Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010: Jazz On The Pool July Edition


It was a clear blue Saturday in West Bekasi  Jakarta. Again we got the next pre-event of Bekasi Jazz Festival before the main event coming soon this September. As we know Bekasi is a growing suburb in West Java, Indonesia, that located right on the eastern border of Jakarta. It’s great to see that jazz has entered it in the big way. The main event will come on September 25-26, 2010. It’s getting closer, so the pre-event got even more intense.

Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010 July (12)This month’s Bekasi Jazz Festival pre-event started on time at 3 pm and received a lot of attention from Y2K community and jazz lovers who knew about this event that held monthly. Many bands were ready to give a little taste of the first Bekasi Jazz Festival which designed to be a constant annual event, including the legendary jazz great Idang Rasjidi and the very famous Yovie Widianto. Besides Idang and Yovie, Bekasi Jazz Festival Pre-Event July edition also featured Y2K Male Voices, Saxymphonist, US Band, Roy Dauna & Friends, Akustik Bar, Paradis Band & Ilegal Band. They did a perfect job of  setting up the mood by giving up their talents. Roy Dauna & Friends presented standard and lounge jazz that warmed up the windy afternoon. Audiences were really enjoyed the music selections especially when they gave “Blue Moon” and “Summertime” with their unique re-arrangement. The audiences even sang along with them.

As the night got darker, the pool side of Horizon Hotel where this event was held got more and more crowded.  and the nights continued on with Y2K Male Voices that gave away a magnificent vocal harmony featuring the Saxymphonist. They brought the cool funky rhythm that made people dance and sing along through some of the well-known songs that they brought on stage.

Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010 July (26)

The night got colder, as slowly drizzling rain starts to pour from the dark evening sky. Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010 July (17)The show then caught a little break just to wait for the rain to stop. But it wouldn’t be long as Idang Rasjidi was soon ready on stage. Unique and stunning, humble and full of surprises are just some words to describe how great his performance on stage was. Idang Rasjidi Special Funk gave away another side of jazz that no one has deeply discovered. Started with a little hip hop jazz, then funk, then everything that could blend in with jazz. This funny music and funky rhythm gave away a warm vibration in the cold windy night. Improvisation full with emotion was deeply shown by Idang Rasjidi in his whole performance. He didn’t only entertained the audiences with his incredible music but also with interraction to the audiences. This well-known impersonator gave away amazing scats and let the audiences to follow him, and they did just perfect! 4 amazing songs that made people watched in awe, with perfect dynamic and yes it was really the other side of jazz, another perspective of jazz that we don’t hear often. With combination of rock, funk, hip hop that blended beautifully together he created sounds that was so stunning to everyone. “Even when they’re not that familiar with the sound, yet they really enjoyed and appreciated it, that’s music.” said Idang Rasjidi after his magnificent performance on stage.

Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010 July (31)

The night was far from ending. Yovie Widianto Fusion Band was ready to rock the stage. Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010 July (35)With Yoyok CP on stage to perform with the band he showed his brilliant skill in music. Not only being the brain behind the whole Bekasi Jazz Festival itself, but also being the playing musician as well. The wild fusion with a touch of electric jazz gave away another side of jazz. Songs that they performed were well-known songs that made people grooved. Yovie and friends brought Chrisye‘s classic song “Untukku” which got responded so well by the crowds that sang together with them. The night then reached the end with another songs from Yovie Widianto Fusion band as an encore.“Speed Drive” was the last song that perfectly gave the climax to the whole pre-event.

It was an awesome night in fusion and funk. Next month there will be one more pre Bekasi Jazz Festival before the main event. The last one of the pre-event will be held on August 7, so don’t miss next month’s performance, and of course prepare yourself for the upcoming Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010!

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Reporter: Ata Michaella
Photographer: Ardhi Saputro
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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