Java Jazz Festival 2010: Java Jazz on the Move at Sumarecon Mall Serpong, Tangerang and La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta


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JJOTM at Sumarecon Mall Serpong, Tangerang

Java Jazz On the Move is still moving! There were 2 days of jazzin’ heat in Summarecon Mall Serpong – Saturday, 27 February and Sunday, 28 February. Getting closer to Java Jazz Festival 2010, the movement of Java Jazz On the Move is more rapid and the performances were getting much more exciting.

On Saturday, Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) was fully crowded with fans, by-passers and people who were just by accident wanting to grab good food and great ambiance. Located at the center area of outdoor cafes’ this place was just perfect to attract attention from everyone. The night started with 3 contestants as the finalist of Road to Java Jazz concert, trying to grab a chance to win 5 million, 3 million and 2 million Rupiahs and chance to play at Java Jazz Festival 2010.

The 3 Bands are: Tembang Pribumi, with their unique ‘pribumi’ (native) style wearing blankon – javanese traditional hat and interesting jazz style, they managed to attract audience. Natasha and Friends, pop-jazz or even jazzy, this band managed to make people dance and sing along with the beat and the familiar jazz songs. And lastly Ginda and The White Flowers, delivered a very unique jazz music with their performance on stage, playing two songs from their own composition. Mixing jazz and rock together, creating a magical sense through their short performance.

IMG_5651The next band appeared was Contra Indigo – Came far away from Bandung to perform on Java Jazz On the Move. This magnificent band managed to make audiences move along and dance away the evening. Rhythm of Funky jazz was playing, featuring Dule a rapper from Jakarta, Contra Indigo entertained the audiences with friendly interaction and magical performances. While playing, they are also giving out their CDs for free to the audiences making the venue hotter and people are more squashing up to each other. After playing 8 songs on the stage, Contra Indigo then sadly have to stopped, although the crowds were still wanting more from them.

Just like weeks before, Java Jazz On the Move gave out 2 3 day pass tickets and merchandises, people are trying their chances to get the free tickets and through funny games, there were 2 winners. Not only winners for 2 tickets to Java Jazz Festival 2010, but also the winner of Road to Java Jazz Festival was announced. Here are the winners:
Third place: Ginda and The White Flowers
Runner up: Tembang Pribumi, and
Winner: Natasha and Friends


IMG_5855As the night had already turned to heat, Maliq and d’Essentials then came on stage. With their first song “Dejavu”, they managed to make people scream, shout and sing along with them. Continued by their non-stop arrangements “Heaven”, “Dia”, “Pilihanku”, “Funk Flow”, these amazing up beat and easy listening jazz songs managed to make the audiences to jump, shout, dance and even sing along with every single song that Maliq ‘n d’Essentials sang that night. The amazing night then was closed with lots of scream and applauses, showing how the audiences could never get enough of Maliq n d’Essentials.


Sunday was just like the night before, performing the new sensations Sandhy Sondoro and Bandanaira. Summarecon Mall Serpong once again filled with fans and jazz lovers. Sandhy Sondoro – the winner of New Wave 2009 a contest for young pop singers, he managed to make Indonesia stood with pride again internationally. He went to Germany first of all to study architecture. Then when he suddenly became a musician, it was a big surprise from him, eventhough music is not a new subject anymore to Sandhy. With His soulful and jazzy voice, he managed to get the audiences to enjoy the songs deeply with his own personal style.

Bandanaira was amazing just as all the other performers. Lea Simanjuntak on Vocal and Irsa Destiwi on Piano, both of them are not a stanger in Indonesian music industry anymore. Lea Simanjuntak who has colaborated with many of the amazing musician in Indonesia such as Tohpati, Riza Arshad or Irsa Destiwi who is the composer of “Cukup Tak Mengapa” in the multi-national album Bali Lounge 2. Both of them are magnificent. Their lively and amazing performance made the audiences sing along with their songs which mostly are patriotic songs which they re-arranged into a jazzy-kind. (Check out our interview with Bandanaira).

The two amazing night was just perfect for people who were trying to get a glimpse of what Java Jazz Festival 2010 will be.

JJOTM at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

JJOTM La Piazza (2)

Meanwhile on the last day of February 28, another Java Jazz on the Move (JJOTM) was also held at the other side of Jakarta. La Piazza is known as a cool place to hang out, especially for the residents who live around Kelapa Gading. Live music, the cool and cozy outdoor environment, cafe and coffee shop are ready to spoil everyone who wants to relax. No wonder Java Jazz on the Move was enjoyed enthusiasticly. We could see it from the fact that the audiences were already crowded even an hour before Tika and the Dissidents and Gugun Blues Shelter, two performers for JJOTM at La Piazza appeared on stage.

The crowds stayed on even the rain poured down a little. A mobile ticket box was stationed at La Piazza as well with a long queue from the youngsters who wanted to buy the ticket with special student price. It was the last day to get the ticket with a very cheap price, no wonder we saw a very long queue on the spot.

JJOTM La Piazza (5)At 7:00 PM the lights went on. 2 MCs opened up the show, and gave away 3 day pass tickets through quizes for 2 lucky winners. Tika and the Dissidents appeared on stage. Tika released her debut album “Frozen Love Songs” in 2005. Tika & the Dissidents was the most recent formation made by Tika, which had launched an album entitled “The Headless Songstress” . This independent group was built with some other skillful musicians.They brought easy listening songs that were enjoyed fully by the audience. “Red Red Cabaret” and “You Belong To Me” were brought nicely. Listening to Tika reminded me of Ella Fitzgerald. Just when we enjoyed Tika and the band’s performance, the session ended. Nonetheless Tika had given the perfect teaser to see her show at Java Jazz Festival 2010.

Gugun Blues Shelter replaced them on stage. It was the last day for Gugun Blues Shelter to participate on the Java Jazz on the Move road show. JJOTM La Piazza (8)Because of that, we could see that they gave an all out performance. Gugun started right away with solo guitar, followed by the drummer and bassist. The audience stunned. If Tika and the Dissidents gave relaxing songs, Gugun Blues Shelter burned the audience with their songs, like “Set My Soul on Fire”. Just several days earlier, on February 26, 2010 to be exact, Gugun Blues Shelter had just released their third album. The crowds moved closer to the stage later on, to see them from closer range. Gugun Blues Shelter closed their session with “Spinnin’ Around Me”. The crowds were satisfied with their show and bought their CD’s right after the show. All was sold out!

JJOTM had spread the fire throughout February. there will still be two JJOTM this week before the real event, AXIS Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2010 on 5,6 and 7 of March, 2010. Get ready to have a full 3 days of jazz-vaganza!

Don’t miss the next Java Jazz On the Move this week!

Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
Wednesday, 3 March 2010
19.00 – 21.00
Sandhy Sondoro, Hendrik Meurkens Samba Jazz Quartet

Atrium Pondok Indah Mall 2
Thursday, 4 March 2010
19.00 – 21.00
Syaharani & the Queenfireworks, Adonis Puentes

Java Jazz Festival 2010 is just around the corner! get ready for another remarkable and unforgetable jazz event this year!

See more pictures from Sumarecon Mall Tangerang:

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See more pictures from La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta:

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Sumarecon Mall Tangerang
Reporter: Ardhi Saputro
Photographer: Ata Michaella

La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Reporter: Novan Yahya Renatal
Photographer: Mark Swapo



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