Java Jazz Festival 2011: Galaxy Big Band, Abdul & Coffee Theory, Sandy Winarta Quartet & Indonesia Nu Progressive Tribute to Harry Roesli.


If you want to go back to the 40’s-50’s where the jazz big bands were still at large, listen to the Galaxy Big Band. The band presents the vintage memory of the swingin’ and jivin’ jazz of those era. However, the swinging melodies of galaxy are also sprinkled with the chic touch resulting the trendy swing that is ready to be enjoyed and fitted in the current era.


Abdul is on his first album introduced himself as a soloist has changed its identity. Bears the name of Abdul & The Coffee Theory. Abdul is now supported with personnel Andrey Chiling band (drums), Ono (keyboard) and Riza (bass) they are always been able to give a groove and bossanova nuance to everyone with their music.

Galaxy Big Band (4)

Sandy Winarta is an all-round drummer that can make his drum “sings” in each punch. It’s not exagerrating when we say that he’s one of the busiest drummer in Indonesian jazz circuit today. Sandy Winarta is active in so many bands. Let’s name a few like the explorative LLW Trio (with Indra Lesmana and Barry Likumahuwa), W/H/A/T (with Riza Arshad, Indrawan Tjhin and Sri Hanuraga), Sarimanouk Quartet (with F.A Talafaral, Julan Marantika and Doni Sundjoyo), Dewa Budjana Quartet, Francesca Prihasti Quartet and many more. He also joined Dewa Budjana, Balawan and Tohpati in Trisum’s first album, along with other participation as a session player. He’s one of the finest drummer indeed”, said Widyasena Sumadio, the PR of Java Jazz Festival a while ago, and indeed he is.

Sandy Winarta Quartet (4)

For Java Jazz Festival 2011 Sandy was also busy playing with several groups, including his own group, Sandy Winarta Quartet. This time he brought a dangerous pianist who returned home especially for playing in this festival, Sri Hanuraga, Chaka Priambudi (contrabass) and Robert Mulyarahardja (guitar). It was totally different than the quartet he brought to Bandung’s Sunday Jazz last July (Doni Sundjoyo, Ali Akbar and Aditya Bayu were the personnels at that time), but the spirit was still the same. Sandy explained a while ago about his quartet: “It’s a group where we like to play standards.. I just love to take those standards as the template and then go on with our crativity in playing.” That’s the basic concept, a statement that hinted a free-form jazz playing in playful fun as the spirit of this group. Taking on standards from legendary jazz greats and some compositions coming from Sri Hanuraga, the Sandy Winarta Quartet burned down the Medco Lawu 1 Acoustic hall.

Indonesia Nu Progressive (2)

Indonesian Nu Progressive coming from idea of Layala Roesli ( son of artist and musician Harry Roesli). They fuse rock progressive with ethnic instrument. Indonesian Nu Progressive has performed in big music festival such as Java Rockingland. In this performance, they collaborated with many famous singer, include Arian 13 (frontman of rock band Seringai), Andy /RIF, and Candil (ex Seurieus vocalist). Layala hopes this project establish a new discourse in the development of world music and hopefully can open new insights about Indonesia.

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Reporter: Riandy KurniawanEdria KosasihAta MichaellaArdhi Saputro
Photographer: Dwi Ratri Utomo, Omar Arif Maulana, Febrian Dirga, Marnala Eross Simanjuntak