FLORIAN ROSS – Coming Soon at SERAMBI JAZZ Concert


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How’s jazz in Europe? That’s one of the question once asked by my friend. As we in Asia are quite familiar with the jazz musicians from US or around Asia, I’d be happy to say that jazz is alive and still grow dynamically in Europe as well, just like in any other part of the world. Germany is one of the big nation in Europe where jazz has been living for a very long time. Germany is always making a big contribution in the growth of jazz in Europe. But then again, we don’t hear them so often in Asia.

florian ross, serambi jazz, goethe, germany jazzLet’s take a look at one of the pulse of jazz from German. Florian Ross is a pianist/composer/arranger from Cologne, Germany. He studied piano and composition in Cologne, London and New York, with Joachim Ullrich, John Taylor, Django Bates, Bill Dobbins, Don Friedman and also Jim McNeely. No less than 7 albums have been released from his first one in 1998, until the most recent one, Eight Ball & White Horse in 2007. He has also achieved many international awards all along his career.

Florian Ross distinguished himself as a jazzer that successfully stands in between two musical aspects: improvisation and composition. He’s also a musician who thinks, hears, writes and plays musically. There is no border in Florian Ross’ music. Seems like he never care about making sides with anything, he can never be placed inside a single category or any paticular jazz genre, he just go ahead making his own music, the fresh breath of freedom that actually is an important essence of jazz. Sometimes it can sound so rebelious, sometimes it can sound mellow and sweet, sometimes it can be very experimental, it’s like he’s having all kinds of music for every season. The multi colored world of Florian describes his passion in a form of jazz that should not only be listened, but should also be felt. The big passion, the great skill, the ability to musically draw his mind are some of the power that describe who Florian Ross is as a stand out  jazz artist.

And here it is. How lucky we are in Indonesia to have Florian Ross’ contribution in jazz education. Not only he will perform at the upcoming SERAMBI JAZZ Concert, he will also host a 5 day workshop at SERAMBI JAZZ Workshop. (Details coming soon). This is one of the SERAMBI JAZZ events calendar made by Goethe Institut Jakarta, a very interesting and important program that should not be missed by all the Indonesian jazz lovers. Florian Ross’ performance and knowledge-sharing is surely will be beneficial for the growth of jazz in Indonesia, and also very important as an extending collaboration and friendship between Indonesia and Germany. Stay tune for more SERAMBI JAZZ updated news only at Jazzuality.com.

Florian Ross 8Ball: Eight Ball & White Horse CD (Intuition 2007)
Florian Ross Trio: Big Fish Small Pond CD (Intuition 2006)
Florian Ross Quintet: Home and some other Place CD (Intuition 2005)
Florian Ross Trio: Blinds And Shades CD (Intuition Music 2004)
Florian Ross Brass Project: Liliacs and Laughter (Naxos 2000)
Suite for Soprano Sax und String Orchestra (Naxos 1999)
Seasons & Places Debüt-Album (Naxos 1998)

Visit Florian Ross’ official website at: http://www.florianross.de/ and myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/florianross

Pictures taken from Florian Ross’ official website