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After one full month, Braga Jazz Walk was back again. Reaching the number 13, this edition featured variety of styles brought by wide range of talents, from high school to university students, from the new rising star to the name who has achieved respect inside the independent circuit. Two bands, one vocal group and one solo, that was the list in terms of format. Speaking of crowds, we are happy too that we got many visitors, from the jazz lovers, active musicians (some of them enjoyed the jam session), and we even got jamming participants from the audience.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Puella ft Marvel (3)

This edition started with a vocal group consists of high school students: Ervita Fauziah, Luis Anastasia S, Astiani Dewi A, and Cynthia Prilly P. and the only boy helping them on music, Marvel Timothy. This group appears as Puelle ft Marvel served pop jazzy vibes with soothing vocal harmony. They are still high school, but this group actually has begun 4 years ago and already bagged many prestigious achievements.

Since the first song, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin OST, these young girls have shown their maturity of singing. They have good control and lovely harmony over any song they choose. And the selection of songs are interesting too, ranging from Kahitna, “Cerita Cinta” and “Cinta Sendiri”  to U2’s “With or Without You”. They did it really good, so good that we felt these were too easy for them. Marvel on piano did very well too in providing sweet melodies to the girls. Nice opening.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Puella ft Marvel (1)

There are not so many vocal group today in our music scene, especially in the jazz corner, so Puelle is actually important to stand as the ambassador of jazz vocal group, especially since they are good. The audience seem to love them too, as they attracted many passers-by to watch the whole performance. It won’t be easy since they still have to pursue their formal education, but if they keep going, we believe they have the chance to fly high. You go girls!

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Frank & Co (7)

From high school to college students. The second round was taken by Frank & Co. The name would remind you of a big jewelery company, but they are not associated in any way. Having said that, their music is as precious as a jewel. Guitarist Frank Navayo led his team consists of Josua Stephen (keyboard), Yeremia Liong (drums), Christopher Andika (flute) and Ken (bass) to drive us into the contemporary, smooth jazz horizon. For half an hour straight we enjoyed good stuff from them under high skill of playing.

The sound of flute made their music richer, and Frank in front did really well in leading the show. The rest of them gave stand out contribution too from start to finish. This was like more enhanced Frank & Co. They have risen the bar much higher by playing more complex compositions comparing to the last time they played for us at Terraz Jazz. Al Jarreau’s “Mornin'” got a modern jazz treatment. Then Frank presented his own composition inspired by the early swing years which has some Dixie inside titled “Humble Girl”. From there, even more difficult one came out, still original song titled “Try to Find Someone”. And they went funky on the last song, Jaco Pastorius’ “Chicken”.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Frank & Co (1)

We don’t find many pure jazz band in Bandung anymore, so we cherish the moment when we meet one from the new generation. Frank is undoubtedly a fine young guitarist that loves to explore. He told us that he’s into Kurt Rosenwinkel at the moment, and we can see how he’s upgraded himself much higher than before. Having skillful companions make this band sharp in presenting the concept. They play tight and neat too. In the midst of pop jazzy bands, a pure jazz band like Frank & Co should carry the mission to preserve jazz in its true form, along with the tradition and so on. Frank & Co speaks jazz fluently, we like it.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Pangeran Muda (7)

Next is the next big thing. A smiley, cheerful and humble young man who soon will dominate the industry. A man who has bagged more than 200 achievements and graced so many prestigious stages in and out the nation before he even reached 30. He is none other than Pangeran Muda. Recently Panda, his nickname, is working hard in establishing his position stronger than ever by preparing his debut solo album. Last month just a week after the Java Jazz Festival 2015 he released his single carrier titled “Terpaku” as well as launching the Crowdfunding GO PANDA! campaign. If you don’t know what it is, it is a creative move made by him that openly involves the fans and wider society to support local musicians ( If this works, this can be a groundbreaking alternative for newcomers who want to make their own album. Believe it or not, Panda wishes for that. “I wish to present a more real forms of art that can be enjoyed at any time. And my dreams won’t stop there. I also wish to motivate young generation in Indonesia to be fruitful. Despite anything they lack of, they should know that they still have the chance to make something according to their calling and gain success.” he said.

We have had him performing in Braga Jazz Walk #5, and since he has made new moves, it’s about time to have him back again. If last time he brought all-star cast to back up his performance at Braga Jazz Walk, this time Panda gave more intimate session, featuring Andi Rustandi, the pianist of a famous band T-Five and his producer, Yabes. Yabes is the bassist of Bams (ex Samsons), but for tonight he played guitar in one song.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Pangeran Muda (1)

Pangeran and Andi greeted everyone with a famous song “Love Me Harder”. He directly demonstrated how high he could climb the scale without problem. He took time to give his single CDs to three lucky people right after he sang “Dibawah Sinar Bulan Purnama”. Then the single carrier “Terpaku” that has all the ingredients to be a big hit, and Yabes joined in to serve one last party with Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s song, “Bang Bang” in funky blues style.

Since he’s inspired by wide range of artists; from Soimah (Soimah Pancawati, a presenter, singer, sinden, comedian) to Amy Winehouse, he likes to call his music as ‘complicated pop’. But his songs are not difficult to digest at all. He writes lyrics that speak about what we experience in daily basis and use it to send positive messages. The melodies are made ear-catchy but rich. He’s appeared in television musical series, he’s won some competitions, he’s been everywhere. But now is the time to establish himself as a major force in the music world. By looking at what he has, we have no doubt that he has all the chance to succeed. He has good vibes, the medias seem to love him and of course his works, and the wind is currently perfect for him to sail. It’s certainly fascinating to see a star in the making like this. And we are happy that he has left his marks in Braga Jazz Walk. Pangeran Muda a.k.a Panda can be a good source of inspiration for those who are still working to establish their spot in music.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Galant (3)

A manouver happened when the third session began. Galant Yurdian, better known as just Galant took over the stage and performed all by himself. Allow us to tell you more about this cool dude. First of all, this man is no stranger in Bandung, especially in the indie communities, from jazz, folk and blues. He’s originally a bassist, but he plays guitar amazingly well. Plus, he sings just as good.

Speaking of bands, this man has quite colorful sound. He goes deep into blues with 70s Orgasm Club, he embraces folks with Deugalih & Folks that just released an album “Anak Sungai”:, and in duo Gallia he shows his jazzy side. Other than that album, he has released his debut “About A” in 2010 and also “Live at Eksperimentasi Akustika 3”. Tell you folks, Galant can play any genre, from jazz, blues, RnB, alternative, rock and so on just as good. You can access his albums and find out more about him by log on to and

If in last edition we had him playing as Gallia (, this time he appeared all by himself, singing some of his songs from his two albums. Some has jazzy vibes, the other got blues, folk even grunge/alternative fashion. A strong start with “(Don’t Let Me Say) Goodbye”, he carried on with his version of “Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama” and his own composition picturing a beautiful site from his homeland, “Tanjung Sopan”. The last song is his new, unrelease song titled “Sing It”.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Galant (2)

If you notice, we have featured so many solo performers in our own created events. We believe it will enrich the music scene, especially since not many event would love to have solo players. We are, however, happy to have at least one in every edition if possible, especially when realizing how many talents Bandung has that can carry on the concept of appearing just alone. Proud to have Galant and his artistry, and hope to see him back again in other editions.


At the jam session we got so many young singers. Andi T-Five was kind enough to provide music from piano. First his own student named Diva sang two song, “” and “”, then a young man who apparently enjoyed the show while having dinner with his friends. He sang John Legend’s “All of Me” with good soulful style. Then the attending musicians had their own party, mostly from Owcindful plus Ayu Sara and Ocha in front. They sang Raisa’s “Could This Be Love”. And with this song, the 13th edition was wrapped.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Photo Session

The Braga Jazz Walk #13 was fun. Each session offered different side of jazz, different format and wide age range. Tonight the audience got solo acoustic, vocal group, one instrumental jazz band and one pop jazz artist with full band. The jam session was lively too, thanks to participating musicians.

Watch the highlight of Braga Jazz Walk 13 on our YouTube channel

Next month we will be back with a fresh new batch. There will be male solo artist that will definitely hook you up and a female jazz singer who loves to sing standards. We will let you know more later, in the mean time, keep supporting your local jazz community, because it won’t be able to exist without you guys. See you next month!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska


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