ESQI:EF Syaharani & Queenfireworks’ “ANYTIME” Launching Concert: The Report


ESQI:EF "ANYTIME" Launching Concert

Four years ago we saw a very attractive, creative and dynamic group consisted of three founder under the name of Syaharani and the Queenfireworks a.k.a ESQI:EF raised on the music scene with their debut album “Buat Kamu”. This album received a very well response by the music lovers from different backgrounds. It was the rainbow-like variety, fresh concept and smart lyrics over 12 songs made by these creative brains that made the album got a remarkable acceptance from the market. At that time we saw the birth of ESQI:EF. With the concept they offered at that time, we just knew they were really promising as a unit and they would speak loud for a long time to come. In fact we also believed that they would bring something new to the music trend. Looking at the ideas, passion and spirit they carried, why not?

esqief-anytime-launching-concert (3)We already heard about the coming of their new album 2 years ago while we interviewed Syaharani at the road to JakJazz 2008. But it wasn’t until 2 years later, at this present time finally we saw the release of their second album. Using the title “ANYTIME”, the album steps further with a fresh new concept. 10 new songs, one song with two different versions and one recycled filling up the album, still with lots of variety, still made creatively and seriously. As the result, we have a very solid second album that will stun their fans and new listeners right from the very first note they play. We have reviewed “ANYTIME” a week ago (check out the review of ESQI:EF SYAHARANI and the QUEENFIREWORKS’ “ANYTIME”) , and now the official launching party was made last night, May 26, 2010.

esqief-anytime-launching-concert (10)It was a cozy evening, the weather was just perfect to have this important milestone of ESQI:EF’s career. Held in Blackstreer Auto Lounge – FX lifestyle Jakarta, the launching ceremony together with a very special concert and also official press release for ESQI:EF’s “Anytime” were designed in sincere hospitality. Syaharani, Didit Saad and Donny Suhendra are the founders. They all share the same vision, “music to share” regardless of the genres. They just hold the roots of music and play along those lines serving wide variety of ear-catchy music in crossover. Light jazzy, power pop, acoustic, lounge dance, retro, classic rock, blues to bossa, you name it, can appear in delightful harmonies in their hands. The first album, “Buat Kamu” has shown their free-minded style of music, now with “Anytime” they prove it once again. The rest of the band were there too. Sirhan M Bahasuan, Kristian Dharma , Ian Ingram, Fajar Trias, Marwan, Dave Laurence and Iwano Coconut were present too.

It was 4 years in the making. Why took so long? The reason is because they wanted to care about even the small details. Even with using the modern technology with digital recording, they didn’t want the album to get into the “machined-music” type. So they did it with extra care, manually editing even the smallest beat. As the result we got an organic album with hybrid music out of it.

esqief-anytime-launching-concert (20)

People might ask, what is organic music? As described by Syaharani and Didit Saad, they call it organic music because even with the fact that this album was made by using the electronics, even they recorded it digitally, yet they still worked in the old school way about how to treat the digitals, means, they didn’t want to use the digital editing, only the recording. They call it a hybrid music too, because this is an album where they wished to be better than the last one. It’s a new concept tributing the vintage music styles from some decades ago in delightful crossovers, but you can still sense the spirit of ESQI:EF in it. In short, “Anytime” is an album that can be listened anywhere and anytime and should fit for everyone.

esqief-anytime-launching-concert (23)This cozy night wasn’t all about the press conference. ESQI:EF Syaharani and the Queen of Fireworks had prepared a special concert for everyone. A full pack lounge with the fans gathered to have a glimpse of the first taste of their new collections. They started the launching concert with “Kiranya” a smooth and cozy groove with a little swingin’ in the middle. This song successfully warmed up the night. They continued with “Apa? Apa? Apa?” which brought more flame with a thick rocking sense and the power of Syaharani’s vocal. The cool cozy “Mungkin (Katakan)” was next, then followed by the rich melodious “Jangan Lagi Datang”. The title track “Anytime” that brough a crossover between Karen Carpenter’s style focusing on the melody and Astrud Gilberto’s “tell it like it is” style made the night turned into a bossa night for a while.

esqief-anytime-launching-concert (26)

Then it was the time to hear the projected first single for the album, “Sayang Sayang Sayang”. This song is very catchy, very easy to remember, it has all the power as the representative of “Anytime” album. The crowds could even sing along even they just heard it for the first time. The song with classy psychedelic rock “Cancellation No More” came up. Some songs from the first album were brought too, including “Kemareen.”

It was a perfect night, everybody felt happy. The fact that the fans sang along with them showed how easy people could connect to the songs and enjoy the familiar performance. As a community band, they show exactly how close they are to the fans, both personally and through their music. We believe ESQI:EF’s “Anytime” will do very well on the market, giving full satisfaction to the fans and grabbing the new listeners at the same time. ESQI:EF has marked another important milestone of their career. Their second album is out now, get it now and be entertained with it.

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Reporter/Photographer: Ata Michaella
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan