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“Remember remember! The fifth of November” is a famous catch-phrase we knew from the dystopian thriller movie ‘V for Vendetta’. it was actually a piece of a poem made to honor Guy Fawkes day. In Indonesia, this month is celebrated for our National Heroes Day, where tens and hundreds of brave men died in order to defend Surabaya, the capital city of east Java, from the Allied forces in 1945. Until today we actually still have heroes in terms of figures admired for his achievements, noble qualities, shows great courage or dare enough to make some new inventions that can benefit others, today’s and future generations. A hero is someone who never stops to inspire others, who keeps develop himself for the benefit of many people, a person who brings his country across the globe. We also would like you to remember the eleventh of November, the day where the Indonesia’s jazz icon Indra Lesmana officially released his new, revolutionary piece of art.

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Just a couple of days ago we have announced the release of Indra Lesmana’s 21 solo album entitled “11:11” which wasn’t intended to appear in the shape of physical CD but groundbreakingly made as an iOS Application. With a very cheap price of only US$ 3.99, available at the App Store ( or simply browse the store and search for Indra Lesmana HD), this application gives you more than just merely 5 new songs so far. He’s going to add more songs until it reaches 11 tracks, but what’s even more exciting is that you can have some games, videos and music sheets too in there, if being able to connect with him hasn’t attracted you already. As far as we know, nobody has done it before, at least in Indonesia. What’s more to say is that all songs were made by using iPad and selected applications. So this revolutionary step can aways be taken as the new, modern way of making music, also as a new solution in distributing your music. The complete story of Indra Lesmana’s revolutionary new masterpiece can be read in this article: If you haven’t read it yet, do spend some of your valuable times to check that link first.

[flickr id=”8177874902″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] Unlimited inspiration is a suitable phrase for tonight. Once again, a small cozy lounge in Kemang, The Red White Lounge became the crime scene of an event that could change the face of Indonesia music industry once and for all. “well, again a surprising  invention came from Indra Lesmana.” said one of a readers to us. Well, who else? He’s a man who has inspired many, never runs out of ideas and inspirations, and always know how to execute them all into something real. He has done a lot of contributions in Indonesia’s jazz development to reach higher levels. He’s experienced everything from classical, swing, fusion, modern jazz (bop, hard bop and so on) and free jazz, even to touch the ethnic musics,  yet he is still hungry to try new things. He started surprising us by combining dubstep and jazz by using iPad, resulted a song titled “Two Steps at a Time”, released a couple of months ago (read the article here: From there he crafted an interactive iOS application where the fans/buyers could sing along, play along, and listen to his newest album, 11:11. So it’s more than just an eargasm, it’s total fun packed with many stuffs and will constantly be updated. Amazing.

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Exactly at 9.15 PM, Indra made his speech, accompanied by a representative from K1W1, his app developer and Andre Muljadi, the Brand Manager of Magnum Filter. He sat there on behalf of the Sampoerna TBK, a company who also believes that inspiration has to go without limit. Widyasena Sumadio acted as the MC for this opening speech. Indra Lesmana was very happy with how the technology develops. Years ago where people bought CDs, Indra always curious about who listened to his songs, whether they like it or not, or what they thought about his works.  Now, through this digital format application plus the social media, Indra could always be alerted of the fans’ reactions. He could get a quick feedbacks from his fans, which can stimulate him to upgrade himself more. “Interactions between the developers, the musicians, and the users should exist… this is a new thing for creative industries. This app is the first ever in the world”, he said. And we all have to be proud of it. Indra was very happy that he could finally launched this app for public before the eleventh of November. “For me 11:11 is a special number since I’ve been seeing it all the time, though it’s not something superstitious”, he continued. Superstitious or not, those numbers brings luck to him and recorded as sets of magic number worth to remember.

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“This album is also very special to me because it involved my wife and sister  for writing the lyrics, and my daughter, Eva Celia who sang with me”, he continued. The lyrics of “The Sign” in this album was written by his dear wife Honhon Lesmana, reminding us of how we should be aware of the sign given by the universe, and about karma “what comes around, goes around” he said. Mira Lesmana, his sister who’s famous as the director, producer and songwriter, wrote the lyrics of “Angels on My Side” which was inspired from Indra Lesmana and Eva Celia’s life story. Mira said “The parting between Indra and Eva was never an easy one, still, I believe that there are angels who connect them, who help them to feel each other”. This song reunited Mira and Indra’s collaboration again after many years past. Mira came to the show along with his husband Mathias Muchus and their son. On this song, both Indra and Eva collaborate together, and this is the first time ever we could hear Eva’s beautiful voices in an album. Up to this day, the application has been bought by more than 280 people throughout 8 countries worldwide, and it was only 3 days since the release.

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[flickr id=”8177843787″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] At 11 PM, the musicians ready in their own position. Indra Lesmana on keyboard, Barry Likumahuwa on bass, Muhammad Rafi with electronic drum pad, and Rifka Rachman on second keyboard, using 3 iPads at once. Unlike the gig we covered before, this time the band appeared as the iPad Band by having no less than 8 iPads and 2 iPhones connected up to their instruments, used as effects, mixer, amplifier and so on [flickr id=”8177875188″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] with selected applications. In front of full-house crowds, the launching concert started with the title track “11:11” as the opening then continued with “Two Steps at a Time.” People nodded their heads, enjoying every bit of his music. You might not be a true fan of dubstep, but this is something else. The dubstep jazz that Indra created is really pushing the word crossover to the limit. The improvisation of jazz and the dubstep become one. It’s not like the dubstep is just a decoration to make his tunes more electronic or modern, no. Indra improvised the dubstep itself to be something new. It’s not a new thing to combine high tech gadget into the good old jazz. Nu jazz was developed long before this, but somehow his crafts successfully brings something fresh. The song continued with “The Sign”. After that, live from Los Angeles, Eva joined in the band through Skype and sang in a song called “Angels On My Side”. If some wondered before about the internet connection that could make the Skype experienced some lag times, it didn’t happen at all. Celia could join their performance in Jakarta all the way from Los Angeles in real time without any problem at all, resulting another breakthrough in this way cool gig. They ended up the show with “Reborn”, Indra Lesmana’s song written 12 years ago but now taylored into a whole new chiptune 8-bit sound.

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[flickr id=”8177842589″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] It’s not easy to describe what we saw last night at the Red White Lounge since we had a new experience in watching a musical performance, but maybe we could sum it up into two simple words: revolutionary and inspiring. Indra Lesmana was fully satisfied with their exciting first ever gig, and Barry Likumahuwa also expressed his feeling after the play: “It was such a new experience.. really different. The new technology brings more colors and new nuance. Fresh!” We always consider Indra Lesmana as a hero who bought jazz into a whole new different level, and marked the November 2012 as the moment of our music revolution. We’d also like to congratulate Barry Likumahuwa, Muhammad Rafi, Rifka Rachman, the developer and everyone else involved in this project for making the unthinkable came true in awe-inspiring result. So if we twist the V for Vendetta’s catchphrase into “Remember remember! The Eleventh of November”, that should ring the bell from now on to us. We will never forget it.

Get the App here: or simply search the App Store (coming soon for iPhone, iPod and then Android).

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Reporter: Novan Yahya Renatal
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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