Java Jazz Festival 2010: HDV Trio,/Rif Project, David Manuhutu


Java Jazz Festival 2010 is still on. C1 – Appreciative Music Hall, HDV Trio a group from Austrian Embassy with personels of David Helbock on Piano, Lucas Dietrich on Bass and Marc Vogel on Drums attracted audiences to come and listen their amazing performance. People gathered to get a glimpse on this amazing trio who won an international jazz band competition.

HDV Trio (7)

Still moving on to the next stage, in D2 Main Hall /Rif Special Project featuring Tony Monaco, State Of Monc and DJ Cream, they gave away one magnificent performance that made people stared without a blink watching their performance. With amazing skills from each and every guest stars, they made the crowd popped.

rif Special Project (5)

A wonderkid from Bandung got his shot to perform a single show at Java Jazz Festival 2010. David Manuhutu is still 17, but his skill is complete, just like a senior jazz pianist. He can play just about any shape of jazz. From ragtime, swing, standards to bop, which might be difficult for a boy in his age, in his hands we could get the best of them with feelings.

Last November we saw the inauguration night for David Manuhutu at the “Touch of 17” show in Bandung.  And we are happy to see him going further and further. Just like that time, David wow-ed the audience, showing how ready he is to enter the wonderful world of jazz.

David Manuhutu (3)

Let’s see some comments made about him by our jazz icons.

“David has an advantage with his music feels.”Imam Pras
“David has a very strong sense of melody, especially when he improvise”Bubi Chen
“His progress is really fast. He has exceeded the normal process for kids at his age. In my opinion he is a jazz musician.” Riza Arshad
“From the melody he played, I think David has high musicality and he has already played jazz in the correct language”Indra Lesmana

We are still exploring JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta. The night still goes on, keep Checking jazzuality for more real time updates on the event!

See More Pictures:

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Reporter: Riandy KurniawanNovan Yahya Renatal, Ata Michaella
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana
Editor: Ardhi Saputro


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