Java Jazz Festival 2010: Some Titbits from the Venue


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So many things were happening at the JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, the venue of Java Jazz Festival 2010 for 3 days in a row! Hundreds of show took place in 21 stages that spread around the big venue. The venue itself was prepared amazingly. It almost looks like a big jazz city, that was the impression we got when we went around every inches of the place to give you reports for 3 days.

Right from the entrance you’d see long queue ready to experience the most spectacular jazz event on earth with their own eyes. There were many interesting spots to take pictures, there were enough lifts to bring you up to the 6th floor, where you could find the media room, the press conference room, some performing stages and merchandise booths.

There were many big stages located on the left and right side of the outside hall. And in the middle you could find the biggest food market selling all kind of foods you could ever imagine. Thousands of people filled the whole areas. And it became quite an attraction for us besides all the amazing artists around the world who performed in each stage.

Many interesting things happening outside the music halls were captured by our photographers, and we believe these pictures would tell more stories of the Java Jazz Festival 2010.  That’s why we decided to make this article.

You can also see what’s been going on at the media room as well, the checkpoint spot  for us and many other medias. crews took the center of the room preparing the news and pictures before they went to reach you, all of our excellent readers.  The table was messy with lots of stuffs, some of us did nonstop writings, some kept resizing and tagging the pictures and cooked them all as the reports.

A picture speaks a thousand words, we hope you enjoy these titbits that were taken around the venue. It was an unbelievable festival, and we are very happy to be a part of it. See you  next year at Java Jazz Festival 2011!

serba-serbi3The Chairman of Java Jazz Festival, Mr Peter F Gontha accompanying the Vice President of Indonesia, Mr Budiono


Mr Peter Gontha and Mr Budiono at one of the merchendise booth


A view of  artists’ registration desk at the hotel lobby


Not only the adults, even a little children could enjoy jazz nowadays


Queuing to see the performance of their favorites


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No.. it’s not superman.. it’s the daily schedule they were staring on


The “Golden Men” on the walkline became quite an attraction for many

serba-serbi4Artists waiting to be transferred to the venue

serba-serbi9A fans trying to impersonate John Legend. They look alike don’t they?

serba-serbi12Some of our crews were busy to choose the pictures

serba-serbi11Jazzuality crew.From left to right: Ata Michaella, Praditya Nova, Ardhi Saputro, Lanny Novianda, Daniel Irawan, Vierna Mariska K, Riandy Kurniawan, Mark Swapo, Novan Yahya Renatal, Eghi Gabred

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Praditya Nova, Omar Arif Maulana, Mark Swapo, Eghi Gabred, Ata Michaella

Editor: Vierna M.K


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