Java Jazz Festival 2011: Final Press Conference


How long have you been waiting for the Java Jazz Festival 2011 to come? For us it’s been a whole year long, so we are really excited that the waiting game will soon be over! Just in a couple of days this mammoth-sized jazz festival will be held. Some of the artists have arrived. We met Santana this morning  when he just arrived at the hotel. Although he should still be tired after a the trip, he looked happy and excited to be here. A lot of fans are waiting unpatiently to finally see him at the Java Jazz’ soil. But Santana is not the only one we’re waiting for. There will be hundreds of other jazz illuminaries to give their signatures for us to see. Just like the previous ones, this year we have lots of big names from around the world and our local jazz heroes to participate in this event where the evidence is clear, “jazz brings harmony under one nation.”

JJF 2011 Final Presscon (3)

JJF 2011 Final Presscon (9)Here’s the report from the final Press Conference of AXIS Jakarta International Jakarta Festival 2011. The press conference hosted by the complete team from Java Festival Production. The chairman Mr Peter F Gontha attended the conference and looked fine.His dear daughter Dewi Gontha as the Production and Marketing Director also sat in front together with the other representative, including the Music Director EQ Puradiredja and Paul Dankmeyer, the representative from Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture and from the sponsors. Some of the artists both internationals and locals attended the final press conference too representing the performing artists. There was Iwan Hasan that will soon blow us with his unique concept of Chamber Jazz along with Andien who was also came. For this year’s Java Jazz Festival Andien will show her B-side, the side of Andien after she enters her state of maturity. The jazz man from Medan the capital of North Sumatra who shocked the world with his breakthrough on ITunes,JJF 2011 Final Presscon (4) Erucakra Mahameru was there too. “We have prepared for this.” he said. “In fact, we are in process of making our CD, but we are still rearranging the songs that now listed at ITunes” he added. Other than those guys, we also met Maliq n d’Essentials, Drew, Java Jive and Dwiki Dharmawan who will bring a new concept that still relating to his concern of our cultures and ethnics. His performance this yaer he promised to bring the music into a whole new level, promoting the Indonesian traditional music of “kecapi (plicked stringed instrument) Makassar” and “angklung”, an Indonesian traditional instrument made out of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. From the international scene we met Maurice Brown, Roberta Gambarini, Ron King Big Band and Hendrik Meurkens at the Ruang Timur, Borobudur Hotel Jakarta, the place where the press conference was held earlier today.  All of them looked literally happy, greeting everyone with smiles  and couldn’t wait to play at the festival.

A great news was shared too at the press conference about the ticket. The Java Festival Production is proud to be able to sell about 150.000 tickets so far, also for their success of bringing Santana to Indonesia. They had tried for years, finally this year the quest is done. Look at the result. The special show ticket of Santana has been sold to 20.000 fans up to this day. George Benson is also set to perform twice as planned. Too bad Kenny Loggins has decided to cancel his upcoming show at the Java Jazz Festival 2011 due to his health condition which make him unable to travel. That’s really unfortunate, but yet we still have millions of reasons to smile about. Java Jazz Festival 2011 is going to be a gigantic jazz party like before.

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Java Jazz Festival has also given a big impact. There will be 50 companies to participate in the exhibitions, and there’s a good news too that Indonesia has succeed in producing the amplifier to be used by the Java Jazz Festival. This will also be the launching of wonderful Indonesia. During the press conference they also explained about using puzzle as the icon. Puzzle won’t mean anything when it stands alone, but it will be beautiful when it’s complete. The same thing with the event, and that also suits the basic philosophy of jazz.

Not only presenting the biggest jazz fest on earth, Java Jazz Festival also shows their concern of the environment. On Friday morning there will be a program of planting trees as the realization of “We Do Green” movement. There will be 50 artists, 30 internationals and 20 Indonesians will join the movement at Ancol. Mr President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono along with Diplomatic Corps will are going to be there as well. “Some of the trees will be given names according to the artists who plant it”, Peter Gontha said. “By giving names on the trees, they will be able to see how much the trees grow in ten years when they come back to Indonesia.” Speaking of tree, Paul Dankmeyer also talked about the growth of Java Jazz Festival. “It’s like planting a seed 7 years ago. Now the seed has already grown into a tree.”

As the theme this year is “Harmony Under One Nation”, we will see many collaborations between the international artists with our local musicians. Some of them are:

  • GIGI and Ron King Big Band
  • George Benson Tribute to Nat King Cole featuring Magenta Orchestra
  • Sandhy Sondoro with Jeff Lorber
  • George Duke with Cindy Bernadette

The winners of Road to Java Jazz will collaborate in one show together with international jazz musicians and Indonesians.

JJF 2011 Final Presscon (1)

The press conference also gave a “mini” Java Jazz Festival. Ron King Big Band entertained the attended journalists.Then Maurice Brown joined in playing his trumpet in such amazing style with the big band. Roberta Gambarini also came in, and Hendrik Meurkens gave his remarkable touch. By this little session we can taste a glimpse of Java Jazz Festival 2011, and it’s going to be amazing!

Check the full schedule here and enjoy the biggest jazz festival in just two days from now. The moment has come to have the Java Jazz Festival 2011. Are you ready?

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Reporter: Ata Michaella, Riandy Kurniawan, Ardhi Saputro
Photographer: Ata Michaella