Braga Jazz Walk #08: The Report



Braga Jazz Walk opened up its second year of service with interesting theme. This first one in 2015 a.k.a 8th edition featured notable musicians/singers from groups which have participated in our events earlier who are currently trying to establish their solo career. As we are committed to the regeneration process of jazz (related) musicians in Bandung, channeling the potential talents becomes crucial. So we are happy that the first Braga Jazz Walk in 2015 actually highlighted this matter.  We are also proud to have Braga City Walk and KPH Music still fully supporting this regular program.

Three names, more than three players and many jamming participants were in. Each slot has its own persona where different styles successfully caught the attention of people spotted in the venue. Some came to watch, the others were mall-goers who were there during the event, they got sucked in to see the musical concept these gifted young artists wished to offer. There were blues, folk and rock/heavy metal found in this edition along with assorted jazz as the main dish. Some were joyful, sweet and cool, but some were sharp and rebellious, like a strike of slashing blade. The audience loved it, so did we.


Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Guntur Satria (2)

This 8th edition kicked off with a one man band, Guntur Satria. We knew him from his catchy naughty blues trio called the GFRtrio. With GFRtrio he appears as a wild, expressive (and explosive) bluesman who knows how to burn the stage with so many unpredictable moves. He’s much calmer when he’s all alone, yet his charisma still allowed him to shine.

Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” was first, followed by a gem from 1969,  “Across the Universe” originally recorded by The Beatles. The Beatles  presented it in psychedelic folk  with rich musical structure, Guntur respected it yet he infused his own soul into the song. Then he played his original song “Kala Rindu” which will be available when his EP’s finished. This song has the tasty indie content that’s loved by majority of young music listeners today in Indonesia, we believe this song has enough power to achieve success once it enters the market. Another The Beatles’ classic was perfectly covered by him, it’s called “Blackbird”. The freshness of country side was all over this one.  He then chose to seal his performance with a song that’s meaningful for him, “Englishman in New York.” The audience sang the reffrain several times together with him.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Guntur Satria (5)

You can visit his Soundcloud to listen to some of his tracks. Currently he’s working on his EP titled “Pergi Keluar” which consists of 5 tracks. Billy Ramdhani is featured in the album, and Sarasvati’s said to be on one track too. We are happy to steal him again from his studio activities and get the update. All looks good. The way he let himself connected with the audience, the songs which speak about his real life story, the ability to write and compose, he has it all. Not many young lad could take the one man band road and have success, but Guntur surely can. No doubt about that.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Fearman (7)

The second session was taken by Fearman. This man is not an ordinary singer since he can sing all kind of styles as he wishes. He can go sweet and simple, he can give flawless manouvers in perfect pitch. He can climb the highest octave easily, he can reach the low keys without problem. He can climb the highest note like a rock star but he can also croon the way Michael Buble does. We have enjoyed his performance with his band Poinkustik a few months ago, but now he’s thinking of building his solo career as well, and we’re more than happy to provide him the ground.

Like we told you in the info article, he performed with a rock guitarist named TNT (Tinto Arief Anugrah). He was supposed to have a full band backing him, but since he didn’t get the available musicians, he decided to march on only with TNT. For us it was a blessing in disguise, since with minimalist concept we can enjoy his talent much clearer. Especially since both of them have bagged many achievements during their career and the good chemistry between them, their session was really enjoyable.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Fearman (5)

Andre Hehanussa’s “Bidadari” was the first song in medley with Koes Plus’ “Jemu”. TNT was done tremendous work on guitar by flying wild from country to blues. Next was “Esok Kan Masih Ada”, one of the signature songs of Utha Likumahuwa delivered in sweet, romantic mood.  Then they took surprising choice, “Kantoi”.  This funny song of Zee Avi with brilliant lyrics that’s written in Manglish (a cross between Malay and English) sounded cool from Fearman, TNT was kept busy with his country guitar playing. His original song “Demi Kamu” delivered sweet and romantic. For the last song he gave Michael Buble’s medley including “Home”, “Feeling Good”, “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Save the Last Dance For Me”.

As we said, this man can sing just about anything. But we are happy that he took the jazz lane for his solo debut. A voice like him would be great to sing with big band, but perfect too with minimalist concept like this one. He’s still at the good age, he’s like prince charming on stage with all the good vibes surrounding him. There are many guys can sing, but not so many have the singing skills like him. It was a nice collaboration with TNT, simple yet rich.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Amo (6)

The last session was filled with madness. This lad has never failed to surprise us everytime he appeared on our stage. He was called Conka by his friends before, but now he’s settled with Amo. His rocking spirit has been built since early age and grew up with such bands like Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. He likes to keep all the distortion and slashes his guitar like a metal pro yet jazz can be clearly captured during his play. Vicious heavy metal riffs complete with rebelious distortion now blended with jazz, the genre that he’s started digging not too long ago, about a year and a half. Can jazz go with rock distortion? Amo said why not. Tonight he gave a solid proof that it indeed works. Jazz with rock and distortion, we called it ‘Jazztortion’.

Together with his friends including Andi Pramudito (drums), Robert Daniel (bass) and Hadi (rhythm guitar), Amo roared right from the start with three songs:  Andy Timmons’ “Groove or Die”, Lee Ritenour’s “Rio Funk” and Eric Johnson’s “Zap”.  Amo still kept the heavy metal sound roared wild on stage but he clearly brought in some cool groove and good doses of jazz. His team mates Andi, Robert and Hadi gave such substantial work in supporting Amo’s attacks.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Amo (1)

Jazz and rock have been on of the most exciting adventurous style that we have had in last century and combined/fused until they created some hybrids. We have enjoyed it for many decades, but apparently there are still areas left to explore. What Amo does is simple. He tries to enter the ‘new’ territory while still keeping everything real, holding in his pure rock spirit. The result is somewhat interesting. Yes, playing jazz with electric guitar along with distortion have been done by some artists, but Amo still offers something fresh and different by pushing the jazz-rock holy matremony into the far edge. So edgy until you forget to breath. Amo is dangerous when he’s running loose. If he keeps doing this path, he may even create a new hybrid. Absolutely sensational and distinctively unique.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Jam Session (4)


Jam Session was open, but first it was taken by a young talented man who visited us for the first time. His real name is Rizky Ahmad Mudzakkir, but he likes to be known as Izky Mudza. This man is talented in singing and playing guitar, plus he can write songs. What’s also cool from him is the way he control his performance. He enjoyed every second of his moment and shared it to the audience. Oh yeah, he’s also cool when he put his voice into falsetto.  Just two songs but memorable, how happy it is to spot great new talent.

Then three players of Find Taste took position on piano, guitar and mike. Erick, Puspallia Panggabean and Andhika Caesar of Imagodeo did scat party and some mouth trumpet/trombone.  The photo session took place during this act, and that’s the end of the show.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Photo Session


Cool stuff was found right from the first minute. All headlines for this 8th edition has something in common: are the key player in their group, but now they take another further step to establish their solo career. They have skills, highly talented and full of charisma, the thing that’s urgently needed if one wishes to pursue a solo career. They can turn the game differently, they are passionate and have something different to offer. We are happy to be able to provide the reliable ground for them. For all the musicians who showed up, we really appreciate your coming, hope you will make this community event become your own home. And to the happening crowds, thank you so much and look forward to have your support furthermore.

Watch the highlight on our Youtube channel:

In two weeks from now we will feature more bands, including a very mind-bending project where you can find progressive jazz and mystical ethnics pulsing strong in every note. Until then, take care and keep jazzin’.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan



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