Indra Lesmana & Mostly Jazz XXI ft Andien: The Report


Mostly Jazz has been held for 21 times now. By reaching this amount of edition, this regular weekly event that was designed by Indra Lesmana and his dear wife Honhon Lesmana at Red & White Lounge surely has many stories in it. First of all, this event has become a hanging out place for artists especially fellow jazz musicians. That turns the venue to be a place full of jazz spirit, where you can instantly feel the jazzin’ lifestyle whenever you step into it every Sunday. After getting busy for the whole week, often they are still playing until late at night, and then on Sunday night they can release their energy for fun by playing together, or simply if they only want to have some relaxing hours in a cozy and exclusive place. Mostly Jazz provides it all. If you’re not a musician or jazz artist, you can hang out with these artist from a very close range. The stage is set right in the center of Red and White Lounge and you can sit really near to the performers. Before or after play, the artists also love to mingle everywhere all over the room, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get to know them closer than ever. By presenting high quality of jazz week after week, along with all the variations of guest stars, Mostly Jazz has successfully shown how rich our jazz scene really is. If you look at it from this point, it’s surely like a dream come true to be able to enjoy all these quality along with the exclusivity with a very affordable price. We have to give the credit to Indra and Honhon Lesmana’s Mostly Jazz for that.

So far there’s no problem to hold this event regularly every week because everyone are doing their part. “All the party who are involved are always enthusiast, that makes each of Mostly Jazz edition is a success.” said Indra Lesmana. One thing he also noted is that even with simple way of promotion Mostly Jazz has growing number of audiences. That shows how popular Mostly Jazz is among the jazz lovers especially who reside in Jakarta today.

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In the XXI edition the highlight was given to Andien. Andini Aisyah Hariadi, the birth name of Andien is popular as a female jazz singer of the country. Starting very early at the age of 14 when she made phenomenal hattrick in then-popular Asian singing competition Asia Bagus, she’s been singing for more than a decade now. Produced by her own mentor Elfa Secioria, she released her debut album “Bisikan Hati” just a year later. The album got huge success and then followed by “Kinanti” (2002), “Gemintang” (2005) and the most recent one,Kirana” (2010).

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Exactly at 9:15 pm the Mostly Jazz XXI edition was opened by Indra Lesmana and Indra Aziz. Indra Lesmana said that Andien is a very talented singer and one of a kind. Indra Lesmana has known her for years, at least since she was still 17 years old. It was the time when Indra Lesmana acted as one of the producers for her second album Kinanti. Once Indra said to us, “At that time Honhon and I wanted to reshape her image to fit her own age. We want to capture Andien in her teenage life. We tried to dig everything about her as possible as we could, even looking at the way she dressed. At the same time we also wanted to grab the young audiences at her age too. That’s why we gave her contemporary music at that time, giving jazz with urban soul flavors like RnB in it.” That proved to be a right decision, since right after that Andien successfully emerged as a young female singer with specific jazz vibes that could represent her youth but still suitable for all age music listeners. 11 years later, Indra Lesmana added his touch again in her latest album Kirana. Indra Aziz called her “petit singer with a big heart”, and that’s also true. [flickr id=”5733151087″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”]With all the ups and downs, Andien shines even better than ever. As she enters the beginning of a new period, a mature Andien, it’s certainly a crucial point for her to decide what she wants to do next. But looking at her passion and spirit to bring the best of her in everything, we have no doubt that Andien still has many things to give in the future.

Andien came on stage after the short opening speech. She looked stunningly beautiful in red dress. “Masih Bisa Tertawa” became the first warm greeting from her. Her lovely smooth voice seduced everyone in the lounge. She continued with “Cinta” which was written by Nikita Dompas, the guitarist, the producer of Kirana and also her long time friend. She was full of joy while singing this song. Then came “Gemilang”, a cover of Krakatau‘s famous hit that now reappeared fresh on the surface.

For the fourth song, Andien sang her second single from Kirana, “Pulang”. She continued with “Together Again”, right before asking Indra Lesmana to join in. Indra Lesmana agreed and merged with Andien and the rest of her band including Ali Akbar (piano), Bonar Abraham (bass), Nikita Dompas (guitar), Rayendra Sunito (drums) and Didiet (violin). This combination stunned the crowds as they brought the classic Trie Utami‘s hit from 1988 titled “Keraguan” gloriously.

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[flickr id=”5733147907″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”] “Menjelma” and “Tentang Aku” became the next presentation before Andien and the band sealed with “Moving On”. By now this song should already be familiar to us as it’s been played often on many radio stations and also since it’s used by one of the cellular provider in Indonesia. It’s never a dull moment with Andien. While she now appears in more mature way but still she’s just as cute and sweet as always. “I’m still the same Andien.” she said. At this occasion she also said that Indra Lesmana has given her so many references in music. In the end, the audiences were fully entertained with this Indonesian sweetheart, just like in everywhere else she landed.

As usual the show went on with the Jam Session. This second round of the event is always entertaining in a very special way. It’s always served unpredictable and full of action. There were lots of musicians participating in it such as the Jammin’ host Indra Aziz singing and playing his sax, Tompi, two other saxophonists Samuel and Iwan, two young violist Dika Chasmala and Aryo, drummer Dimas Pradipta and the legendary guitarist Oele Pattiselano among others.

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They all had fun up until the last song, Oasis’ “Wonderwall”. Indra Lesmana couldn’t hold himself for joining. He jumped right into the pool and added his electric touch. His appearance alongside with Nikita Dompas, Rayendra Sunito and J Mono heated up the after midnight hour intensely. Big applause were given to everyone when Mostly Jazz XXI edition reached the end.

[flickr id=”5733144759″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] All in all, again Mostly Jazz went very successful. Andien was captivating, making the color of this edition of Mostly Jazz appeared vibrantly different. Everyone were satisfied, whether all playing musicians that released all their energy left inside or the attending jazz lovers. Thank you Indra Lesmana, Honhon Lesmana, Andien and everyone else for a wonderful gig. This Sunday Mostly Jazz will bring another different color by presenting Endah N Rhesa for its 22nd edition.  This is a couple made in heaven that always shine romantically on stage while playing ear-catchy songs with a very, very friendly attitude. You can read the full info here: . Just like the other previous editions, this one is not to be missed as well. See you there!

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Reporter: Banyu
Photographer: Fauzan Azizi
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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