Retro Swing


retro swing

Just a couple years approaching the millenium, there are some revitalization brought to the jazz scene. One of the result is the rebirth of the conventional swing band. Swing band was born again into an interesting form, generally referred as “retro swing”. Retro Swing still has the same swinging feel as the 30s or 40s style, but this time the swingers have added numbers of influences along. It could be ska, punk, or rock, even the boogie woogie, blues or rock and roll, added into the conventional swing. Some of the influences drive the beat to go in faster swingin rhythm. So, basically, it has the same ingredients of the originals, still with the vintage clothings, collection of old cars, some use acrobatic dancers as well, but some more recent elements added and blend nicely.

Starting from the underground scene of music, now the style of retro swing has burst upon the public’s consciounness. There are many bands or musicians playing in this retro swing area. Brian Setzer, Katharine Whalen, Bernadette Seacrest, Lavay Smith, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy,Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Veronica Martell, are some of them who helped to bring this genre into the spotlight. It’s great to see that swing is still alive and still kickin’ into the new millenium with this new breed. Keep swingin’ guys!

source: Swing by Scott Yanow, smallsjazz

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