JAKJAZZ CARES FINAL: Ireng Maulana and Friends


Eugene Lodewijk Willem Maulana, that’s the real name of the living legend Ireng Maulana. He’s one of the most important milestones in Indonesian Jazz History and music history in general, as he has been contributing in many ways for a very long time. He joined Eka Sapta Band in the 60’s with Bing Slamet, Idris Sardi and Benny Mustafa. This is a legendary group that still well remembered by many seniors up to this day. Besides this group, his Ireng Maulana All Stars which he formed in 1978 is also famous. One of the thing we remember from Ireng Maulana All Stars is the way they brought ragtime back again in their music and how cool he was playing the banjo. Ireng Maulana is also the founder and conceptor or should we say the brain behind JakJazz which was started in 1988. He’s a real fighter that is always willing to fight for something he truly believes. Ages are just numbers for him, he’s still showing a lot of passions and spirit today.

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Ireng Maulana & Friends (37)Ireng Maulana gave a final show for tonight in big. They delivered swing, samba, and mainstream jazz among other classic jazz flavors. The crowds reached the maximum amount for the final. In front of the fully crowded audiences Ireng Maulana and Friends (Sam Panuwun on piano, Cendy Luntungan on drums, Didiek SSS on sax and Harry Toledo on bass) brought the guest singers one by one. Ermy Kullit sang “L-O-V-E”, followed by Margie Segers with “In a Mellow Tune” and Bertha sang “One Note Samba”. They carried on with playing just instrumental with Didiek SSS in action.They made this session just like a cool jam session. Rio Moreno even took part replacing Sam Panuwun in one song.

Ireng maulana & Friends (2)Ermy Kullit came back to sing “Pasrah”, Margie Segers brought her first hit “Semua Bisa Bilang” then Bertha brought Ismail Marzuki‘s “Payung Fantasi”,then continued with Basia‘s “Baby You’re Mine”. The party continued on until it reached exactly midnight, and Ireng Maulana gave a closing speech as well as introducing everyone behind the event.  This by far should be listed as one of the most unforgettable ending of JakJazz.

Two days jazz fiesta has finally come to an end. We feel very happy that JakJazz has finally appeared once again this year. It was in the new form of charity that was set to help the victims of earthquake/tsunami in Mentawai, the volcano eruption of Mt Merapi and the floods in Wasior, JAKJAZZ CARES. It was for a good cause, but at the same time we were fully entertained by some of the finest local jazz artists range from legends, seniors, icons, today’s stars, emerging forces to the wonder kids who have shown their rare qualities. Syaharani said that this year’s JakJazz was like a big gathering of local jazz communities, and we think she’s got a point there. We need big festivals to bring on the jazz heroes from our own resource, a place where they can pour down their ability, creativity and souls, and at the same time we, as the jazz lovers could enjoy their showcases under a very friendly atmosphere. JakJazz has always been remembered by their familiarity for more than a decade now, and we still feel it this year. No matter what shape JakJazz appears as, the same spirit is still the same.

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Rainbow-like selections of artists, brilliant performers, some surprising comebacks, cross-generation collaborations, reunions, various tasty jazz styles were presented at JakJazz. It’s been a wonderful two days of jazz-vaganza where we could also show how big our sympathy and care towards our own brothers and sisters who urgently need our help. The party was big, the fundraising was successfully executed, but above all we are really happy to see the return of JakJazz which we missed dearly since 2008. The brain/founder/promotor Ireng Maulana, the PR and coordinator Rully Simangunsong together with SHARK as the event organizer have done a fine work. It was an excellent decision to held the JakJazz right at the heart of Jakarta, which is not too far to reach. Having it inside the spacious brand new mall of Gandaria City was a good choice too in our opinion. We need an event to accomodate our local jazz communities, talents and resources, we need a place where the artists and fans could blend together intimately, and JakJazz has provided it very well. We even think it will be good if JakJazz could carry on this concept for years to come.

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We give our highest respect to all the organizers. Thank you for bringing JakJazz back again, and we hope this to be the new dawn of more success to come. We also thanks all the audiences who have shown their supports by donating during the shows. May God always be with you, JakJazz. Keep the spirit up, never give up, because no matter what you are one of the Indonesian jazz legacy that are loved by many and should still live on, and on, and on. We still need you, we love you. Kudos for a wonderful jazz fiesta, we hope to see you back again next year with another surprises.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Ata Michaella, Muhammad Fadhly
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana, Thomas Ardhi Nugroho