playing jazz music and showing good progress in their young age so one day their name will be known as big as the artists who performed after them.

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Some people sat in benches at the edge of the area while some people were still standing in front of the stage with umbrellas on. It was five o’clock and the rain was heavy as David Manuhutu Project just finished their performance. David Manuhutu as pianist and the leader brought Sandy Winarta as drummer, Johanes Radianto as guitarist, and Kevin Yosua as bassist along with him. They opened the performance with Robert Glasper’s “Rise and Shine”, then “Jacob’s Labor”, “When it Rains” by Brad Mehldau, and closed by jazz standard Wayne Shorter’s “Black Nile”. While David, as we have reported several times, is home due to his break from his Berklee College of Music study, it’s great that he actually came home at the right time when there are plenty of jazz events to jump in. Having the experienced player with enabled him to translate his jazz soul over streams of notes and chords. Pure jazz, sheer ecstacy, plenty of goodies.

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It was rain, dark, and cold but the show must go on. Halfwhole Project was the next pleasurable band on stage. Along with Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe (electric bass), Edward Manurung (drums), Christ Stanley Khoewell Kainama (electric piano) and Kenneth Timotius Djaja (saxophone) as the personnel, they gave their best through “Chameleon”, “Strasbourg St. Denis”, “The Sauce”, and also “Smells like Teen Spirit”. Once again the modern jazz appeared friendly to everyone’s ears and eyes. As usual, the young Kenneth went on fire with cool gestures during his play. Steady drum and bass and classy finger dancing above the keys made this group successfully repeated their memorable gig from last year’s edition.

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Right after praying break, Grace Sahertian and Soul Survivor gathered the crowd again with the band playing the intro to  “Badu” by Erykah Badu which are readily snatched by the four backing vocals singing her name, Grace, until she came up to the stage with her little black dress. After the cool ensemble played ‘Badu” by Erykah Badu as an intro which consist of a short rap section that brought much applause from the audience, They went on with “Heartbeat” by Nneka and Erykah Badu’s “Yeyo”, which means ‘Mother’ in the language of Maasai Tribe in Kenya, East Africa.  Grace sang it very deeply that you could feel her soul and how this song affected her so much. “Music, it always lead me to magic. Music, keeps me away from tragic”, is an excerpt from her first single, “Honestunes”, which can be found in YouTube or her Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/grace-sahertian). It is also her forth song on the list and she closed their groovy performance with Kimbra’s “Call Me”. The Four backing vocals got their own chances to show their musical gifts through the medley of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, Maroon 5’s “Payphone”, Pussycat Dolls’s “Don’t Cha”, Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music” sang by Theoresia Rumthe, Eka Karya, Desy Magdalena and Ayub Jon respectively.  Together with AJ.theReal as keyboardist & additional backing vocals, Utha Ramadhan as bassist, Bagaskara Fulki as guitarist, and Eggy (Agung) Ramandha as drummer, all of them really pointed out the unity of Soul Survivor whom personnel are always assisting Grace Sahertian to give the best to their listeners.

The latest news about Grace is that her album is on the way. Can’t wait to grab her works in one package and we will definitely pay more attention to her because of the soulful music that she plays. Just like Grace’s friend, Tulus, who has rocketed fast, it is most likely that it’ll also happen to her soon, because of those fresh tunes and awe-inspiring lyrics, also not forgetting her high class, rich, soulful voice, a gift from above. She has it all, and now it’s her time to shine much brighter than ever.

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JJE 3 was balancing our mood with the sequence of the artist; after gave dancing-time with Grace Sahertian and Soul Survivor, now they turned us mellow while feeling the chill in Jatinangor that night along with Payung Teduh. [flickr id=”8222462825″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] The atmosphere automatically changed into romantic yet calm as they entered the stage. Couples drew nearer and girls came upfront the stage. Consist of Moh. Istiqamah Djamad (vocal and guitar), Comi Aziz Kariko (contra bass), Ivan (trumpet), and Cito (drum), without platitude this band played “Tidurlah” straightaway and “Berdua saja”. They continued with third song, “Untuk Perempuan” then “Angin Pujaan Hujan”, “Menuju Senja”, going on with “Diujung Malam”, and ended up with “Resah”. In this event, Ivan tried his first time to play trumpet and definitely gave fresh sound level in their performance. In their songlist interval, the vocalist Is said that they were not accustomed to made conventional phrase of greetings and interaction with audiences but it didn’t bother their lover and kept sing along with them as their un-jazzy-enough-performance was also not disrupted the whole musical appearance. Nowadays Payung Teduh is well-known as an independent musician with their unhampered creation and unique work; these specialties make them real fast connect with the youngster because their music represent the freedom of young people. Their tunes are mostly played acoustically, have touch of Indonesian vintage, some new approaches to keroncong (kind of similiar to Spanish’ Fado) and nuance of jazz. It makes them more special in music industry and many bigger stages are waiting for them to perform.

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[flickr id=”8223535622″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Soulvibe was the eighth entertainer for Jatinangor and from beginning they successfully made the girls screaming louder because of their charming vibe. Abenk and Bayu (lead vocal), Handy (bass), Frans (keyboard), Rio (synth), Caesar (drum), and Iga (gitar) together kicked the crowd with “Arti Hadirmu”, and then they gave “Your Smile” also “Syalala” as introduction from their latest- third album, Gravitasi. Abenk and Bayu were constantly accosted their fans as they did right before the forth song “Berlian”. Next stop was “Dan Bila” from Antartika; in “Dilema” they asked the audience to do collaboration between Soulvibe featuring Jatinangor, what a dulcet offer. Not so long they continued with their hits, “Masih”, “Biarlah”, and “Antartika” as the closing. Really could feel the soulful vibe, really couldn’t stop dancing. 7 energetic boys did drop their bombs at the right ground. It was burning.

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For him, it was the first musical doing in Bandung-Jatinangor, yes Andezzz together with Jeane Phialsa as drummer, Rieke Astari as keyboardist, Shinta Lestarini as pianist, and Brinets Sudjana also Aishavira as vocalist brought up five songs in JJE 3. The composition were “Electric Lov3” as the opening, it has three (3) instead of ‘e’ because it indicates the third (latest) album, then  “Bawalah Aku” as first single within the newest album, continued with medley “Aku Jatuh” “Tersenyumlah” “Saat itu Juga”. Next was a song which has special meaning for Andezzz, “Only You”, and he closed with “Pergi” a song based on his personal experience and it signified his first step in music career. Edward [flickr id=”8222459501″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] Fernandez notoriously known as DJ, a pioneer in nujazz movement with SOVA, and he is also really qualified in music composition, bassist, and song arrangement. Electric Lov3 as his latest album is complete forms of a complete Andezzz which probably point out another sides of him that anyone else doesn’t know well. It may be the modern way of enjoying jazz. Monster groove, ear-spoiling tunes, bunch of lovely ladies and the joy of performing packed as one complete package of fun. Not only they kept the fire burning, they also rose the heat to hit above the roof.

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[flickr id=”8222464079″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Jatinangor Jazz Event was made by folks of Faculty of Psychology in UNPAD whose age isn’t more than 25. However, the last guest star of this event was a band which had their famous era more than 10 years ago. In fact, they still got their sparkle that night as we could see many youngsters knew their songs well and memorized the lyrics. How long their music stays! The Groove consists of Rieka and Reza on vocal, Tanto on [flickr id=”8222463937″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] keyboard, Ali Akbar on piano, Ari on guitar, Rejoz on percussion and vocal, Detta on drum, and Youke on bass. They perhaps were the oldest band on JJE 3 but it didn’t mean the crowd (mostly young people) had no connection with them. The long journey they had been through and many stages they had giving The Groove more than enough experience in pleasing their lover. Opened the show with “Funkier than Ever (intro)” then “Sepi” from second album, “Katakan dengan Cinta”,  “Satu Mimpiku (1999)”, “Let’s go reunion”, continued with “Pangeran Putri”,  then two ultimate hits “Dahulu” and “Khayalan”.  They said their fifth album will release soon, hope we can get it soon. November seems to be a very fruitful month for The Groove as they have been landed everywhere and made smiles appear from thousands of people. Rieka Roslan’s strongpoint of writing songs and their groovy jazz passsion might be enough to make the job done, but the extra mile comes from their highly interactive stage act which always involve the audience as a part of them. Speaking of one final blow to seal this third edition of JJE 3, it was really, really, delicious. Seriously, we never get enough of them. Let’s keep groovin’!

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Through JJE 3, FAPSI definitely proved their promise that we could feel the Orjazzm in this event. Various artists in their list probably not all really represent the real jazz but does the label in music really matter? A rock band can play mellow in different gig, pop band can play jazz when they want it that way. As long as a person call him/herself a musician and along with their vocal or instrument they can create anything they want and thank universe those musicians chose Jazzy area for Friday night. In one big stage they share their tunes, skill, happiness, and love in one thing called music which is labeled jazz. Jatinangor will always thirst for this ‘still-unusual-genre-among-youth’, therefore we hope Jatinangor Jazz Event going to extend their incredible event every year and may be the trigger for another similar gig from university student, for student, in Jatinangor, in one music, Jazz.

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Reporter: Mellysa Natasya
Photographer: Shely Napitupulu, Raymond Herlindo , Winda Riyantika
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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