Clear Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014 : DAY 3




Two days of jazz-vaganza have pleasured hundreds thousands of fans, stretching much wider than those who live in Jakarta. So far  almost 150 shows have been held at the JIExpo Kemayoran. The third and final day of the 10th Java Jazz Festival still spoiled the crowds with variety of jazz delight. What’s happening in this day? Here’s the last piece of our Clear Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014.

This big three-days-event offers the gigs to choose their own best time to enjoy Java Jazz. Great opportunity to spend our first weekend on March in this tenth edition of the festival. You can choose to come one day or three days in a row, and when you miss one of your favourite artists, there is still another day to choose. Some artists have two or three times to perform. These musicians had showed up on Friday or Saturday, and yes they came again today. There are Ron King Big Band, Allen Stone, Summer Horns feat. Dave Koz, Mindi Abair, Richard Elliot, Gerald Albright, Dirty Loops, Snarky Puppy, The James Taylor Quartet, Rick Braun, Jonathan Butler, Fareed Haque, Keiko Matsui, The Bossanova Of Paula Morelenbaum, Tania Maria, Ivan Lins, Schroeder-Headz, USAF Band of the Pacific – Pacific Clave.

Java Jazz area was flooded by musical instrument from Yamaha Music Project. We will experience the time machine from the movie soundtrack form R. Steven and friends. Yamaha Music Project bring together the felicity and great skill to the stage and merry it. In addition Jubing Kristianto joined them with a fun guitar play.

You should already familiar with Trisum, a group consists of three Indonesian guitar gods. From the younger generation comes three highly potential players who master the same weapon but join hands to create their own distinctive color. That’s Tritone. Tiyo Alibasjah, Aditya Bayu and Indra Prasetyo have different backgrounds, ranging from jazz, pop jazz to fusion. Formed by placing the hope to create a new form of music, this trio is really promising since we know how good each of them are. Having Java Jazz Festival as one of the first steps is a big leap, let’s wait and see what they are becoming as in the near future.

We know Jeffrey Tahalele as a senior jazz bassist who has been giving a lot of contributions throughout decades. He’s still active, but now here comes the daughter named Krystal Tahalele who’s actually not a newcomer at all in the jazz scene. Krystal already started her musical activities since her early years, but established herself as a jazz singer in 2005. She has even landed on the Java Jazz Festival in 2007 and some other further editions, performing as Brother & Sister or collaborated with her own fathers, Benny Mustafa, Oele Pattiselano, Cendi Luntungan and many more. This time she appeared in a special concept called “Krystal Tahalele Sings Brazilian. In pinning the famous Brazilian songs, she was accompanied by her own sister Claudya Tahalele and some other friends. We enjoy the cozy vibe she created in her show.

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We moved to another site and saw something familiar. Well, almost in every big festival we met this big band, yet we never get tired of them, since they can always bring lots of fun in simple and honest way. Yes, that’s the Galaxy Big Band, a big band filled with Japanese expatriates plus other countries’ who are currently living in Jakarta. Well known songs selected by them such as Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” enabled the audience to sing along. It’s always nice to watch especially if you’re a couple looking for romantic well known tunes in glorious big band format. The big band was born many years ago in 1992 and still going on until now. The members may change, but the passion, spirit and flavor are very well kept.

Having bussines with books, scientific text, and students doesn’t mean they have no time for some pleasure. The Professor play jazzy tunes and good vibes on the 10th Java Jazz Festival.

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Andi Wiriantono Free Standarts Jazz Funk&Swing played along with Dennis Junio, Rafi  who is LLw’s drummer, Ronald Steven who is Agnes Mo’s bassist. The man who had learned piano from the maestro, Bubi Chen, passes on his expertise in music through his own school, Andi Wiriantono School. This year they performed funk and swing in their playlist and jazzed up our early noon.

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Meanwhile, at the Garuda Indonesia stage, it’s the Trans Brothers Band. Sounding familiar? Of course, the name “Trans” comes from the Indonesian channel Trans TV. The band up there that is now groovin’ the audience up with The Grooves’ “The Dahulu” are part of the Trans TV crew. They sure do got talents beyond the broadcasting world!

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Heads up for the very first jazz performer at the D1 SIMPATI stage, on the last day of the festival! The audience is excited for a wonderful collaboration that consists of the legendary North Sumatran guy with the guitar and the good ol’ voice Dian Pramana Poetra and the massive set of music in form of an instrumental ensemble namely the Twilite Orchestra, an local orchestra that has made their numerous plays abroad and is conducted by the one and only Addie Muljadi Sumaatmadja better known as Addie MS – singer, composer, pianist, arranger, even actor, conductor and music producer. Tonight he brought Dedi Dhukun along with him on stage. Talk about being blissfuly multitalented!

The singer-songwriter Dian Pramana Poetra has been round the music career since the 1980s, while the Twilite Orchestra was found in 1991 by Oddie Agam, Indra Usmansjah Bakrie as well as conductor Addie MS himself. Just a year after Twilite Orchestra was established by the three, they successfully performed a concert along with the Canadian musician and sixteen-time Grammy Award, David Foster . The crowd at this annual festival are immediately immensely impressed once Dian Pramana Poetra and the Twilite Orchestra with special appearance with his long-time friend Deddy Dhukun, opening the act with “Seputih Melati”, then “Paseban Cafe”. After a couple of more songs, Deddy Dhukun joined him in “Biru” and “Masih Ada”.

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When we hear the massive group of gifted, genius youngsters with their musical instruments namely Taman Suropati Chamber, perhaps some of us recall to the mornings, afternoons, evenings and at times even nights when we pass by the capital city’s Taman Suropati and find an orchestra-like performance going on. If you’ve never seen them, well, here is the chance to be mesmerized by the beauty of their guitar and violin plays.

Agustinus or Agus is the centre and the start of it all, having collected as many as 140 musicians – and still growing – at the garden, attracting just anybody who happens to be playing or chillin’ around. Who knew that from Taman Suropati the children would move and perform at places such as the Balai Sidang for a whole concert as well as the President’s place of stay during the event Parade Senja, and now here at the Java Jazz Festival’s First Media Stage? They deserve much more than just rounds of applauses. On the other area, Ponda Track Band served the crowd with several songlist at Coffeshop Citra Intirama Stage.

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Other than the intense heat brought by outstanding collaboration between four saxophonists, Gerald Albright got his own show tonight. Speaking of Gerald, we always remember his marvelous project with Will Downing for example in the album “Pleasures of the Night”. This album will always be our favorite since he can bring seducing, sensual feeling through his smooth jazz taste. Gerald is one of the biggest stars of R&B, smooth/contemporary jazz and swingin’-boppin’ straight-ahead. He has sold more than a million records in USA alone and has inspired so many musicians over the years. That’s why many people give him  reputation as a musician’s musician. We always love the way this smiley, down to earth man releases his energy to spread the jazz vibes with his sax. Hope to see you again next year sir! We want to have more seducing smooth jazz from you.

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Is there any performer at this year’s Djarum Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival that is born any later than 2003? Get to every corner of the venue and you’ll find that there’s no such person like that. Therefore, the youngest musician we have in this three-day event is none other than Joey Alexander in his Joey Alexander Trio! The brilliant lil’ kid only started to learn the keyboard when he was six years old and after about one year quickly stepped into the jazz genre. With his parents taking him to jazz jam sessions in Denpasar, Bali, which is where he was born in, little Joey quickly improves his fingering skills at the piano. By the age of nine, he already masters some of the songs of world famous jazz musicians Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane and Bill Evans. Who’s in the trio you ask,  well, it was none other than bassist Barry Likumahuwa and drummer Sandy Winarta.

[flickr id=”12876622304″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”] All eyes at the still-nine-year-old boy this very moment as the trio plays their songs. Jazz is rooted deep down his fingers and musical senses and the crowd does not stop being curious of just how Joey masters all his notes and chords and dynamics and – well, you name it! No wonder he’s ever won a Grand Pix Award at a jazz contest in Odessa, Ukraine and appeared by invitation at many more jazz shows. If at such a young age you’re such a pro, any adjective would not be good enough to describe you in your years ahead, little Joey!

Shure’s audition 2014 produced New Chapter, instrumental band, as first winner. It consists of Denimaris Boy on saxophone, Ronald Samuel on drums, Ryan Innocentio on bass, David Likumahua on first guitar, Christofer Tjandra on second guitar, and Vinson Valdi on keyboard & vocoder. Many stages they had enrich their experience and surely make them going better.

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Big Band is one of the most important legacies that’s tightly connected to the early history of jazz. Amazingly, this style has stood the test of time. You see, we can find successful big bands throughout decades. Some might not be that famous but still they possessed strong spirit in keeping it alive. How can that be possible, you ask? Well, one of the reason is because some big bands know how to bring the concept to fit each era, able to find the perfect formula to bring it across, let’s say, more than 50 years gap. They can bring all the traditional contents without neglecting the current scene, or even thinking of how to mixture the magic of majestic sound with local ethnics. One of the proofs is Hajarbleh Big Band who’s constantly picturing the golden jazz era with today’s youthful spirit. They are young, vigorous and passionate. For the members it stands as a home, a playground and a central of positive activities like answering their callings, a media of expression, a vehicle of creativity or even to send possitive messages to the society. They have reached children with a cute but inspiring story telling approach, they have held jazz mob on the open street to celebrate International Jazz Day. So now, Hajar Bleh is like a magic word to find a surprise in our own jazz scene, amazingly by involving an big band massive ensemble. Well, they earned a spot at the Java Jazz Festival, not only to preseve the traditional jazz costumes but also to show that the habit of youngsters that always love to have fun can actually make an ‘old-fashioned’ jazz concept appear in totally different color tones.

From Mexico came Adrian Oropeza Trio. This group is led by drummer and composer Adrian Oropeza who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz by the Mexican National School of Music (INBA).  This man loves to experiment by having the inspiration from many drummers like Alvaro Lopez, Hernan Hecht, Antonio Sanchez, Joe Porcaro and Ralph Humpries who brought the style and technique not only to jazz, but in various other musical genres. Representing Netherlands was Peter Beets, a pianist who has shared the stage with  Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis, Dee Dee Bridgewater, George Coleman and many more. He told us that he really loves Oscar Peterson, a legendary pianist who he’s been tributing since 2009. He even released “Portrait of Peterson” album last year. For the Java Jazz Festival, he took this tribute as his theme and also gave workshop too before his concert.

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Accompanied by Tohpati, Ruth Sahanaya warm up Java Jazz Festival for almost an hour. She is a member of 3 Diva who started her career from national festival. She made a record for her album, Kasih in 1999 sold more than 250.000 copies. Last night she sang some of her hits such as “Astaga”, “Memori”, and “Bawa Daku Pergi” and “Keliru”, served as a duet with Sammy Simorangkir.

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At the same time on the other stage, Benny Mustafa performed under the name of Benny Mustafa and Friends. This group was established last year in Jakarta, made as a media for him to collaborate with other senior players and talented young players. A real nice, pure swingin’ jazz package was given from them to the audience who spent time visiting their concert.

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Our last day here at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014 is bound to witness a performance from another one of the line-up’s multitalented heartthrob, this time one that is born and raised right here in the country’s capital city. Her entrance to the entertainment world since the age of six and her huge and impressive development in becoming a singing and dancing sunshine both within the country and internationally until – so far – the age of 27 have made her people nothing but proud. No more big hints – it’s none other than the astounding, energetic and forever young Agnez Mo down at the D2 CLEAR Hall!

Just late last year, as many people may have probably already have known, Agnez Mo featured a single with American musicians Timbaland and T.I called “Coke Bottle” and four months after that, that is, just this January 31 2014, it became official that she signed with the Sony Music USA and the Sony Music Global. What an achievement, Agnez! She’s got as many as eight albums so far – still going further, no doubt about that – and right on the stage on this Sunday’s sundown the actress, singer and dancer with the birth name Agnes Monica Muljoto lively performed in front of the jazz fans.  Like she does’em anywhere else, the superstar turns her audience full at awe and wonder. You go girl!

Right before pray break, at Coffeshop  Citra Intirama, Alboni Quartet meet the crowd and had some fun in playing their music and it was definitely very interesting. Come along from Norway, Nils Petter Molvaer brought his fussion and electric music at the last day of Java Jazz 2014. Graduated from  Trondheim Musikkonservatorium, he continued his music journey with some musicians. One of them who works for quite long time is Miles Davis. Molvaer recently produced film and theater music.

Adhitia Sofyan, the young guy on his young thirties who began to share his pieces of music through gigs and social media websites, is also one that attracts a massive crowd. His records are quite well-known in other countries apart from his’ – Japan is one example where his albums are sold in huge numbers. This is definitely not the first time for Adhitia to perform at the Java Jazz Festival and this, too, is not the first time that he takes the girls’ heart away with his smooth and beautiful guitar pickings.

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A vibraphonist and vocalist, Roy Edward Ayers, Jr. lived his happy childhood with music around the house. In early age he already showed his interest in music. He started with piano, then he jumped up to guitar, trumpet, drums, until he settles and explores vibraphone. His love with jazz and R&B brought him to Java Jazz festival, at BNI stage, he greet the audience and surely the crowd had an awesome night with his music.

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The cool straight-ahead was given by The Jongens, not a group from Netherlands but consists of four guys, all Indonesian but most of them connected to the nation. Three of the members: pianist Dhani Syah, drummer Elfa Zulham and guitarist Johanes Radianto studied in the same music Conservatorium in Groningen, Netherlands. The other one, Doni Sunjdoyo on contrabass is their long time friend who’s completing the needs. Voila, The Jongens was born. What’s interesting about this band is the way they infuse some European Jazz flare while still keeping the American Jazz style into their plate. Their skills enable them to do that seamlessly, so seamlessly until you can feel both at the same time yet strongly notice each taste. Well, they did it again. Along with their own original songs listed in their debut album, het was zeer goed.

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The Nelwans consists of a twin, Athina and Bianca, and their youngest brother, Chris. Youtube also plays big role in their career as musicians, they often sing together then upload it so many people recognize them. The concept of ‘family group’ (again) jazzed up the industry, and The Nelwans definitely gives us fresh air.  Delta Female Stage was the area for them to shine in this festival and meet their new gig.

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It’s not easy to keep a family harmony, especially in a busy family and usually become harder if a family has a celebrity status. Even so, from time to time we see celebrity families who still live harmoniously, supporting and love one another. One family that can be an example is Addie MS Family. Both Addie MS and wife Memes are public figures, now their boys Kevin and Tristan are following their footsteps. Lately they often come to perform together whenever they can. So, apart of his world famous Twilite Orchestra, he’s now bringing his wife and children along. They do have their own agendas, but they know when they have to join as a solid team. Not only as a family, but also as a performance’s partners, beginning with a set of medley of the Beatles’ songs with Rega Dauna as the man on the harmonica. Here we listen to them playing “Moodys Mood for Love” as one of their songs, and later after that one of Dewa’s hits “Roman Picisan”. Kevin also played some of his well-known band Vierra’s songs and his brother Tristan played “Seandainya”. Closing their show with “Terlanjur Sayang” and “Pesawatku”. Nice show and also inspiring at the same time.

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Charming and exposing charisma everytime the tunes are played: Tom Braxton’s another saxophonist in the house! And oh, he’s not alone, peeps. We’ve got this amazing swing organist and techer all the way from Ohio. The name’s Tony Monaco. So there you go: a man with a saxophone that plays all-too-good smooth jazz is at the stage with  a brilliant music teacher with the magical and versatile fingerings! A native of Texas, Tom Braxton has since some time ago got the chance to tour around a jazz journey with his performances, one of which is done with Keiko Matsui, also an artist that is taking up the stage at the JJF 2014 at the same day. As of Tony Monaco, jazz-learners really gotta be grateful because he produces instructional DVDs on playing the hammond. Respect, teacher! Together, the double T’s Tom Braxton and Tony Monaco just played their amazing performance with some hits.

Known as a VJ and won the MTV Asia and MTV Indonesia VJ Hunter, Jamie Aditya actually has been singing even before he chose another interest. Jamie Aditya is working for his solo album. He also worked with T.H.E.S.I.G.I.T and Grenn Fredly also. From the way we see it, the crowds are most absolutely enjoying his style of playing and bringing out his music. Talk about satisfaction! Establsihed in 2009, Storia bring pop as the genre of their band. Consist of five members, Witrie (vocal), Joel (bass), Aldhan (keyboard), Kitut (keyboard), and Rama (Drum) Storia keep trying to survive in Indonesia music industry. In 2011 they released their first album “Indahnya Jatuh Cinta” with “Benar-benar Sayang Kamu” as the debut single. It’s seven o’clock and that means that the Three Song have finally made their way in. This Indonesian band consists of three skillful young musicans. It seems they’re really gettin’ the crowd tap along their rhythms down at the Coffeeshop JIExpo Citra Intirama Stage!

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Natalie Cole started her performance with “Starting Over Again”, followed by another one of her specials “Good to be Back”. Then, she continued to “Better Than Anything”, “Route 66”, “Fever”, and the song written by Michael Franks “Tell Me About It”. As Natalie briefly explained it, the song “Tell Me About It” is about her miserable life as a low-life hooker and dope addict before she became famous. Later on, she went with “Somewhere in the Hills”, “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas”, “What A Difference A Day Makes”, “Acércate Más”, “Smile”, “L.O.V.E”, “Miss You Like Crazy”, “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”,  “When I Fall In Love” and of course the song “Unforgettable” made as a duet with her father, the late jazz legend Nat King Cole exactly the way she made it in 1991.

She brought her audience a nostalgic atmosphere tonight. The feeling of being surrounded by Natalie’s fans who kept on singing together from one song to another was just undescribable. We have waited for her to come to the Java Jazz Festival, this year finally that wish has come true. 

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The original member of Shadow Puppets‘ are Irsa Destiwi on piano and Robert Mulya Raharja on guitar, yet they always accompanied by two additional player, Kevin Yosua on bass and Elfa Zulham on drums. This group are one of the best who still bring the traditional taste of Indonesia. They usually sing some Indonesia’s classic song on the stage. This time, Shadow Puppets will share the stage with the winner of Indonesian Idol season 2, Mike Mohede. Tonight, they opened the show with Bing Slamet’s “Nurlela”, Adji Bandi’s “Damai Tapi Gersang”, Dodo Zakharia’s “Aku Pasti Datang”, as well as “Esok ‘Kan Masih Ada”.

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Put Balawan alone on stage, you’ll got magic. His music which is produced by the 8-fingers touch style technique has some mystical Balinese spirits deep within. You will see skill and acrobatic fingers demonstration all at once no matter what he plays. At this Java Jazz Festival session he brought one of his strong group, Balawan & Gamelan Fusion. This group is about blending jazz fusion with fast traditional Balinese musical tradition. Other than Balawan on electric guitar and guitar synth, the group has Dion Wardyono on drums, Ketut Tarmadi on bass and three gamelan players: I Nyoman Suwida, I Nyoman Suarsana and I Wayan Sudarsana. Whatever you want from watching a jazz concert was all there. Full of action, entertaining, skillful, exotic, jazzy, you name it, they got it.

The night’s still young and the audience still eager and thrilled to welcome to the Lawu Acoustic stage a talented gentleman from one of Asia’s big countries – it’s Shohei Yamaki and from Japan! This time it’s a skillful player at the guitar. Popular and still rising among the entertainment world in Japan with a number of albums, Shohei Yamaki is a male guitarist who has just released a new album entitled “Stand Up for Yourself”. He’s also got talents as a radio announcer, that is, a host at the radio show “Ezo Griove” at Hokkaido FM, Japan. He plays a real good smooth instrumentals yet his true passion and interest is known to be in blues. The guitar to him is more than an instrument – whatever mood or feeling he is in, the guitar becomes his mode of expression and therefore he plays the songs straight from the bottom of his feelings. And oh! He’s still a youngster, fellow ladies. A 1989-line, to be specific, that is bound to be one great Japanese guitar wiz in the new generation. Shohei Yamaki’s performance tonight brings us some really interesting and ear-catching instrumental jazz which we find nowhere else. A huge round of applause to the impressive single act!

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We believe none of you aren’t familiar with Elfa’s Singers right? This vocal harmony group has been going on for more than 30 years, created by the late Elfa Secioria and grabbed huge success both in jazz and pop scene especially during the 80’s and 90’s. What about Elfa’s Bossa? This is also a group made by Elfa just a year before the millenium, specialized to sing Bossanova songs. Their journey have reached as far as a hotel in Beverly Hills, other than playing in many major cities in Indonesia, either as regular or single event. Elfa’s Bossas is not a stranger to the Java Jazz atmosphere, because they have participated in three previous editions. After 6 years in hiatus, now they are back again gracing the fest. [flickr id=”12880592694″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] Consists of the original members Yana Julio,  Agus Wisman and Lita Zen with Ucie Nurul, Elfa’s Bossas gave a cool, breezy show in entertaining the audience with well known Bossanova songs, as if they brought sunshine into the indoor stage.

If we turn our attention to the Delta Female Stage, we’ll find another tremendous man with his guitar. This time, it’s all the way from Czech Republic: make some noise for SlávekJanda! Janda had his first professional music experience back in his country, and look how far he’s made it now! A huge round of applause for his jazzy guitar pickings and strummings. Meanwhile at Semeru Straight Ahead  Jazz Hall, Peter Beets Trio their performance and entertained the crowd. Today Peter Beets also had his clinic session at Bromo Room.

[flickr id=”12890516253″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] “Hope is a Dangerous Thing’, title of their debut album available on CD. Suave formed by two young men Aldi Nada Permana and Lafa Green. This duo combine jazz with electro and some dance music in their song. Not only a name, Suave also a concept for their performance and musical. They have participated several times in this yearly jazz party, now they added another touchdown to be in it.

Let’s jump up to a contemporary side of jazz, in this case specifically a variety of neo soul, hip hop and R&B, as the final day of the Java Jazz Festival makes its way through twilight. A creative fella still on his thirties, the Robert Glasper in his own Robert Glasper Experiment has just begun his music career since the year 2003. With his attendance at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts as well as later on the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, this Texas-born record producer and jazz pianist has made it far enough to have actually won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album for his 2012-released album entitled “Black Radio”. Robert Glasper made quite a number of collaborative masterpieces with musicians such as Norah Jones, Jazmine Sullivan, Macy Gray and rapper Snoop Dogg. Also, he has also made it to perform right here at the festival’s A2 BNI stage. Excellently performed, Glasper!

Tribute to George Duke turned out to be special by bringing Indra Lesmana, Maurice, Brown, Dira Sugandi, Brian Simpson, and a member of Incognito together in one stage. George Duke has inspired them so much that they played the music enthusiastically. “Born to Love You” was sung by Dira Sugandi and many other songs were brought up by them.

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Another performance showed their musical gift at Coffeeshop JIEXPO Citra Intirama Stage. This time the spotlight goes to WTF Band with the fresh and melodious tunes. Behind their jazzy tunes, they also carried out rock and funk as the compliment in their music. Manna band is formed by four youngsters,  Ananda Mates (bass), Jessi (drums), Achmad Ananda (guitar), and Fajri (Vocal). They are quite smart in composing accoustic, groove and electric as their character. With their abillity, they have been playing on Java Jazz Festival three times, after 2008 and 2009, this year they’re going back to stage. MANNA featured Nengah Krisnarini & Ian Mates they will play with Gretchen.

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Sudjiwo Tedjo is also another one of the performers who has played last year as well. This one guy’s more than just a musician — he covers many other forms of arts such as the theatre, paintings, and even literature. Impressive! He’s already lived for half a century but he’s still eager and full of zest to create more and more pieces of arts and music and the crowd can simply tell this by watching his live performance at the Lawu Acoustic Hall. This time he brought the embryo of his new musical concept that he’s been building lately, Ramayana. The total performance given by the artiste gave us a really different show. Ethnical, mystical musical act that won’t be forgotten.

[flickr id=”12883505164″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] If you are a-quite-often-visitor of Soundcloud, perhaps Teza Sumendra sounds familiar to you. This newcomers is not really new in the showbiz. He had done Indonesian Idol program and 2014 is his fifth time performance in Java Jazz Festival.  Just like another rising star, he tries many different kind of stages in order to widely introduce his works. Kementerian Pariwisata & Ekonomi Kreatif Stage was filled by many people, mostly girls, who love to listen his special voice. Surely he will get his own spot in the industry. This time he came with Indra Dauna on trumpet and jazzed up the night.

Who’d expected to hear songs by Indonesia’s famous old-time musicians such as Surni Wakiman, Munif Bahawan, and Ismail Marzuki? You would not get the opportunity to enjoy their songs being played in some unique jazz rhythms if it weren’t because of the Yuyun George & the Jazmint Combo. The Jazmint, last seen at the Java Jazz Festival back six years ago, are a group formed in 2000 who’ve had quite an array of experiences performing music around the capital city. Yuyun George will play as their music director tonight with some different arrangements as well as play the saxophone. Ears all out!

[flickr id=”12888667415″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]


Many great musicians in the old days give big influence to our musicians today.  Tribute the Legendary Jazz of Indonesia is one respectful gift to them, and great concept brought several musicians to dedicate their gratitude at Straight Ahead Jazz Hall. Barry, Benny, Joey Alexander, Jordy Waelauruw, and Indra Aziz did their epic collaboration in Indonesian classics, therefore we can always remember our heritage in music.

It’s time to snap our attention and bring our-still-steamed-up-selves to the D2 CLEAR Hall for a four-time Grammy Award Winner is stepping up the stage with her easy-listening soul and R&B kind of music. And who would this be if not the elegant and multi-talented India Arie Simpson? Popularly known as India.Arie as her stage name, this beauty is a record producer and singer-songwriter and magically plays the keyboard, guitar and flute. On top of it all, she is indeed successful due to her amazing vocals.

India.Arie has been active in her music career since the year 2000 and released her very first album just the year after that entitled “Acoustic Soul” which immediately peaked a number ten on Billboard 200. In 2002, without delay, she went up as one of the nominations for Best New Artist. These are only a few of her firsts – if all of her musical achievements were to be rowed into a list, it’d unquestionably make a long one. Salute. India.Arie has also collaborated with musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Anthony David, Akon, and John Mellencamp. Her duet with Stevie Wonder entitled “A Time to Love” which is featured in the album with the same name as the track’s name, written by Arie herself, won another Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. India.Arie has just released a new album last year on June called “Songversation”. This time, she had “Moved by You”, “Flowers”, “The Heart of the Matter”, a minimedley of Katy Perry’s “Roar” followed by Lorde’s “Royal”, “I Am Not My Hair”, and “Cocoa Butter”.

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Timo Lassy is a saxophonist from Helsinki. As you can see from his website. Timo didn’t only play on this Sunday, but also he joined previous event, CLEAR Java Jazz on the Move, in Bandung and Bali with Scandinavian Indonesian Project All Stars. Now, Jakarta had its turn to enjoy his music and see his innovation in music.

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Syaharani and the Queenfireworks (ESQI:EF) ruled on B2 Garuda Indonesia hall. Mainly powered by the jazz diva Syaharani, genius Didiet Saad and the guitar hero Donny Suhendra, they have spread love and joy throughout the nations for several years. Often appear in wider formation by having Sirhan Bahasuan, Kristian Dharma, Andy Gomez, Fajar Trias and backing vocalists, this band places its core to the roots. Jazz, blues, soul, rock, power pop, Bossanova, you name it, they have it. With highly capable player on every side, they can play to suit the environment. That’s why we like to call them a liquid band. Two albums have been released, the last one was Anytime which achieved huge success since its released in 2010. Now they are ready to launch the third album, expected to come in early March. Another thing we have to say about this band is that their friendly and communicative approach towards the audience that makes their show enjoyable with no gap. It never fails to give more entertainment than their cool and trendy music style. She brought up several new songs from the upcoming album and “Bubuy Bulan”. So, Syaharani and her gang did another great job as a part of this year’s troops, a part of the communities and a dear friend to all music lovers. She was even kind enough to sign some CDs bought by her fans while singing.

How a musician speak out their passion, dream, needs? Lyrics and musics are the answers. Sound of Soul is a project where some well-known musicians gather under one concept and sounding their musics. The idea came up from Muhammad Ibnu Rafi and the people behind it are the talented youngsters such as Grace Sahertian, Angel Pieters, Ray Monte, Bayu Risa, Wizzy Williana, Dimas and Rafi from Art of Tree, Adrian Martadinata as guitarist, Abram as keyboardist, Ankadiov as bassist, and Kyriz Boogieman as MC.

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Well, there goes the 10th Edition of CLEAR Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014! Now that the three-day event has reached a double digit as its anniversary, they successfully created an entirely different sense of atmosphere because of its theme this year: the highlighting of the Indonesian batik beauty as well as the creative and various Brazilian arts forms. Since this year is the year of World Cup which is to be held in Brazil, the decision to bring the music of this nation were just right in time. These are then accompanied by the festivities of the rounds of carnivals and even marching bands all over the venue once in a while in each of the three days. From these we can see that for the tenth time, the annual party brought even more and more merrymakings and celebrations not just to the capital city’s people but also for the rest of the nation and even to the neighbouring countries and the world.

We know it’s never easy to make an jazz event in such size, but at least the world now has it and proudly comes from Indonesia, a developing country in South East Asia. It’s more than just a live presentation, it also becomes a meeting place for jazzers around the world, a big expo, even a hypermart of jazz and/or even other musical styles where people can find all kinds of jazz that suit their taste.  The audience this year seems to be more than last year. The scene of hundreds thousands of people rushed in to different stages always excites us. Some surprising collaborations, suprising lineups can be taken differently from person to person, but like it or not, it gives wider choices to select by the fest-goers.

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On behalf of and its reader, we congratulate  Java Jazz Festival for the ten-year anniversary. A decade of dedication and love to jazz has passed. May there be more to come, may the Java Jazz Festival be the mecca of jazz, not only big in size but also continues to give benefit to jazz and everyone who lives inside it. We are waiting for it, so are the world.

Many homeworks yet have to be made, many challenges to answer, but what’s important is that the Java Jazz Festival is still alive and kicking. We do need a home where we all can share our love and passion of jazz together under the same roof, don’t we? Despite of all the critics, this fest has been working hard to provide it. The existance of this event is something that logically should be impossible to do, but this fest has done it for 10 times. Centuries from now, people will remember that once there was a country far, far away from the nation where jazz was born, but really brave to fight against all odds, to be the place where jazz found its biggest, most comfortable and reliable home. We’re still experience the jazz lag after 3 days of fine jazz treatments. It’s over for now, but we hope to see more in the future. Long live Java Jazz Festival, keep everything up, God jazz you!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Mellysa Anastasya, Shely Napitupulu, Sharon Patricia Kandou, Daniel Irawan
Photographer: Mia Damayanti, Anggha Nugraha, Qaedi Fuadillah, Fennysia Wijaya, Reita Wijaya
Team: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan, Ata Michaella


Supported by:

“Astaga”, “Memori” and “Bawa Daku Pergi”.


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