Indra Lesmana and Mostly Jazz VIII: The Report


Once again, Mostly Jazz has served the best of their performance. This weekly event was already at their 8th set. Mostly Jazz is one of the campaign for the development of Jazz in Indonesia; Indra Lesmana and his wife, Honhon Lesmana are behind the fast moving solid Jazz community.

Mostly-Jazz-(3)Due to the fast growing numbers of rising talents in Indonesia, Mostly Jazz had gone from once a month to twice a month; Now it becomes a weekly event that is held at Red & White Lounge, every Sunday. It took a great effort of Indra and Honhon Lesmana to manage the event weekly. It is a very necessary motion to have a strong solid community and campaign in order for our Indonesian jazz community to evolve and grow. It is the home where any Indonesian Jazz musicians are able to express their arts and talents. It is the home where you can feel the excitement of the jazz spirit that is totally unique with their Indonesian-touch. It is the home where the Indonesian Jazz musicians can have their “dialogue” despite of their differences in the language of music in between the musicians themselves and to the jazz listeners out there. And that was Jazz is all about, it is not just about the music, it is the lifestyle, even the life itself.


Mostly-Jazz-(23)This week Mostly Jazz’ stars were Fransesca Prihasti Quartet featuring Monita Tahalea, as the vocalist. Fransesca Prihasti is a remarkably gifted musician with her experimental style of playing. She is currently still studying at Australian’s Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she will be graduated in two years. She obtained International Student Merit Scholarship 2009 due to her ingenious talent. She has established her own quintet in Sydney and performed in Java Jazz Festival in 2007 playing her own  compositions. She is a high-spirited musician who desires to learn more about music and are ready to reckon the world with her endless liveliness. The quartet was formed when she visited Bandung for Sunday Jazz XV to join in the Chaka Priambudi trio, with Chaka Priambudi himself as the bassist and the drummer, Sandy Winarta. However, this time they made her as the lead of the quartet with the addition of the effortless guitarist Johanes radianto.

Mostly-Jazz-(21)Monita Tahalea, with her sweet crystal clear voice spiced up the quartet jamming session. She was competing for Indonesian Idol 2 in 2005. Even though she was not the winner, her potential was being  noticed by one of the jury, Indra Lesmana. Now, she has released her debut solo album, “Dream Hope and Faith”. Her sweet yet melancholy vocal brought out the romanticism of jazz.

Indra Aziz and Indra Lesmana unfolded the Mostly Jazz VIII by introducing the stars of the night, Fransesca Prihasti Quartet and Monita Tahalea. The first period was performed by the quartet, playing  Fransesca’s original arrangements, “Let It Go” which was performed by Chaka Priambudi, Sandy Winarta and the pianist herself, Fransesca Prihasti. As the opening song, it worked as the “appetizer” of the night. A very uplifting melody that made you crave more of what happened for the rest of the night.

Next, another Fransesca’s compositions “Greg’s Gift”, where she brought a mellow cool jazz with her solo piano at the start; a sentimental flick at the heart. Furthermore, she brought out her adventurous bebop-hued arrangement “Miss PC”, reminded us back to the great musicians such as Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane era.


Mostly-Jazz-(5)Then, Monita Tahalea was invited to the stage with the quartet. They performed the sweet song of “Rainbow Connection”. Monita’s melancholy sound blended perfectly with the whole arrangements of the quartet creating a chill ambience. “Butterfly” came next with the cool jazz and Monita’s sound was flirting around the tunes. And, the unique sound of “Datdere” with thick sound of the blues and Monita’s scat just brought the ambience up to another realm. The first period of Mostly Jazz VIII was sealed and bowed with Burt Bacharach‘s composition “Alfie”. It was done by Fransesca on piano and Monita. They were complementing each other, carrying out the romantic realm of a love song.


Mostly-Jazz-(16)The second period of Mostly Jazz VIII started with “My Favourite Things”, the popular soundtrack of the Sound of  Music. It was carried out groovy and gracefully by Indra Lesmana, Chakra Priambudi, Sandy Winarta, Johanes Radianto and Indra Aziz on vocal. You can actually see they were having fun, experiencing the excitement and connection between them. They continued carrying out few tunes after such as “There Will Never Be Another You” reminded of Chet Baker’s version in bebop touch, and “God Bless The Child” with twins Mian Tiara and Mian Meuthia as the vocalists. Andien replaced them soon after with the classic swing we still love dearly today, “Bye Bye Blackbird”. There were many guest stars participating in the jam session, such as saxophonists Damez Nababan and Donny Koeswinarno, guitarist Aditya Bayu, pianists Rio Moreno, Fanny Kuncoro, bassists Kevin Yosua, the kid prodigy drummer Nathan Gulo among others. The Mostly Jazz’ jammin’ ritual in this edition appeared hot and intense just like how it’s made in the previous ones.


Mostly Jazz brings out the inner self of the performers. It invites the adventurous and wildness side of  each musicians to express themselves in their way. The event is getting hotter and interesting every time every week. The performances are always jaw-dropping exhilarating. It is jazz, but they still preserve their Indonesian culture in every notes that they are playing; humble and colourful. It is the event where they get together and communicate in the language of jazz. The moment where people are at the next level of way of thinking and it is Jazz. Mostly Jazz will go further up with the support of the solid and strong Indonesian jazz community, with Indra Lesmana’s and Honhon Lesmana’s hardwork for managing the event. The Indonesian jazz movement will grow and evolve where Mostly Jazz is one of the most important part of it. This Sunday another interesting group will take the spotlight, Groens Project. It’s time to enjoy the siblings Elfa Zulham and Dhani Syah together with Johanes Radianto and a contrabassist from Italy, Mattia Magatelli. Don’t miss it!

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Reporter: Edria Kosasih
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan, Fardhani Ramadhana


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